Monday, July 23, 2012

Reviewing and Comparing Conditioners! Pantene vs Dove

Hi guys! =)
So today I will be comparing between the Pantene and Dove conditioners in general. Especially when it comes to the repair, moisture, and strengthening properties.
Please keep in mind that everyone's hair type is different and works differently with different products.
I have long, fine, somewhat dry hair that needs moisture and strength.

Dove VS Pantene!!
So among Dove and Pantene sub-brands, I choose the "repair" kind, "moisturizing" kind or the "strengthening" kind.

Thoughts on Pantene
 Pantene is not as thick and creamy as Dove. However, it is also cheaper than Dove. I think it works okay as a conditioner. It could be a little more moisturizing or hydrating and sometimes my hair does feel a little dry after using Pantene conditioner. I've stopped using Pantene because nowadays my hair needs more moisture and care that Pantene cannot provide anymore.
For strengthening, I'm not sure if Pantene strengthens my hair, I don't really see or feel a visible difference after using an entire bottle of it. Most likely, it just keeps it in the same condition it was. And for repair properties, maybe it does repair. I have not seen split ends in a long time. But maybe it prevents split ends instead of repairing them. During usage and after usage of Pantene I don't see split ends, and even if it doesn't repair split and instead prevents it, that fine with me too! haha
I would only buy Pantene again if I'm being cheap, on a budget and in a hurry for a conditioner that works for a short period of time. I would not buy for long term use.

Thoughts on Dove
 Dove is thicker and creamier than Pantene (as noted earlier). It can be a little more pricy than Pantene but it is still pretty affordable. It's a decent conditioner, more like a  good standard conditioner. It is moisturizing and works well with my hair. This conditioner is my daily conditioner that I use most of the time, unless I'm trying something new.
For strengthening, I'm not sure if Dove strengthens my hair visibly. Maybe it does, I don't know. There is little breakage of my hair when I brush it, perhaps that is a sign of strengthening, but I'm not sure. At the least, it keeps my hair in the same strength that it was before.
For repair properties, like Pantene, I don't know. I haven't gotten split ends in a long time while using this conditioner. It is more likely preventing split ends than repairing.
I do like Dove because it is more hydrating and smooths out my hair better than Pantene.

Any recommendations?
Both brands are affordable and easy to find at any drugstore, department store, or grocery store. If you have hair that is dry or needs more moisture, I recommend Dove over Pantene. If you have rather oily hair and it is pretty thick and strong, then Pantene is fine as a daily conditioner. It will maintain your hair well and you don't need to worry much about your hair.

So, I hope this post helped you in finding an affordable daily conditioner. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write them in the comment box below! Thank you for reading, I will see you later!


  1. I am currently using pantene conditioner, it works quite well for my dry and demage hair;)


    1. ooo, nice =) what type/kind of pantene are you using?

  2. I had been using Dove conditioner,the dark blue one and i was very satisfied however i find it expensive..i have a long hair so i need to buy 2 bottles of 350ml per i started finding another brand. I tried Pantene,i was not really expecting a lot from it but i like it..its a bit cheaper compared to Dove..iv been using summer rescue shampoo and total damage care conditioner and im very happy wd d result..btw i tried a lot of shampoo and conditioner like moringa,tresseme,and d japanese brand w/c i forgot..they are terrible products esp tresemme w/c i really hated