Saturday, July 28, 2012

1 week hiatus! =O

Hey everyone!

So I have an exam in a couple of days and then 2 finals in a week on the same, I'll be pretty busy studying what not and I still have work and my ER shift, so I won't be able to post stuff until the 2nd week of August =/. And when I say I'm buys, I am super busy, I'm not even allowing my bf to visit me until summer session 1 is done!

So sorry guys XO, but I am really busy and I want to do well on my exams! I hope you understand.

I'm still working on stuff, and trying products, etc. I just won't be able to write and post things till August. So please be patient and I'll be back soon!

Thank you!

C u guys later! X)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

E.L.F. Haul!! =D

Hi guys!

So I recently bought stuff on the Eyes.Lips.Face. (E.L.F.) website when they said: Buy $20 and get a free gift bag worth $20. So I decided to try it out!
In this post I will show what I bought and what I got in my gift bag and what I think about the gift bag. Later I will be doing reviews on the products I used, but today is a show and tell day =P. Just in case you were wondering what I got or what kind of stuff E.L.F. gives away in their gift bags!

What I bought:

-small stippling brush
-spoolie for lashes and eyebrows
-mascara wands
-2 nail buffers
-matte eyeshadow in nude
-baked eyeshadow in burnt plum
-bronzer in glow
-baked bronzer st. lucia

What was in the gift bag:

-32 Piece Palette Cool Eyeshadow with a mirror and applicator
-Hypershine Lipgloss in Pink Blossom
-All Over Color Stick in Golden Peach
-Lotion Wipes: Vanilla & Coconut
-cruelty free contour brush
-Cream Eyeliner in Ivory
-Black Glitter Nail Polish

What do I think of the gift bag?
Overall, I was kind of unimpressed except for the eyeshadow palette. Not like E.L.F. knows my personal taste, but I wouldn't buy a lot of the things they gave me such as white cream eyeliner. =P But I'll try all the products and we'll see how it goes!

So yeah, this is my E.L.F. haul and $20 gift bag for you to see XP. Meanwhile I'll be trying out all the products and will write a review later on what I think of everything! Thanks for reading and I'll be back later! XD

Monday, July 23, 2012

Reviewing and Comparing Conditioners! Pantene vs Dove

Hi guys! =)
So today I will be comparing between the Pantene and Dove conditioners in general. Especially when it comes to the repair, moisture, and strengthening properties.
Please keep in mind that everyone's hair type is different and works differently with different products.
I have long, fine, somewhat dry hair that needs moisture and strength.

Dove VS Pantene!!
So among Dove and Pantene sub-brands, I choose the "repair" kind, "moisturizing" kind or the "strengthening" kind.

Thoughts on Pantene
 Pantene is not as thick and creamy as Dove. However, it is also cheaper than Dove. I think it works okay as a conditioner. It could be a little more moisturizing or hydrating and sometimes my hair does feel a little dry after using Pantene conditioner. I've stopped using Pantene because nowadays my hair needs more moisture and care that Pantene cannot provide anymore.
For strengthening, I'm not sure if Pantene strengthens my hair, I don't really see or feel a visible difference after using an entire bottle of it. Most likely, it just keeps it in the same condition it was. And for repair properties, maybe it does repair. I have not seen split ends in a long time. But maybe it prevents split ends instead of repairing them. During usage and after usage of Pantene I don't see split ends, and even if it doesn't repair split and instead prevents it, that fine with me too! haha
I would only buy Pantene again if I'm being cheap, on a budget and in a hurry for a conditioner that works for a short period of time. I would not buy for long term use.

Thoughts on Dove
 Dove is thicker and creamier than Pantene (as noted earlier). It can be a little more pricy than Pantene but it is still pretty affordable. It's a decent conditioner, more like a  good standard conditioner. It is moisturizing and works well with my hair. This conditioner is my daily conditioner that I use most of the time, unless I'm trying something new.
For strengthening, I'm not sure if Dove strengthens my hair visibly. Maybe it does, I don't know. There is little breakage of my hair when I brush it, perhaps that is a sign of strengthening, but I'm not sure. At the least, it keeps my hair in the same strength that it was before.
For repair properties, like Pantene, I don't know. I haven't gotten split ends in a long time while using this conditioner. It is more likely preventing split ends than repairing.
I do like Dove because it is more hydrating and smooths out my hair better than Pantene.

Any recommendations?
Both brands are affordable and easy to find at any drugstore, department store, or grocery store. If you have hair that is dry or needs more moisture, I recommend Dove over Pantene. If you have rather oily hair and it is pretty thick and strong, then Pantene is fine as a daily conditioner. It will maintain your hair well and you don't need to worry much about your hair.

So, I hope this post helped you in finding an affordable daily conditioner. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them in the comment box below! Thank you for reading, I will see you later!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review on EOS Lip Balm!

Hi Everyone! =D

Today I will be reviewing the EOS Lip Balm Stick (Sweet Mint)
This product can be bought online or at the Beauty Diary store in Arcadia. It cost $3-$5 and contains 0.14 oz or 4 grams of product.
It is said to be 100% natural and USDA approved. It is 95% organic and petrolatum and paraben free. It contains shea butter and vitamin E.

What do I think of this product?
I bought the stick version because I don't like the the ball-shaped version. I feel that the stick version is easier to hold, apply, and bring around. And with the ball-shaped version I feel my lips would scrap against the edges of the pot after I went past halfway into the lip balm! So I didn't want that or to waste anything.
So I have been using this lip balm for at least a month and I love it! It moisturizes my lips well without feeling sticky or greasy. The moisture is long lasting and gives a sweet cooling mint effect which feels great during the hot weather in summer!

Do I recommend this product?
Yes! I recommend this product! It is affordable and works well. The sweet minty smell and feel is great! I use it everyday and I love it!

Pretty short post, I know. But it's hard to say more when a product works simply, so well! So, I hope this post helped you =) Thank you for reading and I will see you later! Bye!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review on "The Body Shop" Aloe Soothing Night Cream

Hi Everyone! =)

Today I will be reviewing The Body Shop's Aloe Soothing Night Cream!

This product can be found online or at The Body Shop store. It is $20 and contains 1.7 oz or 50mL or 48 grams of product.
It is said to calm and moisturize the skin when you are asleep. It is dermatological approved (whatever that means =P) and is clinically proven for sensitive skin.
You use this after you wash your face before you go to bed.

What do I think about this product?
So, back in April I was given sample sizes of The Body Shop's entire Aloe skincare line and did a review on the samples. One of my favorite products was this soothing night cream! However, at the time I felt it was too pricy for me and did not buy it immediately afterwards.
But, thanks to my bf =D, he found a coupon of $10 off any purchase $20 or more, so I bought it! I have been using this night cream for more than 2 months and I love it!!! It is extremely moisturizing and does not irritate or redden my sensitive skin. A little goes a long way, and 1-2 pea size amounts is enough for my face and neck. This has really helped with my dry sensitive skin areas around my mouth and nose and they stay moisturized all night long! It also does not bother the oily areas on my forehead and nose. It does not cause me to break out and it does not clog my pores. =D
The only problem I have with this product, is the price! =/ It is an amazing product! But $20 still makes me bite my tongue a bit! =P Luckily, I don't need to use a lot of this product and I am about halfway done, so this night cream will last for the summer and beginning of the fall. I will probably buy another one if I get another good coupon or discount though. =)

Do I recommend this product?
Yes! Especially if you have sensitive and dry skin, I definitely recommend this night cream! It is very moisturizing, soothing, and feels great on the skin! If you are still unsure you can go to The Body Shop store and try a sample there, or ask for a take home sample. The price may be a bit much, that's why I do recommend trying or getting samples, but if you like it, you should definitely buy it and try it! There are usually good sales and discounts going around, so it's not hard to buy this at a lower price! ^_^

Hi Everyone! I have recently ordered and got another one from "The Body Shop" Online store. I'm not sure if it is because they changed the formula of the cream or maybe it is kind of old and dried out because it is not fresh like the ones in the store. The second one that I have got online has a lot thicker and stickier consistency. It is is not as smooth and is more heavy. It takes more effort to work into my skin but it still works. I am just a bit confused?/sad? that the one from "The Body Shop" online store, isn't as good as when I got it in store. So maybe, it is better to go to the store and buy it.

So I hope you enjoyed this review =) Thank you for reading and I will see you soon!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

3000 views! Thank you guys!

Hi Everyone!

I would just like to thank you! =)

I have reached a little over 3000 views and wow, I've only be blogging for about 4 months!
I don't know if that's a lot but it is a lot to me! XD

So thank you for reading my blog and I hope that I am helping anyone who is searching for things they need to help their skin and hair or looking at makeup reviews!

I will definitely keep on posting because I love talking about skincare, haircare, and makeup and I like sharing my thoughts and tips with others!

Thank you for reading and I will talk to you soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review on "My Beauty Diary" Variety Pack Hydrating Masks!

Hi everyone! ^_^

Heads UP! this is a super super long post! If you are looking for a specific mask, please type the name in the search bar, thanks!

I will finally be reviewing the "My Beauty Diary" variety pack of hydrating masks. Each one has it's own special property designed to treat certain skin problems or give your skin an extra boost. Some of them have properties such as whitening, brightening, softening, etc. I bought the variety pack on Amazon and it was rather pricey, I think around $30. If you read my review on "My Beauty Diary: Black Pearl Mask" (which is one of the masks in the variety pack as well) The packaging and style of mask is the same for all of them. The directions are the same, put it on after a cleansed and toned face and leave it on for 20-30 min. After taking it off, massage the serum into skin until product is fully absorbed.

Main thing about all these masks is that they are all highly hydrating and moisturizing! Definitely good if you have dry skin! Because I have sensitive and combination dry skin, I am reviewing based on my skin type. If you have tougher skin and different preferences (such as mask scent, etc.) you can consider them a little differently based on your skin type and preference. Also, please understand, because this is a variety pack, I only used each kind once! So, these are first impressions but not long time use impressions. If you have certain immediate expectations for some products such as fragrance-free or irritation, these reviews will probably be very helpful when considering which mask to buy!

And this is my take on each of the masks! Enjoy! =D

Black Pearl - I have done a thorough review on this mask in one of my blog posts because this is the first mask I ever tried and I used it for a good 3 months or so until I started the variety pack. You can read the whole review on my blog for my review on the black pearl mask. Long story short, great mask, good for sensitive and dry skin. Has whitening products that do work and evenly make my skin paler and my acne scars fade. I definitely recommend this mask!

Strawberry Yogurt - It says it whitens and refines the skin, controls/balance sebum/oil secretion, and tightens pores. This mask smells sooo good! XD haha, it has a nice sweet strawberry yogurt scent! I really like it and I would definitely recommend this one, especially to younger people. This mask is better for people with younger skin because they can absorb it better.
Yogurt has many anti-redness/inflammatory, hydrating and softening properties. Your skin will feel so smooth and bright after this mask! I am very pleased with this product and it will definitely be on my list to buy after I am done with the variety pack! =)

Natto - It says it restores radiance, elasticity to skin and prevents free radicals=antioxidant. This is the one mask that I did not try, because I gave it to a friend of mine who really wanted it. This mask has Natto extracts from it which has a high amount of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is a blood clotting vitamin and is good for the skin and it used to treat broken capillaries, rosacea, surgery bruising, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation.
I have read many good reviews on this mask and it is rather popular, especially for irritated and sensitive skin so I was eager to try it out. So, this mask has a typical mask smell to it, a bit of that product chemical smell, and doesn't really smell like natto at all, which is good i guess XP, I don't like the smell of natto. I don't like the typical product smell, which is a bit of downer but it's not too sharp and strong so it's okay. The smell goes away in 5 minutes or so.
When I first put on this mask, the skin on the corners of my nose and around my mouth stung for a few minutes, which made me sad =(. I was really hoping that this would not irritate my skin because it says it works for sensitive skin, but it did. The stinging left after those few minutes, but still you know, I wouldn't be sure about using this mask regularly if I my skin stung every time I put it on. But my skin did feel softer and smoother afterwards!
So, because everyone's skin is different, even sensitive skin, I think this mask is worth a shot! It may work better with other people's sensitive skin and not mine.

Q 10 Rejuvinating - It says it revitalizes, whitens and tightens the skin. Don't listen to them. This is a mask that has no other properties besides hydration. I don't, do not, recommend this mask. Don't get it. It's a waste of your money. Why? As a pre-med student I'll explain.
Q10 is also known as Q or QH or QH2, commonly called Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol depending on it's energized state. Q10 is used in the process to form ATP (energy) for cells in the body. Q10 is in the electron transport chain in the mitochondria of all body cells. Q10 is a molecule that transports Hydrogens in the mitochondria along the transport chain. When it does that, ATP is formed and pumped into the mitochondria for energy use.
Now, what the heck does this mean? This means that Q10 is something that transports something else in body cells. It's just a transporter/carrier. It does nothing! Absolutely nothing! And trust me, you don't need like more Q10 in your body, everyone's body has a ton of them, having a little more isn't going to make your skin or body any better or healthier.
Now, if you want a mask that just hydrates your skin like any other mask, then you can get it if you want. But you're probably paying the extra money for a property that doesn't exist. So, I do not recommend it.

Bulgaria White Rose - I read reviews on this one and I heard people did not like the smell. It is supposed to have whitening and brightening effects. The smell is kind of...meh. It smells like roses but kind of cheap? weird?, that kind of rose scent, which is kind of a put off. And, yes, like the reviews say, it is kind of strong and sharp smelling. So, I don't like that. This mask also made my face burn and sting the moment I put it on, maybe it was the fragrance that did it, I don't know, but I took it off immediately >=( and washed my face with water so it would stop burning.
I don't like strong sharp scents and my sensitive skin didn't like it. So, I do not recommend this product.

Pearl Powder Mask - I read reviews on this and it's an okay/likable mask. It is supposed to have whitening, brightening, and moisturizing effects. The first think I noticed was the artificial scent. I being made from pearl extract, I didn't know what scent to expect, maybe nothing. But I didn't like the smell of this mask. It has an artificial smell, sharp, kind of like one of those disinfectant wipes that you use to clean the bathroom, messes, etc. That bothered me. I probably won't buy this kind, just because of that. (I'm picky haha) It did kind of burn/irritate my skin around the corners of my nose and around my mouth, but it went away after 5 minutes or so. If you don't like sharp artificial smells, then I do not recommend this mask and irritation may or may not happen to you if you have sensitive skin.

Bird's nest- This is one of the more popular masks in Asia. It says that it whitens, nourishes and renews skin. It says it's good for normal skin and recommended for dry, dull, and rough skin. "Bird's nest" is corallina officinalis, the so-called “bird’s nest from the bottom of the sea”. It is a type of red seaweed, and it's properties are said to be intensely moisturizing and nourishing. This mask has no fragrance or scent to it. When I put it on, my sensitive skin tingled for a moment. I'm not sure if that was a sign of slight irritation, but it was only there for a moment and I felt fine. This mask did not irritate or redden my skin. It felt very hydrating =). I do recommend this to people who do not like scented masks and/or who have very dry skin especially in cold dry weather. It's main purpose is hydration so I would not recommend this for people who are looking for more skincare benefits than just hydration.

Aloe- It says that it provides hydration, repairation, and nourishments for skin and that it is ideal for all skin types, especially dry and damaged skin. This has an aloe scent to it that is a bit artificial but it goes away in about 5 minutes. I had a slight stinging sensation around the corners of my nose but that disappeared in a few minutes. I think this is a pretty ordinary mask, nothing really special about it besides hydration but all of them at least hydrate so I probably won't be buying this one. I think if you are young and have pretty good non-sensitive skin, I think it's worth a shot. However, if you are looking for something with more effect(s) and/or if you have sensitive skin I am not sure to recommend it or not because it may or may not irritate your skin.

Hyaluronic acid- It is said b/c of hyaluronic acid, it will revitalize and intensely moisturizes skin, helping it retain its moisture. It is said to be good for older skin especially if you have wrinkles.
I really like this mask! It is definitely the most moisturizing out of all of them, even though all of them are excellent moisturizers. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed that I had not even the most mild of irritations, which I sometimes get with some of these masks. This mask has a bit of a cooling effect, or at least it feels like a nice cooling moisturizer. =) If you are looking for extra moisturization especially if you live in a dry environment, your skin is very dry, or becomes dry because of season changes, I definitely recommend this mask to any skin type! I am very happy with this one because it did not bother my sensitive skin at all! (If you've read the others, some have bothered me slightly, but go away, which is a bit annoying and possibly worrisome).

Red vine- It says it whitens and tightens the skin and contains antioxidants. I have read very good reviews on this mask. A lot of people like it and recommend it. This masks smells strongly of red wine actually haha, it has an alcoholic scent to it. But the smell quickly faces after a minute on the face. It did not irritate or redden my sensitive skin but I may have felt a tingling sensation around the corners of my nose and around my mouth. However, that went away in less than 5 minutes. I'm sure like the rest of the My Beauty Diary masks, the whitening properties work well. After 1 use, my face didn't feel tighter, but this probably happens after using it more times. I like this mask, I'll probably buy a pack when I'm rotating different kinds of masks. I recommend this mask to any skin type. When I do buy a full pack of these, I will write a review on its tightening and antioxidant properties.

Sake yeast- One of my friends says this is a really good mask and you should use it on a hot summer day. And I was like okay! I will! XD It says it is enriched with Sake Yeast Extract, which works to boost metabolism and skin renewal by increasing temperature of skin surface and has collagen for cuticle renewal. It says it is for all skin types but for sensitive skin, one should go under dermatological testing. This sentence made me pretty wary, but I decided to try anyway =P.
I am happy to say that this mask was great! It did not irritate or redden my sensitive skin. It smelled like sake, so yes, it has an alcoholic scent to it XD. It is not that strong and does fade in a few minutes. It might have increased in temperature initially, but it was very quick and short, and then it had a more cooling effect, which felt nice on a hot day. I recommend this mask to most skin types unless you know that your skin is particularly sensitive/allergic to most skincare products. Then you should ask your dermatologist. I like this mask, and I would probably buy it again and use it during the summer more often. =)

Apple- It says that it tightens pores, refines and hydrates skin. I think you have to use this product for a while to have pore-tightening effects but I felt that it was hydrating. It had a sweet-sour green apple smell (like candy haha) but it also had a somewhat artificial smell that I didn't like. Also the nice apple smell went away quickly =(. It did sting a little bit around my mouth but went away in about 5 minutes. I don't know about this mask. It didn't have a strong impression on me or stood out in anyway. I probably won't buy it. I think if you are young and have pretty good non-sensitive skin, it's worth a shot. However, if you are looking for something with more effect(s) and if you have sensitive skin I am not sure to recommend it or not because it may or may not irritate your skin.

Collagen- It says it has collagen that lifts and firms the skin with natural, long-lasting moisturizing effects leaving it smooth, delicate and more elastic.
So, this mask did not irritate my skin at all! There was no burning sensation, itchiness or redness, which is great! It works for my sensitive skin! And I noticed a perfume like fragrance. It's hard to describe, smells like a very standard perfume. It's not a bad smell, not strong and not too sweet or sharp. I don't mind it. Because I used this only once, I don't see any lifting or firming of the skin. It would probably take 2-3 months to see a change. However, I will definitely keep this mask in mind when I am older and want to help prevent wrinkles! I'm very happy that it doesn't react to my sensitive skin =)
If you are looking for a product to help lift and firm the skin, this mask is worth a shot. I can't guarantee what it says it does, because I only used it once. However, a plus is that it works for my sensitive skin, so if you have any skin combination, it should be okay =). I'd recommend this product for people in their mid to late 30s and onwards.

Arbutin Whitening- It is said to of course, evenly whiten the skin for a paler, clearer complexion.
So, this mask doesn't have any added fragrance. It smells like any regular hydrating mask and the smelling isn't sharp or strong and goes away in a few mintues.
I'm very happy that this mask did not irritate my skin at all! No pain, stinging, or redness! Definite plus XD.
Even though I only used this mask once, this brand is pretty good at whitening and I've already seen good results from the black pearl powder mask. I'm not sure what the difference is between these 2 masks because they are both for whitening. It is possible that the whitening mask shows stronger and faster results.
If you are looking to whiten your skin, especially if it is too tanned to you or you have hyperpigmentation from scarring such as from acne, I do recommend this mask to any skin type.

Snail- It says it contains mucus secreted by snails and that is rich in protein, the ingredient effectively increases skin’s elasticity, and strengthen moisture-locking and repairing effects. I was kind of put off by the fact that it comes from's a personal thing, but I don't like snails, or at least I hate it when I step on one and when I'm walking in the dark outside my house there are a lot...and I really really hate it, when I accidentally step on gross. Anyway, off topic, haha
So, I'm very happy that this mask did not irritate or sting my skin! I was worried at first b/c it first smelled like alcohol but that smell went away quickly and nothing bad happened to my skin. =) My skin felt very smooth and hydrated after this mask.
This mask came with a complementary snail facial moisturizer that you are supposed to use after you take off the mask. However, I decided not to use it. The reason is that it contains mineral oil, and i'm not allergic to it. But mineral oil is a very very strong moisturizer. Aquaphor has mineral oil and it is oily and thick. Because I have combination skin, I only use Aquaphor on the sensitive dry areas of my skin and nowhere near my oily forehead and nose. Therefore, I don't think this snail cream is good for oily skin, and I don't want to apply 2 different moisturizers onto my face, so I didn't use it.
I recommend this product to people with very dry and/or sensitive skin. =) It feels very nice on the skin and doesn't harm my dry sensitive skin areas. If you don't have combination skin and your skin is dry or very dry, then I also recommend that you use the complementary cream that comes with it. However, if you have combination dry skin then you might want to put it only on the dry areas of your face and if you have oily skin, I definitely don't recommend you use the cream, but the mask is fine!

Japanese cherry blossom- This is a very popular mask and I have heard very good reviews on it. It says it whitens, refreshes, brightens, and soothes the skin. Initially this mask has a sharper cherry blossom scent but it quickly lightens up into a nice faint scent. This mask did not irritate or redden my sensitive skin. I'm sure the whitening, like the other My Beauty Diary masks, works well over time. If you are just looking for basic complexion and whitening properties I recommend this to any skin type. However, if you are looking for something more than that then maybe you want to try a different mask.

So, I use a mask once a week and there were 16 masks total, which meant about 4 months overall. It took a really long time to finish this post haha. But I wanted to finish the entire variety pack and review all of the products at once so you can look at and compare the masks to fit your preferences.
I hope that you enjoyed this review despite it's long-ness XD, thank you for reading and I hope it helped you find a mask that works for you! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below =). Thanks and have a nice day!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Products that I regret buying: Pur Minerals Gel Liner and Maybelline Tough as Taupe cream eyeshadow

Hey guys! I hope your summer is going well.
Me being a double major, not so much fun, but I think i've had my share of crazy partying and what not =P.

Anyway, today I will be talking about 2 products I regret buying:
1) pur minerals gel eyeliner
2) Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow

Purminerals: Pur Intensity Gel Eyeliner (Carbon)
This can be bought at Sephora, online, and Ulta. I bought this gel eyeliner on their website for $17 and probably paid shipping. It contains 0.17 oz or 5 grams of product.

Why this product didn't work for me?
I read a lot of reviews on the eyeliner. How it was nice and creamy. How pigmented and dark it was. How it dried really well and worked for oily eyelids and that it didn't smear and smudge. So, I bought it. I've been looking for a good gel eyeliner for my oily lids so I decided to try it out.
Sadly, it was a disaster for the entire trip. =(
It is true that this eyeliner is very creamy and the Carbon Black color is very black. I had no problems with those features. I bought this during the winter quarter which means I used it during one of the driest seasons of the year. And within a couple hours, it smudged. And it smudged badly. Maybe I should show a picture, but  in about 2 hours, I looked like a panda. I only lined my upper lashline and the lower lashline was completely covered in the stuff. It was really bad. It was as if it didn't dry at all...
I still tried for a bit. I thought that maybe I put on too much liner, like too thick, so I tried putting less and drawing a thinner line. It still smudged. =(
And then I was like okay, I will set it with black eyeshadow, maybe it'll work or last longer. Nope, still smudged like my eyes were crying black blood or something....
I always make sure that my moisturizers and eye creams are absorbed before putting on makeup so my makeup won't smear, so it has nothing to do with my skincare or other makeup routines.
After those tries, I pretty much stopped using it. I'm upset because of the cost of this gel liner, because I could have got something better with the same or less money....*sigh* anyway...

Do I recommend this product?
Nope, I don't recommend this product, especially if you have oily eyelids. If it works for you then, great, I'm glad it did. But for some reason it failed miserably with me. I really wanted it to work, but it just didn't. =(

Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow (Tough as Taupe)
(This is the best picture I could find that had the closest color similarity to what it actually looks like)
Why this product didn't work for me?
So I also read a lot of reviews and watched Youtube videos on this product. People said it was well pigmented, creamy, long lasting, and didn't form creases. I wanted something natural and so I bought Tough as Taupe. The majority of what people said about this cream shadow it true. It is nice and creamy, the application is fine, and it blends well. I have no problem with its longevity. It is long lasting, waterproof, and crease-resistant.
The problem I had was the color. Looking at swatches online, it looked like a decent, taupe color, not took dark or too light. However, this cream shadow was super light on me. I'm Asian and my skin is not that tanned but as an eyeliner, it looked like a light tan line on my lashline, which looks weird. On pictures too, it looks a lot darker than it really is. It is more of a light tan-gray color. Even when I took pictures of this, it still appears darker than it really is.
I bought this cream shadow to use as an eyeliner, but that clearly did not work out.
I may use this as a base for more neutral brown and gray eyeshadows. The thing is, I have a good eyeshadow primer, so I don't really have a need for an eyeshadow base. But if I want a really neutral eye and a strong colorful eyeliner or I need a long lasting base for a neutral look, I'd probably use this. But I won't buy it again, at least not this color.

So, as you can see, the pictures immediately above look darker than the one under the title. It is deceiving, the picture under the title is the correct color. I don't know why everytime I take a picture it turns out darker than it looks.
Also, the swatch, starting from the wide part of the swatch on the left, that is much closer to the actual color of the shadow, than the rest of swatch.

Do I recommend this product?
If you are looking for a good eyeshadow base or you have white/pale skin and you want a good overall lid color, then I think this product is works well. However, if you are looking for a more dark taupe color or if you are looking for a cream eyeliner, I don't recommend this product.

So these was a couple of products that I regret buying. Please keep in mind, there were specific things that did not work well for me and that is why I don't like them and regret buying them.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below =)
Thank you for reading and I will see you later!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review on CHI Enviro 54 Firm Hold Hair Spray

Hi Everybody! I'm so sorry, it's been a while since I've last written a review!!! >.<
I have just been so busy w/ summer school, UC 5 week summer sessions are fast and intense and I have just been working and studying!

Today I am reviewing the CHI Enviro 54 Firm Hold Hair Spray:

The hair spray costs around $5-8. It contains 2.6 oz or 74 grams of product. It is 15 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter. It is said to be enriched with silk proteins and natural herbs. And it contains less than 55% VOC to help protect the environment.
 I have bought the travel size from Ulta. I'm not sure where else you can buy the travel size but if you like the travel size, the regular size is found in Ulta, online, and in most drugstores.
Directions: Hold 10 - 12 inches from hair and spray evenly avoiding eye contact.

What do I think of this product?
Now, I know this is not really a haircare product, it may seem like the opposite to some, being a hairspray. However, if there was a kind of hairspray that is less damaging to your hair, I think this one is one of them. It does have a scent, the classic CHI scent, which can be a little sharp but if you don't use a lot, it smells nice and isn't too strong.
I have had this same bottle of hairspray for more than a year! And I don't need to use a lot of it. =) A quick spray is all I need. With light to moderate application, this hairspray sets your hairstyles fast and leaves your hair still soft, not hard and crispy. It does give your hair a bit of shine, if you want more of that glowing look.
I especially love the container design. It has a lock mechanism which means you don't need to deal with loosing caps and when accidentally pressed in a bag or by hand, it won't spray out:

Do I recommend this product?
If you are a beginner in hair styling, I recommend buying this travel size spray to save your pocket. It is also great for traveling being small and slim. CHI is known for having the most quality hair protective products. It holds hairstyles well, dries quickly, and has a great lock mechanism.
I do like this product and I will probably buy it again =)

So quick post, but I hope it was useful to you!
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them in the comment box below =)
Thank you for reading and I will talk to you later!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tapping off Vs Blowing off powders from a brush

Hi Everyone! =)

So today I will discussing about tapping off makeup powders from a brush versus blowing off makeup powders from a brush! I've been seeing some tutorials that show gurus blowing powder off their brushes and I don't think it's a good idea.

I personally believe that you should tap makeup off a brush and not blow the makeup powder off. This applies to any kind of powder makeup, it can be eyeshadow, it can be powder foundation or finishing powder.

1) Blowing makeup off brushes blows powder into the air, which you could breath in, get on stuff, and get on your face
2) Blowing make up off brushes will put moisture from your breath onto the brush and powder on the brush, which may interfere with powder application and cause it to be uneven.
3) Probably, most importantly: Blowing makeup off brushes is unhygienic because there is bacteria in your mouth that goes onto the brush, and when you apply onto your skin, you're putting bacteria on your skin, which is bad! Especially bad for your eyes and skin around your eyes because those areas are very sensitive and can get infected easily. Also, you get bacteria on your brush, and if you dip it into your makeup again, now you have bacteria in your makeup. Lots of problems okay! =P
4) Tapping off powder from a brush can be tapped off in the sink and easily washed away, or you can tap it in its cap as shown in this picture:

So, I really don't see why not you should tap your makeup powder off your brushes.
And if you say you blow makeup off because it's a habit, then it's a bad habit and I suggest you get rid of it. You really don't want to get some kind of eye infection or start coughing because powder was blown into the air.

So, very quick post, may seem like common sense, but the fact that I see people blow makeup powder off their brushes may not seem quite as so.
I hope you liked this post and if you have any questions or comments feel free to write them in the comment box below!
Thank you for reading and I will see you later! X)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review on Milani Crystal Eyez Sparking Eyeshadow!

Hi Everyone! ^_^

Sorry I haven't been around as often, I have summer courses and they are not easy...7 hrs of class twice a week, with a part time job and ER volunteer makes me tired XD.

Anyway =P

I am reviewing the Milani Crystal Eyez Sparking Eyeshadow

This product comes in small tubes that hold 30 fluid oz or 9mL of product. They each cost $6-$8 and can be found at any drugstore, Ulta, or online. They come in 6 glittering colors: black, purple, gold, green, blue, and orange-red.

I have bought the black (01 Lovely & Luminous) and the purple (02 Beautifully Brilliant)

Here are the swatches:

The consistency and the application looks bad because I put it on the back of my hand which has ridges because of my bones, which was a bad idea. So, I'm sorry about that X(. But as you can see it is kind of watery so it is easy to sheer out when it is wet. And it is very glittery!

What do I think of this product?
I really like this product. It comes out as a gel cosmetic glitter and is decently pigmented. It can start off sheer, which is nice, if you don't want a lot of glitter. It is easily buildable but you should let the layers dry in between applying layers. It is a bit hard to spread out, the consistency is like glitter glue (from crafts) so it is difficult to get an even application because it is so slippery in the beginning and when it starts drying, when you try to smooth it out, it moves in chunks.
So the best way to apply it, it to apply in light layers with your fingers and gradually build it up to the intensity you want. It also works great as a sticky base if you want to increase the intensity of the glitter and add loose cosmetic glitter on top if it.
I really really like applying 1-2 layers on top of eyeshadow on my eyes because it gives an amazing pop of brightness and really draws attention to my eyes! I use this for mostly clubbing events, when I want to look dramatic.
When it starts drying you will feel the coldness as the water evaporates from the gel and then it starts to feel kind of hard. But it won't irritate or itch your eyelids. You can still open and close your eyes and no glitter will fall into your eyes or what not.

Do I recommend this product?
This product may be a little bit hard to apply at first, but it is not too hard to learn and I got it on the first try. You just need to be patient, careful, and gentle.
If you like glitter, I recommend this as a great product to try. It is affordable and easy to find. The variety of colors is fun and I get compliments with it!

So I hope you liked this post and it helped you in some way. XP
Thank you for reading and we shall speak soon!

Where to find Sasa products? (besides buying from the store or the online store)

Hi Everyone! =)

Today I will talk about and tell you where else to find Sasa products and other popular Asian brands besides going to the store or buying from their online store!

Sasa is a popular beauty department store in many Asian countries especially in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. However, many of their products are made by Asian companies in China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Therefore, these products are rather difficult to find in other countries such as the US, Europe, South America, Canada, Africa, India, etc.

So, I have been looking around locally, where I live in California, to see if I could find stores that sold many of the products that Sasa sells. Given I can't travel around the world and it's only in Southern California, I have a limited selection. However, the store names that I will list here may be somewhere nearby you and you may not even know it!
Also, California is a special place =) (not just because I live here and I like it XP) but it's special because it is so multicultural in a sense that it is more influenced by other countries than the rest of the US (in my opinion) and therefore, you can find a wider variety of culture, entertainment, art, ethnicity, food, clothes, languages, people, etc. So if you would like to go to on a vacation to the United States, please come to California =) And you can also buy stuff that you want in Sasa XD.

This post is to help people who are looking for the many popular skincare and cosmetic products that Sasa sells, that they see on Youtube, blogs, etc. that is difficult for them to find/buy. If the stores that I list here are no where near you, you can always go to Sasa's online store, which has good sales and many days (especially on holidays) that they have free shipping!

Okay, onto the stores listing from least expensive to most expensive! =P

Daiso is a $1.50 store. It sells a variety of things and everything is almost $1.50. It's really great for cheap things from utensils, to folder, ceramic plates, arts and crafts, random cute things etc. Their cosmetic section has a lot of cheap things and you will never find any popular brand name cosmetics, skincare, or haircare products. So, if you like to try cheap makeup and $1.50 won't hurt you're pocket you might want to try this. But I can't guarantee anything will be of good quality because it's so cheap. Also, I probably would not recommend any of the hair and skincare products they sell.
What I like to buy in Daiso the most and what I recommend to buy in Daiso is the body wipes, cosmetic cotton sheets for removing makeup and putting on toner, Q-tips, and tissue packets. There are also a lot of great small travel bottles, travel sprays and little containers for creams etc. Also great to buy, because they're so cheap!

Marukai and more specifically Marukai Lifestyle/Living
Marukai is made up of 3 stores, the Marukai $1.50 store where you can find super cheap makeup, cheap false lashes and eyelid tape. Then there's the Marukai Lifestyle/Living where I recommend to go for haircare and skincare and Marukai Market, which has food. If you are looking for Shiseido hair products and skincare products, Lucido-L hair products, Tsubaki products, Essential Rich Premier, and the Juju Aquamoist brand this is a great place to go. There's also the famous makeup brands Dolly Wink and K-Palette with their eyeliners, eyeshadows, and eyebrow pencils and powders. There are also masks, but there's no My Beauty Diary. And there are cheap oil blotting papers, body massages, underarm roller massages, face massages, etc.

99 Ranch/Ranch 99
99 Ranch is a Chinese supermarket. It mainly sells Chinese food and Chinese fresh meat and vegetables. However, if you go to the beauty/skincare row in the market, they do sell a handful of products. I definitely know that they sell the My Beauty Diary masks, for a bit cheaper than most places. Other than that, I'm not sure what is there, because I don't go there often to buy beauty/skincare products. However, this market is probably the most popular and most common market in the United States compared to the rest of the stores, so I do recommend to go and take a look, especially for the My Beauty Diary masks. Don't be shy, okay, lots of Asian people speaking Asian languages may weird you out, but really, to those of you who know who you are, go out there and be more cultured. =P I'm not saying this as a foreigner, I was born and bred in the US and I like living in this country, but seriously, some people need to be more educated in more than just reading, math, and science.
Quick story: In northern CA and southern CA, there's like this debate about which name is correct for this market. In reality, the stores are actually labeled differently north and south. So, in northern CA the store sign in Ranch 99 and in southern CA the store sign is 99 Ranch. So, people, you are both right and be happy and get over it!

Tokyo Lifestyle
This store is more known for selling anime and manga related things, Japanese cooking utensils, and cute random Asian things XD. It does sell mostly Japanese products so you won't really find other Asian products besides Japanese things. I recommend to go for the haircare and skincare products in this store. They have Shiseido, Tsubaki, sometimes NYX products. They also sell oil blotting papers that are much cheaper than Sephora or Ulta. They also have really cheap makeup like eyeshadows and false lashes there, but I have never tried them. =P I think this is a fun store to go to, they have lots of cool things so it's also fun to take a look. You can probably find this store in a mall in Los Angeles. There is one store in Irvine as well near UCI.

Beauty Diary
I have recently found this store and this store is actually from the brand My Beauty Diary! It is located in Arcadia, California, next to Pasadena. This store sells a variety of BB Creams (all the well known and famous brands), My Beauty Diary masks, Dolly Wink false lashes, eyeshadows, and eyeliners. It sells Juju aquamoist and Shiseido I think . It also sells other higher end brands such as dermalogica and For Beloved One (which has good eye masks). If you are looking for more brand named Asian skincare and cosmetic products, I recommend this store. However, it is a small store, so there might be a limited variety for some things.

This is a popular Japanese supermarket, that mostly has Japanese food, food courts, a bookstore, etc. Depending on the setup of the market, the skincare/cosmetic products are either in one of the aisles or in a section of the market. I recommend this place for Japanese brands/products such as Shiseido, Tsubaki, Essential Rich Premier, Lucido-L, Gatsby hair wax, Juju Aquamoist, Dolly Wink and K-Palette. It will be on the pricier side but Mitsuwa has opened many markets and branch markets throughout California.

This is a new store that opened in Irvine and the original one is in Rowland Heights. This is like a version of Beauty Diary but even better. The problem is that they are more pricey, maybe $1-5 more, generally. This store has a large selection and great variety of products. You can find, K-Palette, Dolly Wink, Sasa products (like the Sasa brand), Tsubaki, Lucido-L, Shiseido, Juju Aquamoist, My Beauty Diary, Mentholatum (a popular acne treatment brand in Taiwan and China) and a lot of other Asian brands especially Japanese, Taiwan, and Korean.

Maneki Neko
This is a new store that just opened in Pasadena/LA area in the Westfield Mall in Santa Anita. The main store is in Little Tokyo. This store sells the largest and greatest variety of NYX products I have seen! It also contains many popular Japanese makeup and skincare brands such as Dolly Wink, Shiseido, Tsubaki, Essential Rich Premier, Juju Aquamoist, etc. It sells a large variety of My Beauty Diary masks as well as Japanese and Korean BB creams. However, this store is pricey, I would say it would be $1-5 more expensive than what you can get at other places.

So, I hope you like this post and I hope it helped you. I'm sorry if this doesn't seem helpful to you because most of these stores are in California. I'm also sorry if it seems like I am repeating the same brand names over and over again. It is because these brand names are very popular, good quality, and many of them are the leading skincare and cosmetic brands in Asia.

If all hope is lost and going to Sasa's online store won't work for you, try Amazon. It has good prices and you might be able to find some things there. I don't recommend eBay since there is a higher chance that people will sell you fake products.

Thank you for reading =) I am thinking of doing a video blog and take you with me into these stores to get a better idea of what they look like and the products they sell. If you want me to do that, please tell me! XD If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! I'll see you later!