Thursday, March 22, 2012

My 4 years of using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream and why I have decided to change!

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Finals are finally done! Finished my last one today! yay!

So a bit of background on my skin, just for your information:
If you read in my profile, i mentioned my very dry and sensitive skin around my mouth.
I've done a lot of research on it and been to dermatologists and it's most likely a chronic yeast infection.
This yeast usually is pretty dormant, but when it flares up b/c of weather or stress my skin will get very painful, red, itchy, and shed like no other -___-, yeah as you can image, it's pretty terrible. After the flare up, i'll get a dark reddish ring around my mouth, which is...a pain...
and when it sheds, i mean it grows quickly and dies quickly, so the new skin is quite raw, and it can't handle a lot of products
however, if I don't exfoliate enough, dead skin builds up, cakes my face, causing irritation, break outs, etc.
So, in order to prevent my skin from shedding, i try to moisturize it...a lot. But since the new skin is so raw and sensitive, a lot of products bother it.

okay, so now that you know how unfortunate my skin is, time for the review!

This is the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin.

It is fragrance free, non-comedogenic, and "dermatologist recommended" (i put quotes, b/c a lot of brands say it and I don't see a dermatologist's name or signature on it, so...yeah...)
You can buy this at any drug store, It's around $10 for the tube, I like the tube b/c i can carry it around. They also have it in the big tubs, but i find that less convenient personally.
Ingredients (not all are listened, just ones you may not like or be allergic to): glyercin, almond oil, benzyl alcohol, dimethiconol, certain alcohols, glycerols, hydroxides and acetates.
[and when I listen ingredients, and you see something like, sodium hydroxide, and then freak out because everyone knows that NaOH (sodium hydroxide) is a powerful base, please keep in mind, that they use very small and diluted quantities, and I'm pretty sure in this case, NaOH was used to balance the pH of the cream.]

My father actually, has sensitive skin, a different kind of problem, but also sensitive. And when I was in high school he introduced me to cetaphil. He introduced the face wash and moisturizer for dry, sensitive, skin.
I didn't use the face wash b/c I use an acne cleanser but I tried and really really liked the Cetaphil moisturizer actually!
At the time, I felt that it worked really well, and did not cause me to break out, it was not heavy, and moisturized my skin very well.

However, after 4 years of using it, I began to realize some things.

-It has a tendency to feel kind of sticky after application, I actually put on two layers because one isn't enough for me, my skin will just suck it up.
-The area around my mouth, although it would be well hydrated, it would turn kind of red.
-And then recently, i think this year, after I exfoliate, and trust me I don't exfoliate heavily, not only would the area around my mouth turn red, but it also had a burning sensation.

I'm not sure if the formula has changed, I don't think so, because buying the tube lasts a really really long time. 1 tube can last about a year for me, I'm not sure, I don't really pay attention to that too much (but maybe I should haha), but back then I wasn't so into skin products.

Do I recommend Cetaphil?
Hmm, well, if you have the exact same skin problem I do....probably...not....but even if you do, (because everyone's skin is different) I think it's worth a shot, it's very affordable, and because it has such a simple formula, anyone can use it. You can give it to someone, the oily and dry/normal combination skin I have on other parts of my face have no problem with it, no breakouts or anything.
If you have dry, very dry, and/or sensitive skin , but without! the shedding, I repeat, without the shedding!
I do recommend this, as a person who has been using this product for a long time.
I especially like the fragrance free-ness. I personally really dislike lotion with fragrance (like, I have conditioner with fragrance and bodywash with fragrance, enough for me)
If you don't like the possible stickiness on your face, then try to apply it more lightly and build up to what you like!

Because of this redness, and new irritation, I decided to change moisturizers. To what moisturizers? Actually I bought 3 kinds, which I am trying currently, and will do reviews on all of time of course! =D

I hope this review has helped you =), especially those of you who have heard of the Cetaphil hype lately, or earlier this year =P

On a personal note: yay! Time for spring break!

The weather is getting warmer and sunnier, don't forget SPF!!

Have an awesome day! Bye!

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