Saturday, March 31, 2012

Let's talk about Concealer!

So, what is concealer?
Concealer is a liquid or cream based formula that is used to "conceal" or cover up small imperfections on the face and neck. No, you do not put concealer all over your face, that is what foundation is for.
It is supposed to match your skin tone/color. Yes match! (foundation is the one that should be one or two shades lighter.) The only exception to this is, if you want to use a concealer that is lighter than your skin color then you are also doubling it up as a highlight.
Concealer is used on many things, the most common being: areas of redness, acne, scars, freckles, hyperpigmentation (dark tan spots on skin), and dark circles.

If you are a young person, younger than 30, and you want to cover up some small facial imperfections, then I suggest concealer, not foundation. Your young and bright skin has no need for it! =D

What kind of concealer should I use?
This depends on your skin type and how much coverage you want.
Liquid concealer: This tends to be a more sheer coverage, lighter and gives a more natural appearance. It can be buildable, but it is difficult to build up because it's watery formula tends to spread and even out. This is good for all types of skin generally, but if you have very dry skin, your skin might look flaky after using liquid concealer. (especially if not moisturized properly)
Cream concealer: Cream based concealers are thicker and heavier. They provide more coverage and are easily buildable. I personally recommend cream concealers to anyone, it is probably the more flexible to work with of the 2 kinds of concealer.

How do I apply concealer?
You can apply concealer in a variety of ways. Many people use their hands, which is fine, as long as you have clean hands. There are concealer brushes and you can also use a sponge.
The way to apply it is through light patting motions. You do not rub concealer on, this will irritate the skin and for people with dry skin, cause microexfoliation which will cause you to start shedding and looking flaky. You also should not spread concealer onto the face, that is not the point. The point is focusing on the imperfection. Spreading it out makes the concealer more sheer and this will not help cover the problem. You only want to spread it out, if it is used for concealing dark circles.
If you have dry skin, I suggest you use your fingers or a damp sponge to gently pat concealer onto the skin. This can give a more natural finish. And if you use clean fingers the warmth of your fingers can warm up the product, prevent from being dry and cakey when it's on your skin.

I would love to do a tutorial but my camera is not high definition enough.
However, I will link to you an excellent excellent tutorial by a professional makeup artist.
Gossmakeupartist is a professional makeup artist in the UK, he is a charming pro and his tutorials and tips will blow you away! I have learned a lot by watching his videos. And if you have not tried his videos you definitely should! =D

Which color of concealer works for me?
You need to find your natural skin tone. And your natural skin tone is based on your neck and chest. If your neck is tanned or tends to get red then use your chest as a color reference because that should have very little exposure to light and chemicals since it's usually covered up.
Most people are actually yellow toned. This does not mean you have yellow skin and has nothing to do with being asian, haha, really, trust me =)
Just go ahead, look at the mirror with good lighting and examine your upper chest area where it meets the neck and that's where you can find your skin tone.

Where should I apply concealer?
Really, wherever you want. Please, just don't over do it.
Whatever you consider to be an imperfection on your face. And please, don't say that everything is an imperfection =( That's so sad, you should love your skin and take care of it, and don't stress out about it and trust me, it will get so much better =).
Personally, my most important imperfection I want to conceal is my dark circles under my eyes. This will make me look so much more awake and bright!
I actually leave my acne alone, no matter how bad it is. Everyone knows that everyone gets acne. It's annoying yes, but it's not the end of the world. My boyfriend and friends will not be embarrassed about me if I have acne, they have acne too, so whatever =P.

Tricks and Tips!
Here are some tricks I have learned that will help prevent concealer from creasing or help it last much longer.
Instead of facial primer, use eye primer! Yes eye primer is excellent for preventing creasing!
For dark under eye after you apply a layer of concealer, take a piece of tissue (like, blow your nose tissue), tear it (like you are opening a ziplock bag) so it becomes 2 thin sheets of equal thickness, and gently blot under your eyes. this will absorb the excess oils under your eyes. Then, put another layer of concealer on.
After applying concealer you can gently dust it with finishing powder to prevent it from moving and sliding on your face, especially if you have oily skin. However, if you have dry skin, then you probably don't need finishing powder, because that can give your skin a flaky appearance.

I hope I touched on everything you wish to know about concealer. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to say anything in the comment section below! I will edit and add to this post for you!

Have a wonderful day! ^o^ (or night, or morning XD)

Makeup, what you need and may not need! Talking about what you probably should use =)

Hello Beautiful people! X)

In these next posts, I will specifically talk about certain makeups or skin products for makeup, what they are used for and I hope they will help you decide what you feel that you need or do not need to use.

Remember, less is more! Keep it simple and natural, if you can get away with it, then do it! =D

Today I will talk about what products you probably should use or need: Moisturizer and Primer (if you are going to use concealer and/or foundation)

Moisturizer is a must, especially with those who have dry skin.
It rehydrates the skin skin, infusing it with rich and healthy vitamins and oils that the skins needs to stay healthy. Also, it is a good barrier between makeup and skin, preventing clogging of pores by makeup products.
Depending on your skin type and the weather, different moisturizers work for different people.
For example: if you have oily skin, you should use an oil-free moisturizer or if you tend to get acne, a non-comedogenic moisturizer, and so on.
After you apply moisturizer, you should let it be absorbed into your skin for at least 15 minutes before applying on makeup primer and makeup.
If you have sensitive skin, then you should proceed with caution. Always make sure that the moisturizer can be applied onto the face. And first try it on your hands. Then try it on your neck. If there is still no problem, you can apply it to part of your face for 3-7 days and if there are no negative affects then it should be okay to use it on the face. Though it really depends on the skin.

If you decide to use concealer and/or foundation, or decide to put on eyeshadow. I highly highly recommend facial primer and/or eyeshadow primer for the eyelids.
First, as I have said before, it creates a barrier between the makeup and your skin.
Second, it makes the makeup last longer without smearing, sliding, smudging, or creasing.
This is very good for people with oily skin because then your makeup won't slide off.
I have oily eyelids and my Too Faced eye primer works wonderfully. The eyeshadow stays on all day and barely creases.
The Smashbox series of facial primers are superb, they have a variety of primers for different skin types. Urban decay eye primers and Too Faced eye primers are the most popular brands I know. NYX eye primers are also pretty good. Prime Time facial primers are excellent as well, and their Prime Time for oily skin works very well.

Important point:
If you are going to spend the most money on makeup (besides makeup tools), you should really spend it on your moisturizers and primers. Why? Because these are the products that make first contact with your skin. You really don't want some cheap product with cheap or nasty chemicals irritating or causing skin problems. This doesn't mean that expensive and brand name products are good for you or will do the job. Like I said, it depends on your skin. BUT, if you do find a moisturizer and/or primer that works very well with your skin and has no side effects and even helps improves your skin but it's on the pricy side, you should stick with it. Trust me, your skin will thank you later.

And now you're thinking, okay, you've basically repeated your main points. Is there anything else I need?
Answer: no, not really!
I'm serious, less is more. The less you have on your face the healthier and happier your skin is.
It's only during special occasions that I personally feel you need to put on makeup.
Small touch ups for scars and blemishes are fine, as long as you properly take the makeup off and clean your skin afterwards.

If you are not comfortable without having makeup on or you just really like putting makeup on, I will give tutorials for more natural and everyday looks in future posts!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Steps of Applying Makeup! Part 2

Hi Everyone!

So in Part 2, I will talk about how I think makeup prepping steps and makeup steps should go. Remember that you do not have to use all of the makeup that I list in my steps, but I think that prepping steps are the most important.

For facial makeup:
First, please start off with a clean face, it is not good to put makeup on a face with impurities on it because it will not stay on well with all that dust, dirt, and oil between the makeup and skin.
Try not to exfoliate unless you have to, because I personally wouldn't want expose newer skin to makeup, but if you are, exfoliate gently and lightly as possible.

Second, please put on moisturizer! Moisturizer is important because it will rehydrate the skin and protect the skin from sucking in makeup substances. I would definitely prefer for my skin to absorb moisturizer than foundation or something. This is definitely a must for people with dry skin, otherwise when they put on foundation or concealer, it will become very flaky and not look good.,
If you have oily skin, i still recommend some kind of moisturizer for the skin, special moisturizers are made for oily skin types, Biore is a good brand for that.

Third, please use primer! This includes facial primer and eye primer for eyeshadow.
Primer is important because it creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup.
Primer helps makeup stay on longer and last long. It prevents makeup from sliding off and/or creasing.
For dry skin, you can get a hydrating primer, smashbox has an excellent hydrating primer.
For oily skin, you can get an anti-oil/shine primer, Prime Time for oily skin is a good example.
Also, prime the skin immediately before you put on the makeup, this means that, right you put on concealer and/or foundation put facial primer on. Right before eyeshadow, put eye primer on. Don't put all the primers on all at once, otherwise they will dry too fast for the makeup to adhere to them.
Also, don't forget to prime your neck and jaw!

Next: According to your preference. You can put on concealer or foundation first and then eyemakeup, or vice versa.
Whichever way you want to start, after concealer and/or foundation, I suggest you put a finishing powder on. This will help set the makeup, keep it from sliding off, especially if it's hot and humid.

After that: now, for bronzer, blush, and/or highlighting.
(please again remember, you don't have to use all of these, and probably don't need to use all or some of these)

For eye makeup:
First, eye primer, of course, as I described above.

Second, please put on eyeshadow. I know to most of you who have done makeup this seems like a no brainer. but I have seen people put on eyeliner before their eyeshadow...-__-, and screw up the whole thing. If you put on eyeliner, before eyeshadow, you will be much likely to smudge it when applying the eyeshadow and this will make it seem you have parkinson's disease when your applying makeup or something, not making fun of people with this disease, but you get what I mean.

Third, next is the eyeliner! It's much cleaner when applied on top of the eyeshadow.

Fourth, curl your lashes and then put on mascara! Don't do it the other way around, most of the time the mascara is thick and wet and will make the lashes cling onto the lash curler, and will cause a lot of pain, annoyance, and loss of lashes. There is a technique to do it properly so your curls will last longer, which I will explain in a later post.
And if you want to, put on false lashes.

Fifth, then fill in your eyebrows and put wax or gel on them! This co-coordinates with the eye, making the eyes stand out and frames the face as well. The wax/gel is to keep the hairs in place and make the color last longer.

Lastly, lipstick and then lip gloss if you prefer.

Steps of Applying Makeup! Part 1

First of all: there is no right or wrong way to put makeup on in a certain order. There are easier ways or ways that prevent mistakes better, but there is no wrong way.

Second: Please keep in mind, this post is about what I do and what I have seen people do. You don't have to listen to me. This is just for your information.

Here is a list of everything you can possibly put on your face:

facial primer, eye primer
foundation, concealer, finishing powder
eyebrow powder, eyebrow gel/wax
lipstick, lipgloss
stay-in makeup spray

Now, do you need everything? The answer is no.

How do I know what I need? The answer is: your tastes, your skin type, the type of event, the weather, and your facial features.
I will get to all of them in later posts, but first, I will talk about the order of applying makeup!

Okay, in Part 1 I will talk about conflicts in applying what first:
which to generally apply first, foundation or concealer?
That does not matter that much. It is up to your preference.
Personally, I like to put on concealer first and then foundation (if I have to), because I think of foundation as evening out the skin tone and making it balanced.
Putting on foundation and then concealer might cause the skin to not look as smooth or appear to have patches of different colors if the concealer and foundation are not blended well.
Also, I like to put concealer on first, because I can see what I can conceal. If I put foundation on first, at first it looks like nothing needs to be concealed or less needs to be concealed. And then I find out later, when looking closer in a mirror that I missed some spots.
Therefore, for beginners I recommend putting concealer on first, and then foundation.( but really if you are younger than 30 years old, please try not to use foundation unless you have to, especially for those teens because your skin is still growing, don't let makeup chemicals ruin your skin!)

Alright, next! which to apply first, foundation/concealer or eye makeup?
I have seen a lot of people first put on their foundation/concealer first and then their eye makeup.
But I have seen the professionals (at Sephora and other places) put on eye makeup first, before anything else. Why? Because eyemakeup can have fallouts onto the cheeks or under the eyes, even if you tap the brush. A lot of professional makeup artists will do the eye makeup, clean up fall out with some eye makeup remover, put on facial moisturizer, and then start with the foundation/concealer steps.
And when I think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Because if you apply foundation/concealer first and your doing your eye makeup, and it falls, when  you try to remove it, it can smear and smudge not only the eye makeup fallout, but also ruin the foundation and concealer.
So if you are the kind of person who knows that eyeshadow fallout will happen for your or your eyeshadow is very powdery and loose, you might want to try this way.
Well, how about the other way? foundation/concealer and then eye makeup?
I actually do it this way when I am using concealer and foundation. I think it's because it's a habit haha XP
I don't use a lot of eyeshadow on my eyes and when I do get fallout, I get a light and fluffy fan brush and gently gently dust off the fall out. And I am fallout free! XD
So with that, you can choose which way is easier for you!

and.....that's all I can think of in possible questions or conflicts of what to apply before the other. If you have questions please comment! or if I think ofothers I will definitely edit and add to this post!

Pros and Cons of Aquaphor

Hi! Today I will be reviewing on Aquaphor.

Aquaphor is an ointment skin protectant for dry, cracked or irritated skin.
Ingredients: mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, panthenol, glycerin, bisabolol
I know that mineral oil, lanolin, and glycerin are very heavy and strong oils. Also, if you are allergic to mineral oil, then please do not use this product.

Note: When talking about cons, this product will never have any negative effects or side effects on the skin itself, from my experience it will definitely not cause redness, inflammation, or irritation. The cons that will be discussed later have to do with something else.

Now onto the review: Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy!

This is really good for extremely extremely dry skin, especially if you have painfully dry and cracked skin anywhere, it is a great ointment.
I apply this around my mouth when I go to bed at night (since my dry sensitive skin sucks up moisturizers like no other) and in the morning my skin is nice and clear, no redness, with very visibly reduced tan spots, and well hydrated.
You can also buy this in different amounts/sizes, from large to travel size. It is very versatile.
It is also easily found in any drugstore for a low and very affordable price.
While very slick feeling is does not clog pores, I have never had any breakouts with this, no matter how thickly I apply.
You also need a very very small amount to apply. Because I only use this for irritated parts of my face, I need half a pea size for around my mouth, on my chin, the corners of my nose and dry parts between my brows.

The main problem with this ointment is that it feels very sticky, oily and greasy on the skin, and it because it is so powerful, it won't be absorbed entirely.
This means once you apply it anywhere, it will always have a very very shiny oily appearance on the skin.
Which I personally, dislike very much.
It's true it's an ointment, so it's much stronger than a moisturizer and maybe it's supposed to be that way.
But I cannot put this on in public in front of friends etc. I would look like a total greaseball which is kind of disgusting. 
This is why I only apply it before going to bed. And I have to be careful that my face doesn't touch clothes, blankets, or pillows because it will definitely rub off onto them.
I only put it on during the day when my skin is having some kind of severe reaction to the weather and is so ridiculously painful and dry that I have no choice but to use it.

I am not saying this is a bad product. It is a very healing product and does wonders to my skin and improves it a lot. It is not irritating, is calms down my angry red skin and keeps it well hydrated for a very long time. It would last all day from 8am till 12am, I am not kidding, it's very long lasting.
The only bad thing about is the appearance and texture on the skin which I cannot stand.
If it didn't have such a problem, this would be my only and number 1 ointment/moisturizer forever.

Would I recommend this product?
If you cannot find anything that works for your skin and it is very painful, itchy, and cracking. Your skin really needs some help and I would recommend this ointment for skin reparation and healing.
If you find it too oily like I do, you can always apply a small amount at night before going to bed.

I would not recommend this as a daytime moisturizer (unless you really have to or really need it), it's stickiness and oily appearance is a turn off for anyone and it would just not work.

If you are going to travel, to a desert or something or a place that is super windy and dry, this would be a good thing to bring. The travel size, though small, is definitely enough, and it works well on chapped lips too!
When I was in China, I was like, oh, it's humid, i'll be fine!
And then I went to Beijing, and it was ridiculously dry, hot, and windy and this ointment saved my skin!
Also, whenever I return to California from a humid country like Taiwan, my skin feels super dry because it became accustomed to the humidity of the previous country. Therefore, this ointment really helped to re-hydrate my skin as it gradually became used to the much dryer California weather.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review on Shiseido Perfect Whip and Perfect Milk facial cleansers

Hi Everyone!!! =)

It is now spring break for me, and it's called making up sleep time! haha XD, well, i hope so lol

Anyway, I had to make a review on these 2 cleansers because they are AMAZING!!

I was recommended these 2 product by a couple of friends, and they have worked wonderfully.

This is the Shiseido Perfect Whip:
This is a soft squeezable bottle.
It is a Japanese product and everything is in Japanese, which means I can't read it...
but it's 120 grams
It's formula is made so that the cleanser's substance is able to clean deep into pores, taking out all the dirt and impurities. Think of large circles over a pore, that can't get into a pore, and then think of micro circles over a pore than can get into a pore. Basically, it's an excellent cleanser that gets all of the pores and small and hard to reach places.
It says foam because you can lather it into a thick and creamy foam!

I love this product because a little goes a long way. I just put a pea size into my wet hands and in seconds after rubbing my palms a rich white soft lather is formed which is massaged onto the face.
I have used the Perfect Whip for at least half a year, it is amazing. It makes my face feel so clean and soft! I can use it anytime, even after exfoliation and it won't irritate or redden my very sensitive skin!

This is the Shiseido Perfect Milk:
It is 150mL, so a bit more than Perfect Whip and is also all in Japanese.
I have asked a friend to translate and if you see the 2 phrases with oval circles, the top one says it's a facial cleanser, and the bottom says it's a makeup remover!
The container is a harder, clear bottle.
Don't worry about being unable to squeeze all of the product out, because you don't have to!!

It's call Perfect Milk because the cleanser's consistency is watery but smooth and soft, kind of like milk! haha
This can also be worked up into a lather very easily and you only need a small amount, i'd say about a little less than the size of a quarter.

The Perfect Milk is also great for my skin! I feel very hydrated and clean after using and it does not irritate me in any way, with or without exfoliation.
It's makeup removing properties are great! Effortlessly washes off make up and I don't feel dry afterwards.
I have used the Perfect Milk for about 3 months and I use it almost everyday, and I've only used 1/4th of the bottle!

Do I recommend these products?
Definitely!!!! Both of these products are amazing! I have and use both!
Not many people know about these products because it is all written in Japanese and hard to trust if you can't read it. Sometimes they have English translated labels stuck on the back over the Japanese.
But they are definitely worth a shot!

I use the Perfect Milk more often nowadays because even though I have makeup remover, this does a much better job and it's 2 in one! a cleanser and a makeup remover!
But I switch these cleansers back and forth so my skin won't get too accustomed to one of them.

Where can I get them?
You can find it in Japanese and most likely in Korean stores for about $10-$15 each.
Mitsuwa, Marukai sell them for $15 each but the Korea store, Zion, sell them for $10 each, which is what I go for haha.
I'm pretty sure you can find them on Amazon too, I just live near these stores so I just get them there.

I really really like both of these cleansers, they are definitely a staple for me.
I love using them after exfoliation because they don't irritate my skin or after using acne cleansers because acne cleansers tend to make my skin dry and these are great hydrating cleansers.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Review on Mario Badescu Kera Moisturizer (and why it doesn't work for me)

Prenote: I usually try each new moisturizer for about a week, because I learn what I really don't like quickly, so I can return it.

So, yes, this is one of the 3 moisturizers I tried out, the Mario Badescu.
A woman at Ulta recommended this to me and I decided to give it a try.
I used it for about a week.

Price: $20
Amount of Product: 2 oz or 59mL
Type: D,S (dry and sensitive)
Not tested on animals
Said to contain anti-inflammatory properties, improve the appearance of broken capillaries, reduce redness
Directions: apply daily on face, avoid eye area
Some ingredients: mineral oil, glycerin, oatmeal, stearic acid
How it works: there's a snap open tube at the top, which one can pull up and squeeze the product out, and then snap the tube down

The first thing I notice was the bottle, and I personally don't like the bottle shape, because even though it is soft and easy to squeeze, at the end, it would be difficult to get the last amount of product out, and I would probably have to unscrew the cap and put my fingers in, which isn't very hygienic
The good thing is that the snap tube doesn't seem to clog or leak

First Impression:
My first impression was, it's kind of pricy, I hope this works haha
When I squeezed the moisturizer into my hand, I immediately noticed how smooth and lightweight the formula was. It was not heavy or sticky, and it made my hands feel very smooth.

I first used this product on my face after cleansing it without exfoliation.
And, the area around my mouth got a bit red (but I get red from warm water anyway), and then it started burning T_T, it was actually kind of painful, stinging and burning....
I was wondering if it was one of those products that I had to give some time to, so I used it for about a week.
After cleansing and exfoliation, the area around my mouth felt even more painful and irritated after applying this moisturizer.
I still used it for a week, just to make sure, but it still was burning me every single time, therefore, sadly, this moisturizer is not good for me. 
I think it also makes me break out, I'm not too sure, because this was around finals week and I was stressed and lacked sleep, but I got a few pimples on my cheeks, and I never get pimples on my cheeks, I either get it on my nose or forehead when I'm stressed out or near my period. So, I'm not too sure, but, this is the first time I've gotten acne on my cheeks....

Do I recommend Mario Badescu D,S Moisturizer?
*sigh*, no, I don't think so.
At the Ulta you go to, there are samples there that you can try if you want to try it out, or you can ask the workers there to try from a new bottle.
When I did that, it was near the end of the day, where I had the greatest layer of skin around my mouth, and it actually burned a little bit, but not enough for me to care, so I didn't think it was that bad.
So, if you want to try it, I recommend you go to Ulta first to try it.
But to buy it may not be worth it.
I will be returning mine.

I hope this review helped you! Goes to show that famous/popular brands don't necessarily work for everyone.
If it works well for you then I'm glad =). I really liked the consistency, my skin just didn't like it haha

So yeah, one down, 2 more to go, I hope they work well! I will see you all soon!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My 4 years of using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and why I have decided to change!

Hi Everybuddy! X)

Finals are finally done! Finished my last one today! yay!

So a bit of background on my skin, just for your information:
If you read in my profile, i mentioned my very dry and sensitive skin around my mouth.
I've done a lot of research on it and been to dermatologists and it's most likely a chronic yeast infection.
This yeast usually is pretty dormant, but when it flares up b/c of weather or stress my skin will get very painful, red, itchy, and shed like no other -___-, yeah as you can image, it's pretty terrible. After the flare up, i'll get a dark reddish ring around my mouth, which is...a pain...
and when it sheds, i mean it grows quickly and dies quickly, so the new skin is quite raw, and it can't handle a lot of products
however, if I don't exfoliate enough, dead skin builds up, cakes my face, causing irritation, break outs, etc.
So, in order to prevent my skin from shedding, i try to moisturize it...a lot. But since the new skin is so raw and sensitive, a lot of products bother it.

okay, so now that you know how unfortunate my skin is, time for the review!

This is the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin.

It is fragrance free, non-comedogenic, and "dermatologist recommended" (i put quotes, b/c a lot of brands say it and I don't see a dermatologist's name or signature on it, so...yeah...)
You can buy this at any drug store, It's around $10 for the tube, I like the tube b/c i can carry it around. They also have it in the big tubs, but i find that less convenient personally.
Ingredients (not all are listened, just ones you may not like or be allergic to): glyercin, almond oil, benzyl alcohol, dimethiconol, certain alcohols, glycerols, hydroxides and acetates.
[and when I listen ingredients, and you see something like, sodium hydroxide, and then freak out because everyone knows that NaOH (sodium hydroxide) is a powerful base, please keep in mind, that they use very small and diluted quantities, and I'm pretty sure in this case, NaOH was used to balance the pH of the cream.]

My father actually, has sensitive skin, a different kind of problem, but also sensitive. And when I was in high school he introduced me to cetaphil. He introduced the face wash and moisturizer for dry, sensitive, skin.
I didn't use the face wash b/c I use an acne cleanser but I tried and really really liked the Cetaphil moisturizer actually!
At the time, I felt that it worked really well, and did not cause me to break out, it was not heavy, and moisturized my skin very well.

However, after 4 years of using it, I began to realize some things.

-It has a tendency to feel kind of sticky after application, I actually put on two layers because one isn't enough for me, my skin will just suck it up.
-The area around my mouth, although it would be well hydrated, it would turn kind of red.
-And then recently, i think this year, after I exfoliate, and trust me I don't exfoliate heavily, not only would the area around my mouth turn red, but it also had a burning sensation.

I'm not sure if the formula has changed, I don't think so, because buying the tube lasts a really really long time. 1 tube can last about a year for me, I'm not sure, I don't really pay attention to that too much (but maybe I should haha), but back then I wasn't so into skin products.

Do I recommend Cetaphil?
Hmm, well, if you have the exact same skin problem I do....probably...not....but even if you do, (because everyone's skin is different) I think it's worth a shot, it's very affordable, and because it has such a simple formula, anyone can use it. You can give it to someone, the oily and dry/normal combination skin I have on other parts of my face have no problem with it, no breakouts or anything.
If you have dry, very dry, and/or sensitive skin , but without! the shedding, I repeat, without the shedding!
I do recommend this, as a person who has been using this product for a long time.
I especially like the fragrance free-ness. I personally really dislike lotion with fragrance (like, I have conditioner with fragrance and bodywash with fragrance, enough for me)
If you don't like the possible stickiness on your face, then try to apply it more lightly and build up to what you like!

Because of this redness, and new irritation, I decided to change moisturizers. To what moisturizers? Actually I bought 3 kinds, which I am trying currently, and will do reviews on all of time of course! =D

I hope this review has helped you =), especially those of you who have heard of the Cetaphil hype lately, or earlier this year =P

On a personal note: yay! Time for spring break!

The weather is getting warmer and sunnier, don't forget SPF!!

Have an awesome day! Bye!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Review on Dermadoctor wrinkle Revenge eye cream!

Hi Everyone!

Recently finished my ER shift and now doing a facial! Since I'm wearing a mask right now I might as well give a review on the eyecream that I bought as a replacement for returning my Clinque eyecream.

This is Dermadoctor wrinkle Revenge:

I got it about a month ago. It is 15mL or 0.5 oz for about $30, and I've been using it ever since.
It comes in a paper box with instructions.
You can use it on the upper eyelid and under eye area, and is recommended to use twice a day, which i do!
The color of the cream is a pale yellow tone.
It is fragrance free! Non-comedogenic, dye free, and has no animal testing!

It is said to reduce puffiness and dark circles, firming skin and causing lines to fade.

I like it =), It doesn't make my eyes sting or swell. 
It goes on smoothly and doesn't feel oily or sticky after application.
It is very hydrating, my eyes like it, especially after I remove eye makeup with a make up remover, b/c my skin can get pretty dry.
I do see puffiness reduction and a bit of dark circle reduction, though not as much as I like.
I don't know much about wrinkles since i'm 21 years old and I'm doing this for wrinkle prevention, but the crows feet around my eyes when i smile are not as pronounced as they used to be, which is good! B/c I smile and laugh a lot! haha XD
A little goes a long way! You don't need to apply at lot, it spreads out well over the skin. It will definitely be used up faster if you use it twice a day, but if you don't want to or need to, opt for once a day and it will last much longer.

To buy or not to buy?
For those who need a nice hydrating moisturizer for the eyes, especially for dry sensitive skin, I do recommend this =)

If you are looking to reduce circles and puffiness, I'm kind of hesitant because, so far for me, there has not been a significant reduction. There was some improvement, but again, not as much as I had wanted.
But people have different skin types even for dry skin types there are different kinds, so maybe this will work better for you than for me!

It is pricy, I admit, I was kind of worried about the price, definitely up there, but it's worth a shot! You can buy it at sephora and you can return it if it doesn't work for you, as long as you have the receipt.

I hope this review was helpful to you! Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section below =)

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Review on the Clinique eye cream

So I have dark circles, because I don't sleep as much as I should and about a month ago I decided to buy a Clinque eye cream b/c I heard and read good reviews on Clinique and this product.

Clinque has many eyecreams and I'm pretty sure this is the one I bought: which is ~$30 i think

I wanted to reduce my dark circles, and help prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

Sad to say, this product did not work for me =(

After washing my face, the moment I put it around my eyes (eyelids and underneath eyes), it started stinging immediately.
At first I wasn't sure what to do, and I was wondering if it was just me or my skin just not used to a product. B/c clinique said this was for all skin types.
So I decided to keep on using it for a few days, but everytime I put it on, it still stung =(
and I even woke up in the morning with puffy pinkish eyes =/
so i returned it, and actually bought another eye cream, which I will post in my next review!

So while there are good reviews for this product online, I recommend caution for people with very sensitive skin. The people at Sephora actually told me, b/c Clinique uses certain subtances in their products, they are actually still considered cosmetics and not really skin care.
I am no professional, but this was my experience with that particular eye cream, if it works for you, then great! =)

On a side note, I even bought and tried Clinique's extra mild facial cleansers, the new type that comes in a misty green bottle pump, and that made my skin burn the moment I put it on. >_<

So, I probably won't be buying Clinique's products anytime soon, they are also on the pricey side and for now, I'm not willing to risk it!

Monday, March 12, 2012

just a quick note!

as a college student, i am unfortunately busy, and finals are in a week!

so I will be focusing on those for the time being.

but as soon as they are done, i will return! XD


just a quick introduction =)

like everyone, I care about my appearance. Not necessarily in front of others, but also to myself.
One's appearance is a representation of oneself to the self and others.
Therefore, this not only affects people who see you but how you see yourself.

I believe it is important to be and see yourself in a happy and confident light, and appearance is an essential trait to that. I really like coordinating clothing, putting on makeup, doing my hair, and taking care of my skin. It shows how much I care about myself and I enjoy taking care of myself!

Growing up, I have dealt with a lot of skin problems and through personal research, trial and error, dermatologist appointments, etc.  I have(mostly) figured out what my skin needs to be healthy and happy =)

My skin is not perfect, I, like many others, still have acne, scarring, and the occasional freak out XP, but it has improved a lot from before and I am still doing my best to take care of it today! X) That is why I watch youtube videos, read reviews, and try out products to further heal and improve my skin condition.

I have talked to a lot of my friends and peers about such things and they have encouraged me to post things online. Therefore, I have decided to give it a shot!

I hope that you will find my reviews, tutorials, and random tips helpful in your journey to live beautifully inside and out! ;)

thank you! ^_^