Saturday, March 22, 2014

Outfits of the Week! ^_^

Hi Everyone!

Here are some outfits I wore over the past 2 weeks.

Please watch in HD! Thanks!

First outfit
This is more of a fall outfit, given the darker colors. But it was cold and windy, so I felt like wearing this =P. This is what I consider appropriate when wearing leggings. The long shirt, sweater, or dress should cover the butt entirely. This sweater is very cute, but a little itchy, so I wear a thermal inside. The cute hat gives a pop of color and matches my lip color!
This outfit is great for those girls who are kind of straight without much curve, bust, or butt. The black leggings make my legs appear slimmer and the black wedges help elongate my legs. It is a simple and casual with added cuteness from the kitty! XD It is very comfortable and I think this would be great to wear to a buffet XP haha. because no one can see how round my tummy after eating!

Second outfit
Yes, you have seen this sweater before. It is one of my favorites and it is soft and comfortable. The skirt is what really brings in the spring feel and is soft and flowy. This is another casual yet sweet look. I would wear this outfit with flats...but I don't have flats...=/ so boots will have to do. =P I think this piece is a great transition from winter to spring. It is still a little too cold to wear blouses, so a pastel or beige sweater is a great transitional piece.
I would say that this is great for any body type. Just make sure the skirt isn't too short (so you don't look slutty) but not too long that it shortens your legs.

Third outfit
This is probably my favorite. It is a gentle and feminine look. A fitted top with a loose bottom or vice versa is an easy way to make an outfit work. I think this outfit looks a little more mature and is versatile for different occasions.
I personally would wear this on a date. The simplicity allows the person to focus more on me, rather than my clothes. It is soft and I suppose safe, it is not too edgy or intimidating. Though, if you tend to be a little messy when eating, be careful not to drop food on this outfit. The results are obvious =P.

Fourth outfit
This is a very Asian style, many Japanese girls would wear something like this. And the skirt is the same as the one in the previous outfit, I just tucked in the shirt.
I think this is a great work or school outfit. It is cute and conservative. The cinch around the waist gives the appearance of a more curvy body. It also focuses on waist, making it look slimmer.
The skirt also has pockets! I don't really use pockets or like pockets in skirts, but these are made so they can't be seen and if you like pockets, then good for you! =)
Both pieces I bought in Japan. The two stores are "earth, music, & ecology" and "Lowrys Farm". Both of these brands are popular brands in Japan. They are well known for making good quality yet affordable clothes and is especially popular among young women.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Feel free to write any comments or questions in the comment box below! Thank you and I will see you later =)

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