Friday, November 30, 2012

Just a thought...

Hi Everyone, =D

So, this is just some random rambling by me, not very important haha

But, I've noticed that Bubzbeauty has been posting videos a lot more often recently.

I'm not promoting her or anything and she's not telling me to, etc.

Bubzbeauty is just one of my favorite Youtube makeup/skincare gurus and I am very happy that she has been working hard and posting a lot of videos lately!

Thank you Bubzbeauty! =)

Okay, see you guys later!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review on the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to review the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color in Color 150 Petal Pusher

This product costs about $4-6 and contains 0.31 fluid oz or 9.17 mL of product. It can be found at any drugstore such as Walgreen, Target, CVS, etc. and at Ulta.
The color that I bought is number 150 Petal Pusher.

What do I think of this product?
I rarely ever buy nailpolishes with color in them, I feel best wearing clear nailpolishes because they go well with anything! But my toenails are paler than my fingernails and I wanted a nail color that would give it some color and warmth.
Well, I kind of expected a pale skin pink color judging from the bottle, but it turned out to be really nude on my nails. I will be showing pictures later. If you don't like looking at toenails then, I'm sorry, but these were the only pictures I had. X(
It is true, the nail polish dries really really fast, which is a plus! But there were more downs than ups on this nail polish. =(
The color was wayyy too nude for me, my nails looked really washed out, pale, and sickly as if I was really cold and didn't have enough blood in my toes.
The formula is very very watery and thin. This makes it easy to apply a thin coat on but the formula is a little too watery that the pigment becomes separate from the solution and doesn't always give an even coat of color. You will see in a picture later that on the sides of my nail where gravity pulls downward, the color will separate from the rest of the solution.
It does not really tend to chip and overall I would call it decently long lasting. I don't wear sandals often so maybe that helps it from being chipped, but after 2 weeks, the edges do start chipping a little, but not enough to bother me.

Pictures, and yes, I will tell you and apologize ahead of time if you did not read carefully earlier. I do not like solid colors on my finger nails but I want to give color to my toes. So that is why I painted my toes. I am sorry if these pictures bother you but they are the only pictures I have. If you feel offended or disgusted by looking at toes, then you should just skip this part. Thank you.

 So as you can see, the color is kind of more yellow/nude on my nails than it looks on the bottle, which makes my toes look like they have no oxygen or blood in them. Opposite of what I wanted =P.

If you look closely, on the right side, the pigment of the nailpolish has separated because the formula is very watery and the color and solvent just separate when gravity pulls the rest of the solution downwards adn the color just stays up.

Do I recommend this nailpolish?
If you have really pale skin, then this nail polish may work better for you. But because of the very watery formula that does not give an even coat of color, I do not recommend this nail polish.

I do have 2 other colors of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish that I am working on currently, and it seems that the thickness of the formula depends on each color and it is not the entire brand that has the same formula consistency. I will definitely get back to you guys on my other colors!

Thank you for reading this review. Again, I am sorry if toe pictures bother you or gross you out. I plan to paint it on my fingernails just for you guys next time! =)
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! I will see you later!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Review on Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel! =)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have been well. =) I am finally back and will try to write as much as possible before finals overwhelm mee! XD

Today I will review the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Espresso!
This brow gel can be found at the Anastasia counter at Macy's or at Sephora. It costs about $21 and contains 0.32 oz of product.
This brow gel can be applied on the eyebrows alone or after filling the brows in with powder or pencil to keep the powder or pencil from smudging and fading.

It comes in 5 shades: blonde, caramel, brunette, espresso, and granite.

What do I think of this product?
I got the color in Espresso. I really really love this brow gel. I used to buy the $10 clear brow gels at Ulta, but those quickly expired and got really gross from applying onto my powder filled in brows and putting it back in the tube. The clear gel quickly became a dirty dusty brown. =/
However, this brow gel comes in color and a dark bottle, which I guess, makes me feel better even though I am still applying it on my filled brows and still putting it back in the bottle.
This definitely makes my brows thicker, darker, and more defined. It will not lengthen the brows like a mascara so you don't need to worry about that.
It is very long lasting, I have gone a whole day with it without worries and it dries quickly. It does not fade, flake, or smudge. The formula does not feel greasy or irritate my skin.
It is easy to remove with any kind of makeup remover. I just use my eye makeup remover, and it easily comes off.
Sometimes when I don't have time to fill in my brows but I still want them to look darker and more defined, I just use this on my eyebrows and it looks great! My brows are definitely darker and more defined which makes my eyes stand out more, but in a great natural way. =)

The wand/applicator looks much like a mascara applicator, but the coils of hair are more in-line and the brush applicator is quite soft.

But, there are a couple things to think about. The first is price. This is not cheap and costs just as much as brand named mascaras. Another thing is that you need to gently and lightly brush the gel onto your brows. If you put too much pressure, the color will not only tint your brows but also the skin underneath your eyebrows, creating dark splotches which can be difficult to fix. I try to use a Q-tip to wipe it off if that happens, but I have learned to apply lightly and gently to only my brows and not use so much pressure that I tint the brows and the skin.
I have used this for over a month and so far I have no problems with it. The formula is smooth and has not become clumpy or dry. I will update later if I see any problems or further benefits from it!

Do I recommend this product?
If the price does not bother you, then I definitely recommend this product! It works great alone and I have heard that many women with graying hair like to use it for the eyebrows, so they won't look so washed out.
It is great to use after filling in the brows to help the powder or brow pencil color last longer and prevent it from fading and smudging. The color is pigmented and the formula is smooth.

So I hope you liked this review =). If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cure can be found in Irvine, CA! =D (and some rambling =P)

Hi Everyone! =)

I am sorry for not posting much lately, it was Thanksgiving in the US and I went home to see my family, friends, and bf.
I really wanted to write reviews when I was there, but I was in such a rush to leave, I couldn't bring all the necessary equipment and materials =/.

I will try to post more, but finals are coming! Gahhh!
I have a paper due tomorrow and a quiz as well so I'll be back to you soon after tomorrow!

I hope that for those of you who celebrate the holiday, Thanksgiving, that you had lots of fun and ate lots of good food! I did! XD

On a quick note I would like to say that the Japanese exfoliating gel, CURE, can be found in the Tokyo Lifestyle store in the UTC mall at UCI (University of California Irvine).
It is a few dollars cheaper than getting it from Amazon and cheaper than Tokyo Lifestyle.

I really wanted to get it, but I already have a bottle at home so I need to finish that first! XP But I am so happy to find it much more accessible nearby where I live!
So if you live in the area, check it out! I also wrote a review on CURE which you can read here.

I hope this random piece of information was helpful to you. =P

I will talk to you soon!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review on NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils! =D

Hi Everyone!

I was busy last weekend with studying...=P. I studied for at least 9 hours each day since Friday for my physiology exam on Monday. And even on Monday I studied a good 5 hrs before the exam. So I was pretty tired yesterday. But, luckily it is Thanksgiving this week! While I still have work, I can sleep in now! XD

Today I will be reviewing NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencils

These pencils cost about $5. You can get them online at NYX or at Ulta.

I have 3 pencils:
-Strawberry Milk 605
-Yogurt 611
-Lavender 614

As you can see, the design of Lavender is different from the other 2 eye pencils. This is because this was one of the originals that came out before the next generation of NYX jumbo pencils were produced.

Swatches will be shown at the end of this post!

What do I think of these products?
So, I have heard about the rave about these eye pencils and how creamy, pigmented, and long lasting they are etc. And I decided to try them out! I have been using these pencils for a few months now.
This product does not irritate or harm my eyes in any way. I don't feel stinging or itchiness.
The product is very soft and creamy and glides on my eyelid or lashline without much pressure or effort. It does not pull and tug on my eyelids which is great because I won't get premature wrinkles! Also, the product is easy to blend. I like blending it in with my fingers because the warmth of my fingers will help soften and spread the product more easily.
With my shades of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil I find the colors pretty pigmented and very shimmery. The product gives an even color when applied and blended. When light does not shine on them, I can see the color clearly. But because they are so shimmery in the light, they almost look all the same, with an undertone of their own colors. Lavender is thicker than Strawberry Milk and Yogurt and has more of an opaque finish. Yet, Lavender can be a little less smooth and more chunky.
However, I cannot apply the product onto my eyelids, because my eyelids are oily so the cream shadows crease very easily and quickly. I have to use an eye primer first before putting this product on, which is a bit annoying. Because of this, I do not use this product as a base for other eyeshadows, because they would crease as well. When I use this on my waterline, it also fades quickly.
But I really like using this on the inner corner of my eyes to brighten my eyes and on my lower lashline to make my eyes brighter and bigger. =) Using it these two ways works very well for me and the color lasts all day without smudging! ^_^
The large size of the pencil doesn't really bother me, and if I need to do some detail work. I would get a small detail brush or an eyeliner brush, dab it on the pencil, and then apply to where I need to on my eyes.

Do I recommend this product?
If you do not have oily eyelids, I recommend this as a very quick and easy way to put on eyeshadow for the day or as an eyeshadow base and if you do have oily eyelids, you probably have to use a primer before.
Overall, I really like these jumbo pencils, they are affordable, very soft and creamy, and can really make my eyes stand out. While they are not color pigmented in daylight (as in, distinguishable colors), I don't really mind because I'm looking for more shimmer than color. I recommend this as a great product to try out, especially for beginners in makeup.

Here are some swatches of my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils:

This was done on a paper towel for you to see the colors of the eye pencils better. While you can tell the colors clearly apart from one another on the paper towel, it is harder to tell on the skin.

This is a swatch on my hand, I probably did about 3 strokes for each eye pencil and you can see that Lavender is more opaque and thick than the other 2 eye pencils. The next 2 pictures will have the swatches in the same order, as this picture, so please keep that in mind. I just felt too tired to label every picture three times. =P

 So, this swatch (right above) on my skin, away from direct light. Without direct light you can tell the colors apart and they look pretty pigmented.

And this swatch on my skin shows the colors in direct light. In direct light, they are very shimmery and reflective, so it is harder to tell the difference between the colors. Strawberry Milk and Yogurt almost look the same. If I apply a sheer layer on my eyes, I can't even tell the difference. If I apply it a little thicker, it is only a little bit more noticeable, and has more of the color undertone than showing the color pigmentation itself.

So I hope this review was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! =) Thank you for reading and I will be back later! ^_^

Saturday, November 17, 2012

On buying clothes from Yesstyle and other Asian Clothes Sellers Online!

Hey guys!

So today I'd like to talk about clothes that people buy online (mostly Asian clothes), including the very popular Yesstyle!

Note: Everything in the video is almost the exact same thing in this blog post. This is just written for your convenience and so you don't have to keep on re-watching parts =P.

Here is a  video of my thoughts, I don't think it is as detailed goes into as depth as my post, but it gives the main points.

I recently saw this picture: (you can click on it, to expand)
And I felt I had to talk about this..."issue"...people had with Yesstyle and other Asian clothes and brands.

First of all, I would like to say, this is my personal opinion, and I am not here to insult anyone or say that I am right, this is what I think. =) Also, this reasoning applies to fashion and clothing for both sexes.
This comes from my personal experience with buying clothes with international shipping from Asian, and I will say, I have made quite a few mistakes.

1) Okay, so when buying clothes, especially online and internationally, you have to know your body very well. Not only just your measurements, but also your proportions, as well as your build and the amount of muscle and fat you have.
Not everyone can wear anything, things look best on people with certain body types. If something doesn't work with you, find something that does. Don't try to wear something you can't, otherwise you won't look good and the clothes will be wearing you!

So, if you look at the picture above, almost all of these guys kind of fail with knowing their body. Look at the mannequin, and the mannequin body. Okay, now look at their body. Is there a resemblance?...Yeah, I don't think so.
Just because something looks cool on a mannequin, does not mean it will look cool on you. I'm sorry, but it's kind of like a fact of life. Not everything will fit you and it's okay. You just have to understand yourself and find what is best for you.

2) So, a very common and popular thing in Asia, is that people like to buy clothes in sets. For example, for a girl, it would be a skirt, top, accessories, and maybe socks. They do that, because stylists have already matched the clothes to the best accessories, and it looks very nice. If you look at all the mannequin in the picture above, you would say they look pretty good. And it's just not because the one piece of clothes they sell looks great, it's also because of what goes with it.
The people in the picture above, have worn the clothes they bought, with things that don't look good with the outfit. I mean...crew neck T....really? -___-
In order to rock a jacket or a shirt that you bought, you need it to be well complimented by the rest of your clothes. You can't just wear whatever with it and expect to look like a model from a fashion magazine or a really hot guy or girl.
Also, another thing about the clothes, the way the clothes is worn on the mannequin displays its best features. For example, if you see a jacket, open all the way, or half zipped up on a mannequin, it looks good right? That probably means it looks best that way. Some clothes just don't look very good if you wear them buttoned all the way up, or only look good half way up and that's just kind of the way it is. It just does not look the same or as attractive in a different way sometimes. This of course, depends on your tastes, if you like wearing something a different way, then that's cool too. Just don't have the expectation that when you wear a jacket or a button top that it will look great in all the ways it can be worn, because sometimes it just looks good when worn in certain ways.

3) Think also about the Asian market and how sellers sell to buyers in Asia. Their main consumers are Asian people. And what types of bodies do most Asian people have? I will tell you.
For girls, it's usually, no hips, no butt, no boobs, really skinny, with slender arms and legs.
For guys, similar, slim guys with no butt, not much body mass, less muscle, and less definition. I am not being insulting or racist, I'm Asian too okay and I have many Asian friends and I have been to Taiwan, Japan, and China.
The majority of Asians have this body type so companies will cater to this body type.

So what does a Asian girl want? More curves, more definition. Also, because they are so slim and slender, a pop of color to make their frail bodies stand out.
To do that, they have poofy skirts, striped clothes, many ruffles, and especially a lot of layers.

What do Asian guys want? More edge, more definition, broader shoulders, and in general a bigger body.
To do that, Asian companies make more flashier clothes, that are pretty edgy and out there in style. They have military styled clothes to emphasize on the shoulders and also give an illusion of a bigger torso by having a slimming effect that is very body fitting that tapers towards the end. They also like layers to increase size and usually tighter clothes for a more defined look.

If you are not a person with such a body type, chances are it's not going to work.

I'm Chinese but I happen to have a skinny waste but larger hips and butt that most Asians and I still have a small chest. This means, really fluffy, lacy, layered skirts (which emphasize the waist and hips) are very unflattering on me, because it would balloon my hips and make them look way to large.
I also have a shorter leg to torso ratio because i have a long slender torso, but stockier and more muscular legs. Which means, I cannot wear colorful leggings, or striped socks or leggings because it would make me look shorter, stockier, and fatter.

4) Finally, another problem is advertising. Pictures, mannequin, and models all have great photography, lighting, makeup, etc. They are standing still and at the best angles. Even if you do all those things I said earlier, you may look good but don't be disappointed if you don't look exactly perfectly like the model or manikin okay?

Some Tips to Help You!

1) Be very wary when shopping online, especially in China and other Asian places. You don't know the quality of the products, how it will feel on your skin, and how thin or thick these products are. I'm not saying don't buy them, but look and think carefully. A good tip is to buy one reasonably priced item, and see if you like it or not. Don't buy something too expensive or don't buy too many things.

2) Again, know your body. Know your torso to leg proportion especially because that can really make it or break it. Clothes can make you look fatter and shorter when you're really not. If you are not sure, just go into a store, and try on a bunch of clothes. Take pictures in the fitting rooms if you want to and take a look at them later and show them to your friends. Initially, you may not see a difference, but you will later, and your friends can see things you don't notice. And if you are a guy, preferably a girl who is your friend, because, generally I believe they are more experienced when it comes to clothes. =P

3)What if you still want to wear those clothes? Okay, there are 2 things you can do.
First, you can change your a limited extent. And I'm not saying plastic surgery or something like that. Both guys and girls can tone up and slim down by going to the gym and eating a less carby diet. This can definitely help you, but please remember, your natural body is about 80% genetics, so if you want a more drastic change, you need to work hard. I mean really hard. And if telling you this, already sets you back, then you just don't have the motivation to do it. If you really want to do, you can do. You just need to really want to.
And I have seen people do this. I have seen people who are more genetically chubbier and hard to get muscle, get broad shoulders, 6 packs, and look really good and defined. It works and it happens. You just have to make it happen. Same for you ladies out there, if you want to healthily, loose weight and get a better figure, you can do it, if you put your mind to it =).
Second, match the clothes with something different. If a top makes you look short, try a bottom that makes you look taller so it will even out your proportion. Heels can make a world's difference to a girl's proportions and makes me look perfect! (at least to me haha) Mix and match with the clothes you have with the clothes you buy and you can possibly make it work for you!

4) If it is difficult for you to shop online, but you still want to. Try to go online where there are human models and not mannequin. Some websites have models, others use regular people. But using people for clothing models gives you a more realistic idea of what it looks like on you, especially if that human model has a similar body type to you.

Fashion is not easy. It takes a lot of time to know what goes with your body, with your style, and with your clothes. I have been there before and it took me a while to figure things out. But hey, you have time to play. And, remember, when you see something you really like, hold back, and think about it. Is it right for you? And it's okay if you pass it by, there will definitely be more opportunities in the future! =D

So I hope you enjoyed this video/post and maybe got some ideas or help. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below =). Thank you for watching/reading and I will see you later!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review on the Ole Henriksen The Naked Truth Kit

Hi Everyone!

Today I will review The Naked Truth kit by Ole Henriksen

This kit costs about $20 at sephora.
This set has a 0.25 oz truth crème™ advanced hydration and a 0.5 oz truth serum™ collagen booster 
This product is said to smoothen the skintone, firm the skin with collagen, and hydrates the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The serum has antioxidants and moisture-binding properties for hydration. the creme is for hydration and gives a more even complexion.
There are no parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, GMOs, and petrochemicals.

What do I think of this product?
I have used this kit for a little over a month. I have almost finished it so it probably lasts about a month. I use this kit once a day, at night before I go to bed.
For the serum I use 3 pumps for my face. 1 pump for my forehead and 1 pump on each side of my face below my forehead including my nose and mouth area. And then I dot the cream on my face and massage it everywhere. The serum has a light and smooth consistency, it does not feel oily or sticky. The cream is light and smooth and glides onto my face easily.
The serum has a kind of orange scent and the creme, no offense, reminds me of goo-gone, a glue remover for wood furniture and has a sharp, chemical, citrus scent that is unpleasant to me. Sorry, but this really smells like this to me, I don't know why! ><
If I exfoliate before using this serum and cream, the sensitive areas of my skin will sting and get red when I use these products. But if I just wash my face without exfoliation, it does not sting as much. The stinging and redness, is a bit of a problem, no one likes it when he/she uses a product and that happens, but I kind of ignored it and over time, the stinging did lessen, but still happened. =/
To be truthful, I did not seem much of a difference after using this product for over a month. It did not seem to smoothen my skin, firm it, or brighten it. It did feel hydrating, which was nice, and it tightened my pores a little bit. But there was no significant change that made me radiant, glow, or make my skin clearer. I have some random spots and freckles, which did not go away. However, if you read the reviews on Sephora, they are mostly either 25-30 year old or even more people that are around 45 years old. I am 21 years old, and I don't have a lot of fine lines and wrinkles currently, except a bit around my eyes. So, maybe this was not the right time for me to try this product. Perhaps I would show greater improvement and change if I used this product if I was older. I don't know.

Do I recommend this product?
I think, if you are an older person, probably in your mid 30s or older, I recommend this as a good product to try. It is just a small, try-out kit, so you would not waste as much money than if you bought the regular sizes. Maybe it will work better for older people with older and more damaged skin and want to help improve their skin.
If you are a young adult, around my age, I would not go for this. Because you skin is still young, firm, and wrinkle free, you probably won't get much of a difference if you used this. Of course, you are free to try, just don't expect much or as much as most people rave about.

Thank you so much for reading this review. =) If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! I will talk to you guys later! ^_^

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review on "The Body Shop" Vitamin E Eye Cream!

Hi Everyone!

I hope for those in the USA, had a great 3 day weekend =). I had a wonderful weekend with my bf and now I'm back for work and school. =P

Today I will be reviewing "The Body Shop" Vitamin E Eye Cream
This product costs $18. I got mine at "The Body Shop" store but you can definitely find it online as well. It contains 15mL or 0.5 fluid oz of product and I have been using this product for about 2 months.

What do I think of this product?
I decided to try this after I thought "The Body Shop" Aloe Eye Defense was not hydrating enough for my skin. The consistency is very thin and smooth. It is easy to massage into and around the delicate skin around the eyes. It does not feel oily or sticky. This product does not irritate my sensitive skin in any way and feels soothing. 
I think this does a better job than the Aloe Eye Defense in terms of hydrating and moisturizing my skin. My skin does not feel as dry afterwards, but sometimes it can get a little dry, and I will apply a bit more. It helps with moisturization, and fine lines but does not do anything for me for puffiness and dark circles. I kind of expected this because cream-based eye products are not as penetrating and intense as a serum, so it wouldn't do much for eye puffiness and dark circles anyway.
The skin around my eyes easily absorbs the Vitamin E eye cream and does not form little balls of cream as if it was solidifying like the Aloe Eye Defense. I can layer and apply more without worrying about rubbing the cream off!
Overall, I really like it. I just wish it wasn't that expensive, because this product will only last about 2 months for me and I use it twice a day, every morning and night. So, a year's cost is about $120! O_O Which is a use of money. =P I would like to try something more affordable, hopefully!

Do I recommend this product?
If you do not mind the cost, I do recommend this product for any skin type especially if your skin tends to be dry and if you want to prevent fine lines.
Overall, I think it is a pretty good eye cream for dry skin and fine lines. If you are looking for something to reduce puffiness and dark circles though, this is not the product for you.

I hope you liked this review and it was helpful to you! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading! =D

Monday, November 5, 2012

Review on the St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have been well. =)

Today I will review the St. Ives Apricot Scrub
It an exfoliating cleanser that is supposed to help control blemishes and blackheads. It is said to be oil-free, with salicylic acid medication with 100% natural exfoliants. It contains 2% salicylic acid.
I only bought the travel size version but the regular size is not expensive and can be found at many drugstores such as CVS, Walgreens, Target, and maybe at Ulta.

What do I think of this scrub?
I bought a travel size, so that if I didn't like it, I wouldn't be wasting too much money. And I am glad I bought the travel size to try out.
I like the smell of this scrub it is sweet and fresh but not sharp or strong.
However, I found the exfoliating scrub to be very rough and harsh on my skin. The exfoliants in the scrub were of different shapes and sizes and irritated my normal and sensitive skin areas. The exfoliating beads were probably different shapes and sizes because they're probably natural sand or something. But my skin was not happy with me at all. Even if I tried as gently as possible to wash my face with this, my skin would hurt and get red and raw. =( The ratio of exfoliants to cream cleaners was rather high and there were a lot of tiny exfoliants that felt very rough and gritty on my face.
I tried only a couple of times, but stopped because I couldn't take it anymore. >< I think this is a good body scrub but not for my face.

Here are a few pictures of the cleanser:

As you can see, the exfoliants or exfoliating beads are not smooth in shape and are roughly textured.
Also, comparing the amount of exfoliants to the cream part of the cleanser, there are a lot of sand-like exfoliants.

Do I recommend this product?
I do not recommend this scrub to anyone with sensitive, thin, and/or dry skin. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone at all, but if you want to try it maybe it will work better if you have thick, tougher, and less sensitive skin. It did not work for me and it irritated my skin so I just don't like it. =/
Just be really careful if you want to buy it and use it.

I hope you liked this review and found it useful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box belw. ^_^ Thank you for reading and I will see you soon! =D

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hairstyling videos!

Hey guys!

So I was on Youtube and I saw 2 videos of 2 hairstyles that I have never seen before! I think they are very unique and I would like to share them with you. =)

The first video shows a look and a hairstyle, but if you go towards the end of the video, you can see her create a really cute, little less than shoulder length hairstyle, almost like a long bob, from her long hair! And I thought that was pretty amazing. XD
(I know it says plastic surgery makeup tutorial, not the thing i'm advocating, i'm taking about the hairstyle at the end of the video!)

The second video is a hair straightening video without hot tools! And this was a very interesting and intriguing idea by this young you-tuber. I naturally have straight hair, but I was surprised and impressed by the way she did it! Take a look!

So for those of you looking for a cute short hairstyle but don't want to cut of your lovely long locks or for those of you who want to straighten your hair without heat; I hope these 2 videos are helpful!

I do not own any of these videos or know these people. I just found them on Youtube and would like to share the videos with you all! Thank you to the 2 you-tubers for your videos! I thought they were very unique and helpful!

Thanks for reading/watching and I will be back later!=D

Note: The reason that they are in the "random helpful stuff =P" tab and not the "hairstyle" tab is that I don't want to give any ideas that these videos are my videos or show my ideas or anything. But I do find them very helpful!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Review on the Revlon Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener

Hi Everyone!

Hope you had a good Halloween! I did haha.

Here are a couple more pictures of what I dressed up for Halloween! I was a vampire!

Anyway, back to the topic =P

Today I will review the Revlon Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener

This product costs abouth $10. You can get it at any drugstore or from Ulta.
This product is supposed to be used as a primer for eyeshadow and/or as an under eye brightener to conceal dark circles.

What do I think of this product?
I got this product because I saw Bubzbeauty use it once in a makeup tutorial. I got the the color 003. The dispenser is a brush that gets filled with product when you twist the bottom.
So, I have not used this as an eye primer because my Too Faced primer is very good and I don't need another eyeprimer. I tried this on my dark circles under my eyes and on my fine lines around my mouth and redness around my mouth.
I found this eye brightener too light for my skin tone and it was also pinkish in color. And my undertone is yellow, so that did not match well at all.
The biggest problem for me was that it smelled really strongly of paint, or of some synthetic chemical that was not pleasant. =/
While the consistency is okay, it does not blend well for my skin and the texture is kind of gooey. It has very thin layers and it is hard to build and layer up. Because it spreads out so thinly, it has a hard time concealing dark circles. Also, because it does not blend well out into my skin, it looks like pale pink patches on my face. It tends to crease where my fine lines are and doesn't do anything for me overall.

Here are a few swatches:

 I'm not sure if you can tell how pink-toned this is but you can tell that it is much lighter than my skin tone.

The picture above and below this sentence, you can see I did a bit of blending in the upper right corner, but it doesn't blend well, and is kind of like a light patch on my skin.

To show you how pink-toned this product is, I have a yellow-toned concealer next to it (the next one that i will review, currently working on). The contrast between the pink-toned Revlon eye brightener is really shown here. However, the yellow-toned one is not as yellow as it looks like in the picture. It may be the lighting or the fact that the two colors are strongly contrasting each other, the colors are more intense than they look in reality.

Do I recommend this product?
I don't recommend this product to anyone unless you are a pink undertone with very pale skin and don't have strong dark circles.
This product has a light pink tone, has a consistency that is too thin and sheer so it can't conceal. It also is not very buildable or blendable.
Better spend your money somewhere go get a meal at In-n-Out or something. XP

So I hope this review was helpful for you. =) If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading!