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Review on "The Body Shop" Aloe Skincare Line

Hi peoples! =D

So, the little story for this week is about "The Body Shop"!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a mall and my skin felt very dry but I didn't bring my moisturizer! XO oh no! And I really wanted to rehydrate my skin before it started getting ugly and flaky =/.
So I walked into The Body Shop. It was a shop that I didn't know and I passed by all the time, stared at it sometimes. Always felt that it was too expensive or high class for a person like me to go and buy stuff in. But i was desperate! XD
And I asked a salesclerk for a moisturizer sample for sensitive skin. And she said: sure!
She started getting all of these little containers out and i looked at my bf like: O_o...?
Then she started filling them with all sorts of stuff and told me she was giving me samples from their Aloe Sensitive Skincare Line and I was like, okay, sure! haha, I originally came just to take some free moisturizer for my face for the day and I go back home with a bagfull of samples! Yay for free samples and good service! lol
So, I was given these samples I was not sent these samples by the company or paid to review them or anything like that. Completely random surprise =P.
(I talked with a friend of mine later and she told me that The Body Shop was really big on the East coast, UK, and Hong Kong.)

So here are the samples from the Aloe Vera Skincare Line (made for sensitive skin):

(free jars for later use too yay! XD)

So I got:
-aloe body butter (largest jar)
-aloe calming facial cleanser
-aloe gentle toner
-aloe day cream
-aloe night cream
-aloe eye defense
-aloe protective serum
-aloe gentle exfoliator
-aloe protective restoring mask

whew! yeah..lots of stuff eh? haha, not a bad thing, just something I don't get everyday. =P

I tried these products for at most 2 weeks, the ones I didn't like, obviously, stopped using earlier.
For technical information, such as price and product amount etc. I won't write it here. This is going to be a super long review and I only got samples so I don't know cost, mass, price, etc. You can search it up online at their website, it is very informative. I would say though that each of these products at regular size is about $20ish or more. They all are frangrance-free and would only have a slight tinge of aloe-ness if any.
Note: Because these products are pricy and everyone's skin is different, if I do recommendations, please go to the store and ask them for a sample! They are very kind and will probably do so!

Okay, now onto the reviewing!!! =D

Review on the Aloe Body Butter:
This cream is very rich and very dense and heavy. It is rather thick and you should warm it up with clean hands before application. It moisturizes very well and is very long lasting.
Personally, it's not my type of moisturizer, I don't like thick and dense moisturizers, I like ones with thinner smoother consistency. It is pricy so I won't be buying it.
But it works well and is very moisturizing, because it's so dense and rich, a little goes a long way and you don't need to apply a lot which can make this last for a while!
Do I recommend the body butter?
If you don't mind or you like dense rich creams, then you should try this! If you're like me and like more sheer/light consistency body lotions then you might want to find something else.

Review on the Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser:
This cleanser has a very light and smooth consistency. It is supposed to calm redness and irritation and it does do that. My redness on my face has been reduced and I don't have any negative affects with this cleanser, it works well. It doesn't lather into a foam but stays as it is, feeling cream-like and slippery on the face as you wash.
Personally, I like facial cleansers that lather into a foam. Makes me feel as if it's doing something, lol, dunno. And I'm also very happy with my Shiseido cleansers which are the same price or cheaper. So I won't be buying it.
Do I recommend the facial cleanser?
If you have sensitive red-prone, irritated-prone skin, then I think this is good to try. =) It just doesn't fit my preference, so if it doesn't matter to you that it doesn't foam up, then go for it!

Review on the Aloe Gentle Toner:
This is one of my favorite products and yes, I recently bought a regular sized one haha. I really really like this toner! It does not make my skin feel dry or tight or red. I don't feel irritation or dryness when using and when it's drying. You don't need a lot, for your face, just use your cotton ball efficiently! It works very well, removing any extra cleanser left on my face, preparing my face for moisturizer but keeping it hydrated enough so I'm not feeling like a goldfish out of water XP.
Do I recommend the toner?
Yes! I think this is great for all skin types, especially if you tend to get dry quickly after cleanser or using a toner. I really really like this and will probably use this toner from now on. It is a perfect replacement for my Neutrogena alcohol-free toner which was not good on my skin(which I did a review on).

Review on the Aloe Day Cream:
I was given the one w/o SPF because the lady knew I had sensitive skin and she said: one less thing in there, the better! haha. I like the consistency of this cream, it is very light, smooth and hydrating. It does look a little shiny on the face at first, but if you applied a thin even layer, it should absorb well. It spreads very well so you don't need a lot for your face. It also does reduce redness around my mouth. I do need to reapply when it gets dry and windy but I always have a small jar with me and it's portable. I am a little worried because sometimes when I apply it, I get a slight burning sensation, I wonder if it's just me or what...dunno, just saying. =P Because it is so pricey and my Aveeno Baby moisturizer works just as well or if not even better for like nearly 1/3 of the cost or something. I won't buy it. I'm not a rich person...yet...haha. Though I will definitely keep this cream in mind when I can afford it and when I need something stronger for my sensitive dry skin.
Do I recommend this moisturizer?
Yes, but like I said earlier, ask for a sample! This works well for people who have sensitive skin and/or  prone to dryness. Very hydrating and I really like the thin smooth consistency!

Review on the Aloe Night Cream:
This is one of my favorite products too! I did not buy it because of the price sadly =(. But it is something I will also definitely keep in mind when I can buy something like it! This consistency is a little thicker and richer than the day cream. It should be haha, our bodies do recovery at night when we sleep so a richer formula is best during rest. Even though it is creamier and thicker the consistency feels great! so smooth! I like it a lot! It does calm down the angry redness in my face after a day's worth of battling the daily air! XD It does not feel sticky or heavy, it feels good =)
Do I recommend this moisturizer?
Yes! It is fantastic! I would totally buy this if I wasn't a poor college student haha. I can only splurge so much on skincare and makeup. =P It's very hydrating and calming. When I put this on, I feel like my skin is reviving from the long day!

Review on Aloe Eye Defense:
Another favorite! And yes, I did buy this one! Now you're probably wondering why did I buy this eyecream when I already have a really good one (which is my Dermadoctor)? This is why: First, for the same amount, it is cheaper by $10. Second, I am not saying Dermadoctor eye revenge is bad, it is a very good product (you can see in my review), but I felt it was not for my age and skin type yet. I believe it is more of a treatment for older women and it is also a lot richer than what my skin needs now. I can always go and buy this when the skin around my eyes needs something stronger. If I started out with a  strong one and needed a better one, I would be in trouble. All I needed was a moisturizer and I also don't have wrinkles. So, I tried this and love it! This is a light-weight gel-like cream. It feels very hydrating and it is definitely non-irritating! My eyes really like it and it reduces the fine lines that form when I smile alot!
Do I recommend this eye cream?
Yes! If you are around 40 years old and younger I suggest an eye cream like this. It is hydrating and makes my skin soft. It still will reduce fine lines! I can visibly see a change on my face after application! So it works for fine lines and dry sensitive skin! I definitely recommend you to try this! It is a great product!

Review on Aloe Protective Serum:
This product feels has a light and creamy-gel consistency, which is favorable. However, it irritated my skin. The skin around my mouth and nose felt like it was burning and stinging. I used this serum with and without exfoliating cleansing with the same effect. Therefore, after using it twice I didn't use it anymore. I have never used a cream serum before, I usually use serums in a hydrating mask form.
Do I recommend this serum?
I don't know about this. Because my skin reacted negatively to this product. And my skin is dry and sensitive which is what it is supposed to be made for, and being pretty impressed with most of the products I was a bit disappointed in this one. I'm very happy with "My Beauty Diary" serum hydrating masks (which I did a review on) and they are more affordable so I'm sticking with those. If you want to try I suggest you ask for a sample for  this one for sure! But if it works for you then great!

Review on Aloe Gentle Exfoliator:
I was actually pretty disappointed with this product. It is supposed to be gentle and made for sensitive skin. However, the exfoliating grains felt very rough on my skin and the granules felt very uneven, overall and individually. Even if I was gently massaging my face with it, it felt painful and like it was scratching my face. The areas around my nose and mouth were red and felt raw. I used this once and stopped immediately.
Do I recommend this exfoliator?
No, sorry. I don't recommend it. It does not feel nice to me and there are drugstore brand exfoliators that feel better and work better than this, so don't get it. It's not worth your money, time, and skin!

Review on Aloe Protective Restoring Mask:
This is not one of those clay drying masks that harden, it's a hydrating cream mask which needs to be washed off after use. I'm not used to these kinds of masks but I decided to try it anyway. It is very hydrating with a nice smooth thin consistency. I could only use it once because the sample was so small, but I didn't have any negative affects for first time use. There was no irritation and redness, so that was good.
Personally, I'm not used to these kinds of masks, and I really like the ones from "My Beauty Diary" and again they are more affordable, so I'll be sticking to those.
Do I recommend this mask?
Well, I'm not sure. Because, I've only used it once. And you can't really see any possible problems and affects after only using it once. There were not immediate negative affects but it's not a product I know well. I think this is a good product to try out though if you like these kinds of masks and would like to hydrate your skin more.

Dang, I talked a lot! XD haha
This was a super long post. I'm sorry if I made you tired or burned your eyes because of this X(. But individually they're not that long, they just add up =P.
I hope my review helped anyone with dry and/or sensitive skin looking for products to try from The Body Shop. If you have any questions or comments feel free to say anything in the comment box below. =) I would be more than happy to help you with anything!
Thank you for reading and have an awesome day!


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