Beauty and Your Health ~

Hi everyone!

So, as a pre-medical student in my years of studying in undergraduate and currently in graduate school, I have learned a lot not only about biological science but also how it is integrated with health and medicine.

I have realized (about time), that it's a bit unfair to only review and talk about skincare and haircare products because those can only partially help your skin and hair improve.
What really can make a difference is how you take care of yourself, in your nutrition, exercise, and health choices.

As some of you may or may not know, I am currently attending medical school courses in my graduate studies as I pursue my Master's and my goal is to work in the healthcare field (after accruing much needed knowledge and not-much needed debt). I have learned a lot in my medical courses and I wish to share the information and research that I learned. I am being taught at a pretty well-known medical school by with excellent research professors and physicians, some of which are world-renowned. So, if you are unsure about the documentary that you saw or what you see on TV or read online, perhaps this is a better and more trustworthy source of information.
Though, please keep in mind, I am not a physician. Also, while I am learned the latest information currently, in a few years the research and literature could change and find new things, so some of my information may become obsolete in future. However, I will try to give you information that has been strongly confirmed in medicine and medical research, that most likely will not change.

So in my "Beauty and Your Health" posts, I will talk about, "dieting", weight, nutrition, exercise, etc. and how you can learn more about your body, how your body works, and how you can best work with your body. lol, tongue-twister there. Of course, remember that I'm a student, if you want more information please see a healthcare professional such as your physician, nutritionist, dietitian, etc.

I believe that if you are a person who might have problems with your skincare, haircare, overall well-being, etc. this could help you improve your health and body. =)

Note: I prefer to say nutrition over diet, because I believe that diet has this connotation of losing weight, which is not what I'm trying to say. Losing weight may or may not be beneficial and it depends for each person. Of course, how much you consume of different products matters, but I don't want to tie this to an issue of weight. I'd rather focus on nutrition and the importance of eating a balanced meal.

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