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Review on Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and Too Faced Shadow Insurance! ^_^

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I hope that your day good b/c mine was frustrating =P, but things happen, and life continues XP

Today will be a review on two eyeshadow/eye primers that I have tried for quite a while.

This is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:

Specifically this is the one I have
This is Eden, and I believe I got this as a free sample in one of my purchases about 6 months ago.
It is 10mL or 0.34 US oz and it has a pale light tan/peach color to it.
If you buy this I believe it is around $18.
The product is applied by pulling a stick from the hard bottle with a foam applicator at the tip, which is directly applied to the eyelids.

As you know, primers are supposed to allow the makeup, in this case eyeshadow, adhere better to the skin, last longer, and prevent creasing.
And this just does all of that. The Urban Decay primer potion is fantastic! It keeps my eyeshadow lasting for long long periods of time and helps prevent creasing! I have oily eyelids so creasing is definitely an issue for me! You only need a small amount on your lids, it can be a bit hard to blend, so if you have this issue, then lightly and quickly spread it over your lids after application.
The only issue that I personally have with it, is that it is highly highly pigmented. The cream color is very strong, so if you apply too much, the primer creates a colored area. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if you want coverage on your eyelids for veins then you don't have to use a concealer and can just double up this primer as a concealer, a nude base, and of course, a primer.
I just have more tan skin, so it shows up really strongly on me, which I don't really like.
Also, the applicator stick isn't very hygienic b/c it is directly applied onto the eyes, and you're constantly taking the stick in and out of the tube, exposing it to air, dust, etc. I guess you could put it on clean fingers and then put it onto the eyes, but that isn't what it was made for. =P

And next is Too Faced Shadow Insurance!:

I got this as  a gift from a friend about a year ago, so yes, I have been using this one for nearly a year.
It is 11grams of product or 0.35oz. For this kind of primer, it has a peachy light tan color to it, darker than my Urban Decay Eden eyeshadow primer.
It is about $20.
The product is applied by squeezing product out of the tube and applying onto the eyes with fingers or brush.

And this product is awesome!!!! I love this product! XD
It works like it should, just as well as Urban Decay, but it's consistency is much thinner and smoother than Urban Decay's primer potion. It can easily spread over the eyes without much effort.
While it is also pigmented it is not as strong, which is the way I like it and my eyelids don't look 3 times lighter than my face.
A little goes a long way just like the Urban Decay one, you just need a tiny bit to apply to both eyes.
I have also used this one much longer and much more frequently than the Urban Decay one, and I probably still have half of it left after a year's worth of use.
I personally like the tube way of squeezing product out. It doesn't get dirty or messy as long as you are careful with it, and the tiny hole that the product comes out of is less exposed to air and dust. There is nothing to pull in and out of it, so it is more hygienic this way. As long as your fingers, brushes, or temporary sponge tip applicators are clean, it should be fine.

Which one to recommend?
Both primers work very well. They do their job perfectly, which is to help eyeshadow stick on, last longer, prevent creasing, and causes eyeshadows to become more pigmented.
They get an A+ for fulfilling basic and necessary criteria. Therefore, I recommend both.
Their prices are nearly identical and you can find them at any Ulta, Sephora, or even online.
Application style, cream pigmentation, and hygienic concerns depend on the user/buyer's choices and tastes so I leave it up to you =)
This is just my personal experience with both primers. And I personally like Too Faced better. =D

By the wayyyy (as I promised), here are swatches of the primers!
In this picture, Urban Decay (Eden) is the one on top and Too Faced (Shadow Insurance) is the one on the bottom. You can see how opaque and thicker Urban Decay is and how sheer and more watery Too Faced is.

And this picture shows Urban Decay on the right and Too Faced on the left where I have blended half of the primers into my forearm: I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture, but Too Faced blends more into my skin b/c it is more sheer and Urban Decay does make my skin 2-3 shades lighter/ maybe more yellow.

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