Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's talk about Finishing Powder!

Hi everyone!! It know it's been a bit since my last post. I'm currently vising my bf since he went to study abroad last quarter so we have been hanging out a lot recently =)

Okay! So, finishing powder or finishing veil is supposed to be a light, very powdery translucent powder. It is made to keep foundation and/or concealer to last longer; preventing it from sliding or smearing off the skin.
This is usually recommended if you have oily skin, if you are wearing make up for a long time, for a night out (b/c clubbing and dancing can definitely cause makeup to melt), or if you are in a humid environment.
For dry skin, depending how dry your skin is, I think it is okay to put on finishing powder as long as you don't accidentally microexfoliate the skin because that would cause your skin to shed and give a flaky appearance, which is not good....
For "kinds of finishing powders", they should all be translucent, I don't think I've heard or seen one that has certain shades to them, though they might look slightly pink or whitish. The point is to create a seal for the makeup not to add anymore color or anything.

Applying Finishing Powder!
Okay, so I have seen many ways people apply finishing powder. And I suppose from a professional's standpoint there is a correct way of doing it, and most people are actually doing it wrong.
A lot of people get their powder brush, dip it into the powder, and lightly dust it on the face and/or buff it into the skin. Apparently, (again from a professional's standpoint or i guess common sense) that has the tendency to push and wipe the foundation and/or concealer off, making the skin have an uneven appearance and color.
Now if you apply it the "wrong way" and nothing bad happens and you don't see your makeup being wiped off or streaks forming or something, I think it doesn't matter that much, i think it's okay. If it works for you, then that's good right =) I don't use foundation and I just use small amounts of concealer so it doesn't happen to me. I suppose it depends on the amount of foundation and/or concealer you decide to use, a thicker layer would be more likely to be messed up if you start wiping it with a powder brush.
Apparently, a powder brush is meant to knock off excess powder, not put on powder.
For the professional or correct way to apply finishing powder, there are two ways I know. (credits to gossmakeupartist)
1st way: using a Powderpuff
First, you get a powderpuff and dab it into the powder, pat it on the back of your hand or fold it in half and rub it. Next you take the puff and press it into the skin (NO rubbing or anything), just pat and press into the skin gently. Finally, you get your powder brush and lightly knock all of the excess powder off!
This is a good way for people who tend to accidentally put too much powder on their face, which gives a miss-cake-face appearance.
2nd way: using the Powder brush (more correctly)
First you dab the brush into the powder and lightly tap off the excess. Next you lightly press and roll the the flat side of the brush into the skin and roll. You continuously press and roll. And your're done! If you feel you put too much just get a clean powder brush and again lightly brush off the excess.

So now you're like uhhh, this sounds confusing. Yes, I'm sorry if I have confused you, but don't worry! Here is an excellent tutorial by gossmakeupartist that shows the correct application techniques:

This was a pretty short post, finishing powders are pretty straightfoward: "finishing" "powder" haha, you know. But if I was unclear on anything or you have more questions, feel free to comment and I will get back t you!

Talk to you all later! =D

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