Makeup and my makeup story!

I personally feel that I'm a nerd of makeup yet still such a noob at it, haha.
I am somewhat of an intermediate but I hope my skills will help beginners, especially those who don't know a thing about makeup, because I was once the same =)

I did not officially start using makeup until sophomore year of college actually. I was a pretty nerdy tomboy, didn't care about clothes or makeup, and it never mattered that much to me. During freshman year when my friends and I had to get ready for a semiformal, we went to Ulta, and we were like...O_O wth is all of this. haha, it was totally mindblowing and really complicated looking.
Actually, sometimes when I get frustrated I think it's complicated and a bit time consuming haha.
I started getting into makeup sophomore year of college because my roommate partied a lot and she had a lot of makeup haha. I watched her use and put on make up a lot and asked her a lot of questions.
Soon I became interested in makeup and started learning and teaching myself. It was a lot of fun! =D

I don't think makeup is superficial, I think it can be used superficially but if used properly it can do a lot! Makeup is great because depending on how you use it, you can dress yourself up or down to any kind of event. You can make yourself sexy on a clubbing night with the girls, or you can make yourself look sweet on a date!

Generally, I think makeup is to enhance one's natural beauty or features or to help for special occasions to give that extra boost of fun and confidence.

Personally, doing makeup is like a hobby to me. I enjoy doing makeup on myself and others and it is really fun! =)
I am also a pretty lazy person when it comes to makeup. Therefore my makeup is really simple and straightfoward. I don't use foundation, I don't believe foundation is necessary for young people like me. I don't even use concealer or do my brows everyday. I dislike using false lashes, blushes, bronzers, and lipstick. My cheeks are naturally flushed most of the time. If I want color in my lips I used tinted lipbalms.
My main focus is eye makeup. And when I say eye makeup, I don't mean really intense things. You don't need a ton of eyeshadow to make yourself look beautiful. You don't need so much makeup so that other people notice that you have makeup. I personally don't think that's the point. Makeup is for enhancement and fun!

My main style is everyday natural looking make up because daily life does not consist of only clubbing and partying =P. There is a variety of natural looks that one can wear depending on his or her preferences.

Because this is a blog for beginners in makeup I will also be talking about the basics of makeup, the types and kinds of makeup there are and how people use them and in what order people like to put them in. I will also reference to a lot of other makeup artists which I will post links to their videos and tutorials. This will help you better understand what I am talking about and give you more information!

I hope my info posts, reviews, and tutorials will help you in learning about makeup!
Don't fuss over it, enjoy it! Make it fun and it will be fun! ^_^