Saturday, March 22, 2014

Outfits of the Week! ^_^

Hi Everyone!

Here are some outfits I wore over the past 2 weeks.

Please watch in HD! Thanks!

First outfit
This is more of a fall outfit, given the darker colors. But it was cold and windy, so I felt like wearing this =P. This is what I consider appropriate when wearing leggings. The long shirt, sweater, or dress should cover the butt entirely. This sweater is very cute, but a little itchy, so I wear a thermal inside. The cute hat gives a pop of color and matches my lip color!
This outfit is great for those girls who are kind of straight without much curve, bust, or butt. The black leggings make my legs appear slimmer and the black wedges help elongate my legs. It is a simple and casual with added cuteness from the kitty! XD It is very comfortable and I think this would be great to wear to a buffet XP haha. because no one can see how round my tummy after eating!

Second outfit
Yes, you have seen this sweater before. It is one of my favorites and it is soft and comfortable. The skirt is what really brings in the spring feel and is soft and flowy. This is another casual yet sweet look. I would wear this outfit with flats...but I don't have flats...=/ so boots will have to do. =P I think this piece is a great transition from winter to spring. It is still a little too cold to wear blouses, so a pastel or beige sweater is a great transitional piece.
I would say that this is great for any body type. Just make sure the skirt isn't too short (so you don't look slutty) but not too long that it shortens your legs.

Third outfit
This is probably my favorite. It is a gentle and feminine look. A fitted top with a loose bottom or vice versa is an easy way to make an outfit work. I think this outfit looks a little more mature and is versatile for different occasions.
I personally would wear this on a date. The simplicity allows the person to focus more on me, rather than my clothes. It is soft and I suppose safe, it is not too edgy or intimidating. Though, if you tend to be a little messy when eating, be careful not to drop food on this outfit. The results are obvious =P.

Fourth outfit
This is a very Asian style, many Japanese girls would wear something like this. And the skirt is the same as the one in the previous outfit, I just tucked in the shirt.
I think this is a great work or school outfit. It is cute and conservative. The cinch around the waist gives the appearance of a more curvy body. It also focuses on waist, making it look slimmer.
The skirt also has pockets! I don't really use pockets or like pockets in skirts, but these are made so they can't be seen and if you like pockets, then good for you! =)
Both pieces I bought in Japan. The two stores are "earth, music, & ecology" and "Lowrys Farm". Both of these brands are popular brands in Japan. They are well known for making good quality yet affordable clothes and is especially popular among young women.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Feel free to write any comments or questions in the comment box below! Thank you and I will see you later =)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review on Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion and Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence! ^_^

Hi Everyone!

Hope everything is going well! I am done with finals! I only had one. XD Yeah, great way to end college haha.

Today I am reviewing 2 products that I used during the winter and I love them and will continue to use them!

- Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion
- Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence

During the winter, even though it was not that cold, it was still pretty dry. Also, it got cold at night so I had the heater on decently high during the night. Because of these things, my skin got dry very easily and I wanted a product to help rehydrate my skin!They both have the well known ingredient "hyaluronic acid" which is supposed to hydrate and keep the skin hydrated.

Rohto Hadalabo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

This product cost about $20. I got mine on sale for $13! It contains 170mL of product. It can be found at Mitsuwa, Marukai Living, Takashima, and online. It is said to have no fragrance, no mineral oil, no alcohol, and is hypoallergenic.

What do I think of this product?
Contrary to the name, it does not look nor feel like a lotion. It is more like a light-weight serum. Which I don't mind. I personally wouldn't use this like a lotion and would put a moisturizer on afterwards, but the terms are just a technicality. =P
I love this serum. It does not irritate or redden my skin.  It does not feel sticky or heavy at all.It feels great and keeps my skin well hydrated! A little goes a long way, I only need a few drops to cover my entire face! I usually use this for the day, applying after I wash my face in the morning. My skin has become more radiant and bright, and is wonderfully hydrated and it helps a lot with my fine lines.

Do I recommend this product?
If you have dry skin or tend to get dry skin due to weather conditions, I definitely recommend this product. It is an amazing product worth trying and will definitely improve your skin's condition, texture, and complexion!
This has become a staple for me and I will definitely repurchase!

Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence

This product I got from my mom. I believe it was a trial/travel size and she felt it was so little and worthless she gave it to me. But, it was not! It was amazing! O_O

What do I think of this product?
Well, from the looks if it, this looks like an expensive brand name product that can only be bought online or in Asia. I lent this to a friend to try and she loved it so much that she ordered online because she couldn't find it in stores and it will take a month to get here. =P
Anyway, this is a stronger and heavier serum than the Rohto Hadalabo product. I loved using this product at night before I went to bed. It was not irritating and felt wonderful and soothing on my skin. I only needed a few drops for my neck and face and I used this product for nearly a month before I started to run out!
My skin's complexion and hydration was significantly improved using this product because of the more concentrated and heavier serum. I would repurchase this, but I feel that it would be pretty expensive and I am too impatient to wait for a month =P.

Do I recommend this product?
If you live in Asia or if you have the patience and don't mind spending some more, this is a great product to invest in and I definitely recommend it. I would also recommend this product to older women because it is a stronger product will work more effectively for an older person's skin than a more lightweight product. A younger person such as I may not need something this strong at the moment.

I may purchase this product when I am older (maybe in my 30s) when my skin needs more care and stronger products. However, at the moment, I am pretty happy with the Rohto Hadalabo and it has definitely become part of my daily skincare routine! =)

So I hope that these reviews helped you! Feel free to write in the comment box below if you have any questions or comments.
Thank you for reading and I will see you later!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Products I regret buying =/

Hi Everybody!

Today is a sad day. =( I will be talking about products that did not work for me or that I did not like. But I share them with you so you can make a better decision for yourself. =)

Here are the products I regret buying:
-The Face Shop Black Sugar and Honey facial cleanser scrub
- Sasa's Sasatinnie's 4 Shadow Compact
- B & C  TSURURI Pore Cleansing Scrub

The Face Shop Black Sugar and Honey facial cleanser scrub
This product is said to be a exfoliating cleanser that uses natural products such as honey and sugar to scrub off dead skin with the sugar and sooth the skin with honey.

My experience:
This product smells amazing! If you like honey haha, which I do. I really loved the smell of honey and it is a little strong, but I don't mind it.The formula is very thick and viscous, kind of hard to squeeze it out of the bottle, needs some effort.
I had a bad experience with this product because the exfoliating scrub made from sugar was very very rough on my skin! I tried to massage it as gently as possible on my face, but it still felt very rough and made my skin a little red and irritated. So after a few tries, I just stopped. =/
I do have sensitive skin though, so perhaps I should have thought about this product more before buying it. But I was thinking that sugar was a natural ingredient and that it would be good for me. Turned out to be too rough and scratchy on my face.
I currently use this as a body scrub, which is a great use, because the skin on my body is thicker and less sensitive than my face and it is a nice body scrub for me! At least I did not waste this product and used it for something else, haha.

Sasa's Sasatinni's 4 Shadow Compact in 01 "Fusion Caramel" and 04 "Twinkle Black"

This is from Sasa's own makeup line, Sasatinnie. I bought them in the Sasa store in Taiwan.

My experience:
I was initially draw to these eyeshadows because they looked so pretty and the swatches were beautiful. The eyeshadows felt very smooth, were easy to apply and blended easily.
However, the big problem that I have with these compacts is that they are all very very shimmery. They don't have large sparkles or shimmers, and the shimmery texture is on the smoother more pearl side. However, they are still extremely shimmery and reflect a lot of light.
I'm not sure if it is because I'm getting older (but I'm only 23) or my tastes have just changed but I don't like shimmer all over my eye. I need a matte shade in my crease or outer corner. Even a light wash of shimmer all over my lid (which is something I used to do a lot when I was 18), is something I am not that into anymore.
I think this was more of a preference rather than a badly made product. If you like shimmery colors, then these would probably be great for you! I guess I just changed. =P

B & C  TSURURI Pore Cleansing Scrub

This product is said to:
"B & C TSURURI Ghassoul Scrub provides thorough cleaning for pores with Morocco Ghassoul mineral clay and Andes salt from South America. It has the benefit of facial scrub. Morocco Ghassoul mineral clay enhances the adsorbing power of the foam created to take out the acnes and dirt deep inside pores; Andes salt, rich in minerals, leaves skin smooth and clean.The thick foam created contains small granules of salt. It can melt make-up and impurities for deep cleansing.
It is formulated with 100% botanical cleansing ingredients. It blends natural essence oils of lavender, rosemary, chamomile, sage, lemon grass and cypress. It delivers a fresh and soothing fragrance. "

【For makeup removal and cleansing face】
Directly apply a proper amount to wet face and massage in a circular motion. Then rinse off.
【For cleansing in the morning】 
Take a proper amount and add water to create lather. Massage over wet face in a circular motion. Then rinse off. 

My experience:
So, I like the smell of this cleanser, it smells like guava fruit, a clean and refreshing smell.
However, in terms of functionality, it just didn't work for me.
First of all, it did not lather into a foam, it stayed in a more gel form. And there were very little Andes salts in the cleanser. Everytime I washed my face, I could probably only feel a few grains of salt on my face.
I used this as a cleanser and not a makeup remover (so I removed my makeup before using this product). This cleanser has exothermic properties, it heats up when water is added to it. This is to relax and open pores to help get rid of oil and dirt inside the pores. I tried it in both ways and I found that adding water to it before massaging over my face makes it heat up even more.
However, the heat is still quite mild and not as intense as "The Body Shop" Warming Mineral Mask.
And finally, after using it until it was done, at least 2 weeks, I saw no significant result or change in my pores. My pores were still the same size and same amount and I still had whiteheads and some blackheads in them. Therefore, this product did not do anything for me. =( Sad I know.

So these were the products that I regret buying. As you may probably tell, I was really looking forward to the Tsururi Ghassoul Scrub the most, which did not work for me. =(
I hope that reviewing these product helped you!
Feel free to ask me any questions or comment in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hi guys!

So, I got a haircut! =O

Here's a video of how it went down, please watch in HD! Thank you!

My hairstylist is Sonia, and she is amazing. She is so far the only person who listens to me and understands exactly what I want! Such a professional!

Side story: When I wanted to grow my hair out very long, I always told previous stylists to cut 1 cm at most. My god, they would cut like 1-2 inches off! Pissed me off! But not Sonia! She is excellent! Trims the shortest length possible, gets rid of split ends and makes it seem as if I never got a haircut!

My Story
I started growing my hair out in the middle of college, and it has grown to this length after 2.5 years. I trimmed it every 3-4 months to maintain hair health and cut split ends. I had to cut off a couple inches twice first due to burning my hair in my research lab, and second due to sun and bleach damage from swimming at the pool too often.
Throughout this time I never blow dried it until this past month and always let it air dry. (My hair had become so long to the point that I needed to blow dry it so it wouldn't become an ugly wet tangled mess). I never colored it, never did a perm, I probably used hot tools on it about a dozen times, yes, really very little, in the past 2.5 years and I ate healthy, used hair treatments and oils to keep my hair strong and hydrated.

So there are some reasons why I wanted to cut my hair. Yes, it was beautiful and sexy ;P, but everything comes with a price. =P
1) I always wanted to donate my hair. It's not only a considerate act for people who lost their hair due to chemotherapy, but it was just something that I always wanted to do, just because. =P
2) I always wanted to grow my hair down to my butt, or at least reaching the top of my butt/end of tailbone. And I reached that goal, yay!
3) It was inconvenient to have such long hair. I had to braid it every night before bed, otherwise it would get tangled. I had to brush it throughout the day because, again, it got easily tangled. I had to be careful when I reached to pick something off the ground otherwise my hair would touch the ground. I had to be careful when going to the restroom so my hair wouldn't touch the toilet or, god forbid, go into the toilet. =P Etc. etc.
4) Another reason why I grew my hair out so long, was that I wanted to have fun styling it, in like beautiful long curls, and what not. And then I realized, that I was a pre-med student and I had no time for that and I rarely did anything to my hair, let alone curl it! And when you have very long hair, your arms and fingers get really tired when you're styling. =P
5) Going along with a mix of reason #3 and 4, I will be going out of state possibly for a pre-medical master's program this year, which means moving and then intense studying, which means, even less time or no time to deal with my hair while taking courses alongside med students.
6) And finally, it is just good for my hair to get a nice cut. All the old hair, despite taking good care of it, is still old, and dryer and thinner than newer hair closer to my scalp. So, it is healthy for my hair.

I still love long hair and I do plan to grow it longer than this, but I may not grow my hair as long as it was ever again. A little sad but I'm glad I got to do this at least once in my life, a good experience with many compliments along with it and what not.

I am in a period in my life where my career is most important to me so I will do what is necessary to make my life easier to focus more on my work.
Growing my hair to this length, took me a lot of patience and time, and by the end I was was happily looking forward to my haircut. =P My head feels super light! O_O Like, amazingly light! I might have dropped a couple pounds after cutting all that hair! XD haha. I miss my long hair, but it's okay, it'll grow back =)

Thanks for reading my post! I hoped it helped those of you who were interested in donating your hair or possible reasons why you should chop your long flowing locks off, haha.
Feel free to ask any questions or comments in the comment box below!
See you later! Good luck studying for quarter system college students! Finals are next week! XO

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tips and Tricks to Buying Clothes Online!

Hi guys!

A very long time ago I wrote a post and made a video about Yesstyle clothes.

Somewhat related to that is what I will talk about today, which is how to shop for clothes online.

It can be difficult to shop online especially when sizes and fit can vary from store to store and you won't know if the clothes work for you until you get them and try them on.
Here are some tips to help you when you shop online for clothes.

1) Keep a budget. Especially with a new online store you've never bought anything from, limit yourself to a reasonable budget or buy only 1 or 2 items. That way, if you realize the material or fit is not what it seemed, at least you didn't lose too much money.

2) Go look at size charts and know your measurements. This is kind of a given, but some people can be spontaneous and think that something may fit them, when it may not. So it is always handy to know your measurements and compare them to the size charts. If it doesn't look like it'll work, then don't go for it, simple.

3) What about "one size". That means one size fits all, which usually means on the slimmer size. I'm not here to be discriminatory, but that's generally how it goes. If you are a larger person, just be aware that one size may not fit you.

4) It is a good idea to see model pictures. Yes, I know, models are skinny and beautiful and are not you, but they can give you an idea of how clothes look on a person vs a manikin or just laying on a table. You can judge how long a shirt or dress is, or possibly how sheer the material is with a human model. You may also be able to see how loose or tight the dress is and see if it may look looser or tighter on your body.

5) Always have a no-model and no-manikin photo. I say always, because sometimes the clothes look good on the model, or the model will be shot at certain angles or poses that make the outfit look really good, but may be hiding certain flaws. So I always look for a standard, straight up, facing me, picture of the clothes, and I can usually find how the clothes look ugly when, on the model, they appear to be beautiful.

Here's an example:
Here is the link to the outfit.

Here are some of the model images (sorry for the small size, biggest I could get):
Notice carefully that you can only see the model either lying on the bed, or sitting down. Which is of course what people do everyday in public, lay on their bed or on the ground, where people see how fashionable they are. =P
There are photos of sitting on the couch and that's okay.
But you can see that there is no photo of the models standing up, facing forward, or walking around. Because that is where the flaw lies! Scroll down to the no-model photo to see what I mean!
Here is the no model image:
As you can see, there is a large piece of white fabric sticking out in the front. In my opinion, if I saw that long white thing hanging out, I wouldn't think it's that cute looking or stylish. I think it looks ugly. Of course if you like it or don't mind it, then whatever. But I hope you understand what I mean by the possible flaw that photography wants to hide. Because I think front shots of the model standing up don't look that good, or at least not as good as sitting down or laying seductively on a bed. =P
I was initially interested in this outfit as well, but after I saw the no-model image, I was like, forget it.

Once you gain experience and find all the little tricks and hidden details you will eventually look at a picture and be able to tell how good the quality is and how the material may feel on your skin. And if you know your body shape well, you can tell almost right off the bat if the clothes will look good on you or not. Of course no one predicts perfectly, but I've been pretty good so far after shopping online all these years haha. XP

I hope this post was helpful for you! Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment box below! Happy uh daylight savings day =P. I got like 5 hrs of sleep last night, but that was my fault for staying up late in the beginning.
Thank you for reading and I will see you soon! =)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Outfits of the Week!

Hi Everyone!

Here's a short video of what I work during the week (more or less =P)
Please watch in HD! Thank you!

I do apologize if the lighting of the videos were not very good. The weather was either cloudy/rainy with bad lighting or I came back home late at night and so had to film indoors.

Here are all the looks I wore!

1) Overall a pretty dark look. I think it would be nice in the fall when it has not gotten cold yet!
I wore a black cardigan over my tank top and cami to hid all the straps that were showing and give a slimming and lengthening effect to my body. I think wearing a white or brightly colored cami under a deep tank top can give a good emphasis on the bust and possibly make it look bigger. XP
Would also look great in skinny jeans or shorts with tights. Just not leggings alone, I hate that.

2) A very cute look, kind of like a girl-next-door look. This is great for girls who have a slim and straight body shape or if you want to hide anything I guess. I personally like to go to buffets in an outfit like this, so no one can see how gigantic my stomach is afterwards. XP
I wasn't sure what to wear underneath the cardigan and I felt I could have found something better. But whatever, I'm over it. =P
I love my boots! I bought them in Japan! They are long, warm, and comfortable to walk in! FYI: During the winter, Japanese women love to wear very long high-heel boots, especially ones with narrow stilettos. I am not so skilled and brave so I opted for a thicker heel.

3) Very preppy look haha. Looked like I was a Hollister kid or something. But I'm not wearing anything from that brand here! Ha! I find this very school and work appropriate. Also great if you're going to go see relatives. I don't think they can find anything to pick on when you're wearing something like this. =P

4) A soft and feminine look done with jeans. I think I barely made this outfit work for me though. This is great if you have a slim figure with little body shape, as in not much chest or hips. The layers of the white lace will help give a widening effect for the hips while the plain top will emphasize on the slimness of the overall body shape.
My body is not that straight (in the hip and butt area) so I do have a bit of hip, so if the top was shorter, it would emphasize too much on my hips and make them look wider and more unproportional. I think that if this top was a little longer, it would have been perfect.
The booties are my favorite, beautiful, comfortable, and sturdy.

5) A more edgy casual look. Great for hot summer days when you feel like wearing just a cami but don't want to look so exposed to the public. This sheer crop T-shirt is light and cool. It is great for giving the illusion of a slimmer waist and longer body.
The shoes go with the black top and help give the edgy feel. However, these are probably the tallest and most uncomfortable shoes I have. They are poor quality and cut the back of my ankles and made of cheap material. Sorry Charlotte Russe, but it's true, shoes are not your area of expertise. I wouldn't walk too much around with these shoes, I mainly bought them for the design. Kind of like a vase, something pretty to look at. =P

These are outfits that I wore this week that I like to show to you. Perhaps you can take some ideas from me and use them for yourself! Either way I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you for reading my post. ^_^
Feel free to comment or ask me any questions in the comment box below!

See you later and have a great weekend! =D

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review on Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ and CHANEL's UV Essentiel Complete Sunscreen Multi-Protection Daily Care SPF50/PA+++ Precision

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing 2 high end sunscreens!
-Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++
-CHANEL's UV Essentiel Complete Sunscreen Multi-Protection Daily Care SPF50/PA+++ Precision
I have used both of these sunscreens for at least 2 months.

This product can be found online at Sasa or in Japanese skincare stores such as Takashima. It contains 2 oz. or 60mL of product and costs $40 US.
This product is said to be highly resistant to water, sweat and sebum. It is suitable for face and body and is formulated for use when participating in water sports to protect against UVA and UVB. It is said to leave a non-greasy finish.

What do I think of this product?
This product does not irritate my skin. It does have the standard sunscreen smell but it is not too strong and fades quickly. The formula is very smooth and almost water-like. It is easy to apply and blend onto my skin. I need to shake the bottle to mix the formula everytime before use.
It does have a mattifying effect, however, that is gone by about halfway through the day and I get a little oily. I only use this for my face, neck, and upper chest area because the product is so expensive. It would be used up too quickly if I used it on my body as well.
I like this sunscreen, it works well and I use it everyday. It helps prevent me from getting tanned or getting sun spots.

CHANEL's UV Essentiel
This product can be found in stores and online but not on the CHANEL website. It contains 1oz. or 60mL and costs $55 US.
This product is said to protect the skin from environmental stress, free radicals, pollution and UVs which are responsible for hyperpigmentation and photoaging. It contains vitamin E derivatives and plant extracts such as Liquorice Root and filters effective on both UVA and UVB rays. It is said to be non-oily, non-shiny.

What do I think of this product?
I got this as a gift. (Of course, why on earth would I buy such an expensive thing =P)It is very similar to the Anessa sunscreen. I would say that the formula is a little thinner and more water-like than Anessa which makes it even more light-weight and easy to blend and apply onto my skin.
It does not irritate my skin and has a light flora fragrance.
The container is smaller than Anessa and contains half the product amount but more than double the price! So I would of course not purchase this when this runs out. I like the small bottle because it is very portable and easy to bring around, but that alone doesn't make it worth buying.
I find this to be more mattifying than Anessa but I will get a little oily a little over halfway through the day, so no much difference in longevity when compared to Anessa.

UPDATE 12/12/14: I have recently re-bought the Chanel sunscreen. The packaging has changed but they say the formula is still the same. I think that the texture and how it works is still the same but I think they made the fragrance stronger. It is much more of a rose + floral scent. I am not a big fragrance person and I don't really like rose fragrance much. But it does not irritate my eyes, nose, and skin and the smell fades quickly so I got over it. =P Other than that, still works great!

Do I recommend either of these products?
Either way, if you do not mind the price of these products. I recommend both. I like how they are both very lightweight, non-sticky feeling and do not feel heavy on my skin.
The Chanel is a little better in terms of mattifying and having a thinner and smoother texture. But really they are almost the same thing, and both work the same.
I would go for Anessa just because it is cheaper of the two. I understand that they are both expensive products, but I really like sunscreen that have a thin water-like light-weight consistency.

So I hope you found this review helpful! I strongly encourage wearing sunscreen everyday, even when it is not sunny outside. It will really protect your skin from UV rays and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots.
I personally like to invest in high quality sunscreens because skincare is very important to me, more important than high quality makeup. I'd choose a $50 pro sunscreen over an urban decay palette any day! =P
Feel free to write any questions or comments in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later! =D

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review on Waterproof Volume & Curl Fairy Drops Mascara!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are doing well! There was a nice storm in San Diego yesterday, so we got a lot of wind and rain. My clothes got soaked but that's okay, I had extra shoes and socks and a pair of scrubs in the car!

Today I am reviewing the Fairy Drops Mascara in Volume & Curl Black Waterproof

I bought this product in Japan for $16 US, and it costs $20-25 US in the United States. It is said to be waterproof against water, sweat, and tears. It is supposed to be okay for the ocean or pool with no smudging. It is supposed to volumize and lengthen lashes.

What do I think of this product?
I love this mascara! I would buy it again if it wasn't that expensive in the US haha. It is a very waterproof formula that holds a curl wonderfully! You still need to curl your eyelashes before application, but my short straight lashes were curled beautifully all day! The formula only smudges a little bit on the outer corner of my eyes, probably because the skin around my eyes is so oily.
This mascara does a great job of lengthening my lashes (but little change in thickness and volume)! The tiny fibers really extend my lashes out and fan them out in a pretty and non-clumping way. However, the formula is a thicker and drier formula (to build up lash length) so I recommend a zig-zag motion during application to prevent possible clumping and too much buildup.
The mascara wand is okay for me, it works, but I think it is kind of weird, and I'd rather have a curved wand than one with such a weird lumpy caterpillar shape. The wand also has way too much product on it when I pull the mascara out of the tube. I usually wipe the excess off with a tissue. This may seem wasteful, but I use mascara so infrequently that the bottle often expires before I finish it, so I don't have a problem with wiping off excess mascara. Wiping off excess mascara also makes it easier to apply and spread out the product and is much less likely to cause clumping or weighing down of lashes.
I have worn this when it is raining with no problem but I have not tried it in the pool or at the beach. That remains to be seen haha. =P

Here are a few pictures of the application:

hmm, for some reason one of my eyes looks a bit bigger than the other....but whatever

My left eye with curled eyelashes and 4-5 strokes of mascara. 
My right eye without curling and with no mascara.

Do I recommend this product?
If you are looking for a good waterproof, curl holding and lengthening mascara and do not mind the price or are in a place where you can get it cheaper, I recommend this mascara!
I think it is one of my favorites, and I love to use mascara alone for a natural look. If you are looking for mascara to give you a very dramatic, false lash look, this will really depend on how long your eyelashes are. For short sparse lashes, it will be harder to do an effect like that, but it will definitely make your eyelashes significantly longer. If you have fuller and longer lashes, this will really pop your eyelashes out!

Here are some other pictures of the packaging and information:
Note: I'm sorry if some of the pictures were unclear, I tried my best to take pictures, and edit the contrast, but the print was quite small and fine. Hope it's okay!

I hope this review was helpful! I was very excited to try this mascara since so many Youtube gurus like Bubzbeauty, rave about this mascara and I am pleased to say that I'm in good agreement with them!
Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment box below!

Thanks for reading and I will see you later!