Friday, April 20, 2012

Review on "My Beauty Diary" Black Pearl Mask =D

Hi wonderful people!

Before I get started I will give you a background on the brand "My Beauty Diary"
"My Beauty Diary" is a Hong Kong company that specializes in skincare. They are well know for their facial masks that come in a variety of ingredients.

Today I will be reviewing the "My Beauty Diary" Black Pearl Mask:

This is a 10 pack case of masks.
And here is a picture of an individual mask:

This is a very hydrating paper masking and is good for sensitive skin. It is also has whitening properties. (side story on that at the bottom if your interested in reading =P)
After cleansing and toning your face, you are supposed to put on this mask for 20-30 minutes.
You can buy this at certain places, the 99 ranch markets in LA have them, but I get mine online through Amazon!

First Impression
So, before trying this mask, I was pretty wary of masks because I bought a cheap random one (different brand) for 99cents once and the moment I put it on my face, it was burning T_T and it was a bad experience.
However, my Hong Kong friend who also has sensitive skin recommended this to me and gave me a mask. And I tried it. And it was amazing! haha XD
The amount of serum it contains is a lot, even the package has some inside it which i can use for my neck. I could leave it on my face for an hour and it would still be fine.
I love this mask! It did not burn my face or cause any inflammation or redness. After taking it off and massaging the rest of the serum into my face I feel very hydrated and my face is so radiant!

What do I think of it now?
This is a fantastic mask! =) I have been using it for over 3 months, once a week, and it works very well. It's whitening effects do really work, and my face has become uniformly clearer and paler.
The mask, even though it has so much serum, will not slide off your face, it stays on very well. I can walk around with it and talk.
It is a paper mask which is very thin, but as long as you move it and adjust it slowly it will not rip or tear that easily. I have never had that happen before, so as long as you are gentle with it, it should be fine.
This is definitely part of my weekly facial routine and I will continue using this. Recently I have bought a variety pack of all the masks from "My Beauty Diary" and trying one each week. I will give a review on that too! =D

Do I recommend this product?
Yes, this is a great product to try, even if you don't have problematic skin, it will brighten your complexion and give your skin a treat! It is also a very relaxing thing to do while reading a book or relaxing on a hot summer day. ^_^
I recommend this to people with all skin types especially if you have dry and or sensitive skin.
To those of you who would like to have lighter and paler skin, this definitely works well. It won't be a sudden change, but you will definitely get results if you use it continuously and properly.

I hope that this review was helpful to you! Have a wonderful weekend! ^o^

Side Story XD
So, because everything is written in Chinese (and only the ingredients are in English), I didn't know what it's properties were. Like, I knew it was good for sensitive skin and what not, but I didn't know its other benefits because I can't read Chinese (basically).
And I was doing a facial with my friend Julia yesterday actually, and I gave her a mask because I wanted her to try it cus it is that amazing! =D And she can read chinese haha. So we were looking in the mirror and
I said: Julia, i think my face is paler than yours.
Julia: yes, of course it is
me: but you have spf in your moisturizer which you use everyday and I don't have spf in my moisturizer
Julia: that's because this mask has whitening properties
me: O_O....what? really?
Julia: yes, it says so....
me: woa!!!!! I didn't know that! haha

loool, so yeah, I just learned that haha XD not a bad thing for me, I like my skin paler so I was like, okay, that's cool! XP

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