Fashion Dos and Donts!

I am a big fan of wearing clothes that flatter the person.

People have a variety of body shapes unique to every person.
While we may like many kinds of clothes, not all clothes can flatter our body shape and type.
No matter how cute you think that dress is or how hot that jacket looks on that model, this doesn't mean it will work for you.

For example for the longest time (and I think i still somewhat do XP) I really really loved girly cute clothes. Clothes that would make me look cute and sweet, clothes with a lot of layers and frills, especially layering frilly skirts! However, I am a person with rather wide hips for my body side and my legs are rather muscular and not very long. Therefore, if I wore frilly layered skirts, it would make my hips look way too wide and make me look disproportional, weird, and fat.
As sad as it was, I realized this, and decided not to wear those types of clothes anymore.
Why? Because they looked very unflattering on me! The clothes did not look good and I did not look good.
While we all have our unique sense of style that is important to our identity and individuality, this does not give us an excuse to dress badly! You can definitely find clothes that are close to your tastes and rock your body!

I am a believer of wearing clothes that looks good on the person even if the person may not like it that much. Because gradually we will all learn to accept and understand our bodies and wear clothes appropriate for our bodies to show the best of ourselves! ^_^

Because everyone has different fashion tastes and everyone sees things differently, I am not telling you how to dress or how you are supposed to dress. These posts on fashion are my personal opinion but I hope that they will help you or give you an idea of what your looking for when choosing, wearing, buying, and matching clothes! =)

Please! Wear the clothes! Don't let the clothes wear you! XD

Note: I am sorry for not using proper apostrophes on this page, if I did, random code shows up on my page tabs and it looks weird. But I'm sure you understand what I mean. :)