Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Review on "The Body Shop" Aloe Eye Defense gel-creme

Hi Everyone!

Today I will be reviewing "The Body Shop" Aloe Eye Defense
The product cost about $18 online or in The Body Shop store.
It contains 15mL or 0.5 fluid oz of product of eye-gel cream.
This product is said to moisturize and sooth the skin around the eyes and made for people with sensitive skin.
It is ophthalmologically tested and is fragrance free, color free, and alcohol free. There are not added preservatives and it is fine for contact-lens wearers.

What do I think about this product?
So I have been using this eye gel-cream for about 4 months and even though I initially loved it (as I said my Aloe Skincare Line Sample Review) there are a couple problems I am having with it.
The pros are that it does not irritate my sensitive skin. It decreases swelling, redness, and irritation. It feels light and smooth and I don't need a lot for my eyes and I use it twice a day after I wash my face. I love the container. It comes in a cute pump form and you can easily pump out whatever amount you want depending on the pressure that you apply to the pump. It is hygienic and this pump will let you use up all of the product! None will be wasted! You can see as the bottom layer rises to the top as you use it and it will really hit the top when there is no cream left.
However, I have noticed that every time I put it on, my eyes actually feel dryer than more moisturized. I first thought I didn't put enough on or maybe most of it was evaporating, so I put on more, but it didn't change. I would feel a cooling effect after application (which is the evaporation part), but then my eyes would feel a bit stretched and dry and I don't know why. It feels dry before I put on eye cream and after I put on eye cream. So it is as if it does nothing when it comes to moisturization. I was really confused and I still feel really confused. I even got a 2nd one just in case it was because my skin had to adjust to it or something, but nope, I still felt dry after using this.
It is possible that it is just not moisturizing enough for me, which is sad, because I really like the product and it is relatively more affordable than other eye brands that are good. Also, because I feel dry after using the eye cream, my fine lines become even more apparent and get more wrinkly during the day because they are not properly moisturized. =_=.....T_T
And initially I felt it was moisturizing too, but maybe I was just too excited or something XP.
Another thing is that, sometimes when I put on more eye cream than usual (to try to compensate the dryness), I will rub my eye and these little rolls/balls of cream will form as I apply friction to my skin. (Just like when you rub your hands together and dirt stuff comes off.) This is annoying because then I have to spend time wiping all the cream residues away and if I wipe too hard, more will form. This is annoying and weird....I don't know what else to say =P. It is possible that the cream settles into my fine lines and when I rub my eyes, it comes out. But if this is true, then this eye cream doesn't do its job of moisturization and getting rid of fine lines....=(
So, I am not saying this is a bad product, I actually think it is a good product, but maybe it doesn't work well with my skin.

Do I recommend this product?
The answer is I don't know...I recommend this product as a good product to try for all skin types because I know it won't irritate anyone's skin. However, if you have very very dry skin, then this may not be for you. A good way to know is to try a sample of it at The Body Shop or ask for a sample of it to take home and use. I did that too, and it took a while before I got more negative effects.
I actually have oily eye lids which is weird because then I wouldn't need much moisturization. The fact that my eyelids feel drier after using the cream, means that maybe the cream is taking moisture away from my eyelids....I don't know...
Now, there are tons of reviews on this eye cream and they are like 98% positive with great feedback. Which means that it works for the majority of the population. As a gamble, this is worth it to try and if it works for you then great! I'm jealous haha because now I have to find a replacement. I recently got a sample from The Body Shop for their Vitamin E eyecream and I am liking that so far, so maybe I'll buy that one next!

So I hope this review was helpful to you! If you have any questions or comments (to please tell me that I'm not weird, because I feel like the only person having problems with this eye cream XO), then feel free to write in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you later! =)

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