Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review on The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner!! =D

Hi Everyone! So Today I will be reviewing an amazing skincare product!

So, after cleansing the face, some people like to use a toner on the clean skin. The toner will remove any cleanser, or makeup that did not wash off and it helps clean the skin and prepare it for moisturizer.

This is the The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner:

This can be bought online or at The Body Shop. It contains 200mL or 6.75 US fluid oz. of product. It costs $12. It is a toner w/ it's main ingredient being Aloe and it is made for sensitive skin. It is fragrance free.

What do I think of this product?
So, I got a free sample of the entire aloe skincare line. And this was one of the products I tried, and I loved it! After finishing my sample, I immediately went to the shop and bought one! I have used this product for about a month and I think it is fantastic! =D I have very sensitive skin and combination of oily, normal, and very dry skin and it works for my entire face! My skin does not feel irritated, dry, or tight after use. It do not get any redness, stinging, or swelling.
It works very well! I just pour a little on a cotton sheet and evenly wipe my face. All of the dirt and oil from my face that my cleanser can't reach (such at the hairline) or wasn't able to clean properly, it took it all off! I can tell because the cotton changes into a kind of light gray/tan color. Which is gross I know, but shows how well it works! It really cleans my face!
After using my toner, I either put on a moisturizer or a hydrating serum mask, which is much more easily absorbed into the skin with this toner. When I am in a hurry or I am too tired to do my daily skin care regimen, I use this to cleanse my face and then put on my moisturizer.
For me, this is a must have in my skin care! I will always have this! ^_^

Do I recommend this product?
Yes! I recommend this product for all skin types. If you have sensitive and/or dry skin, I especially recommend this toner! =) I know that there are many toners that are too harsh on the skin, with too much alcohol that irritates and tightens the skin. However, this can even be moisturizing to the skin for some and it will definitely not dry your skin out!
I think the price is okay, it's a little up there, but it's worth it! If the price doesn't bother you, then get it! XD

So, I hope you liked this review! The Body Shop is my new skincare place to shop! There are many products that I have not tried yet, and I will be trying more things to tell you how they are =)
To the West coast of the US, The Body Shop is kind of new, so for those of you interested in it, you can read more about my review on the Aloe Skincare Line for sensitive skin. or go to their website.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day!


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