Sunday, April 29, 2012

Review on Sunscreen: Lancome and La Roche Posay

Hello! =) I've been a bit busy this weekend so I'll make it up to you guys with another post!
(I also studied more than 5 hrs in the library today, and don't want to study anymore =P)

The days are getting warmer, longer and sunnier! And so we all need to protect our skin from the sun! To prevent tanning (optional), hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sunburns, and skin cancer! =O

Today I will be reviewing 2 products that I've used for quite some time.

First up is Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield:

This has 30mL of product and an SPF 50PA+++ (12H UV/High UVA PPD)
I'm sorry but I don't know the price, this was given to me by my mom and I have no idea how she got it. =P.
I don't think it's waterproof, it doesn't say on the bottle.
This is daily protection against UV rays and air pollution at the dermal level
Apparently (as said on the bottle), it was "Tested on Asian skin under dermatological control", I'm not sure what that means....because, it's not as if Asian skin is a skin type, like, everyone's skin is different, but maybe it's supposed to work well for Asians? O_o? I don't know haha =P

What do I think of it?
I have been using this sunscreen for about 5 months and it wasn't even full when given to me. I really like the consistency of this sunscreen. It is very thin, smooth, and light. I don't need a lot for my face. I use this to spot treat my face, I put it on my freckles, healing acne, and acne scars to prevent hyperpigmentation. I use salicylic acid in my skincare routine to prevent and help acne but it can cause hyperpigmentation so that's why I spot treat. It is not hard to put on, while it does feel and look a bit oily on the skin, the skin absorbs it quickly and leaves a nearly matte finish. The more you use of course, the more oily you are going to look, so moderation is key. As far as I know, I have not gotten breakouts from this product and it works well =) I don't need to reapply throughout the day, one time in the morning is good enough! It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin in any way as well =)

Do I recommend this product?
Yes! This product is probably expensive, being a brand name. But if you can, try to buy the smallest size, travel size, or get a sample, because it will definitely last you =) I also like the small size because it is portable! Because it is such a high SPF, I don't think you should use it everyday unless you really need it, I've heard very high SPF isn't good for the skin, so I just spot treat it, or use it when I'm snowboarding or something.

And then there is: La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid (face):

This particular container I got as a sample from CVS.
The sample size is 0.1 fluid oz or 3mL. It has SPF 60, is water-resistant, frangrance free, and has been tested on sensitive skin. It has UV + anti-oxidant protection.
It is "Ultra light sunscreen fluid, fast absorbing, matte finish, for normal to combination skin"
Active Ingredients: Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 15%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 5%, Oxybenzone 6%, and they all serve as sunscreen.

What do I think of it?
I really like this sunscreen. However, it is because it fits my taste. When they say "fluid" they are totally right. This sunscreen's consistency is so thin and watery, it is like water. I really like moisturizers and sunscreens like that, so it is a big yes! for me. It will never have an uneven texture though and because it spreads out so thinly, I barely have to use any at all to cover my entire face, and much much less for spot treatment. I used this to go snowboarding on a very sunny day, and it worked perfectly. It does has a good matte finish as it says and I was not sunburned one bit! It is very long lasting just like the Lancome one, I just put it on once for the entire day. It doesn't break me out and I can blend it on my skin with ease because it is so thin and light. Also, it doesn't bother my sensitive skin!
The only issue is that when you dispense the product, it can get a little messy, so do not squeeze the container, do not squeeze! You don't need to, it comes out easily alone. Also, with this type of container, it can leak on the inside into the cap groves because it's so watery, so make sure to cap/screw it on properly and firmly.
Do I recommend this product?
Yes!, if you like this kind of fluid consistency, if you don't then probably not. Also, yes, if you can afford it =P. But I think it works very well! I do like it a bit better than Lancome because it has a more matt finish and it is water resistant. SPF is close enough that it doesn't matter that much to me and I like both of their consistencies as well.

I'm sorry for reviewing such expensive products. I know not everyone can afford them. But I think it is important to have high quality products when it is applied directly to the skin because there is no barrier between the skin and the product, there is a higher chance of side effects from products.
I did recently buy a Neutrogena facial sunscreen for sensitive skin and I will start trying that out as soon as I finish these two and I will post a review on it as well ^_^.

So, I hope you found this useful and informative to taking care of your skin from the sun!
I will see you all later!
Byeee! XD

Eating Habits and Lip Licking, how to keep your skin and lips healthy

Hello people who enjoy taking care of themselves! XD

Today I'm going to talk about how to keep your lips and the skin around your mouth clean, not dry, and prevent breakouts around the mouth.

I personally feel, b/c I was younger and I was so boyish and ate like a guy, wiping my mouth with my hands, getting the corners of my mouth dirty caused the pores in my skin in the corners to get clogged, which was partially to blame when I ended up with a fungus-related skin problem around my mouth. You can read the whole story in "My Skin Story" in the page above.
Therefore, I would like to emphasize how important it is to be neat and clean when dealing with the mouth area. I know that most ppl are pretty keen on this, but there are others, like my past self, who didn't care about skincare, only cared about studying or whatever they were doing. This doesn't only include girls, but guys too okay. I'm pretty sure guys don't want acne or skin problems around their mouths as well.

First, prevention is key! And also easier to do! It is important to take small portions of food every time you take a bite, especially with messy, greasy food. This way, you don't even have to deal with cleaning around you mouth. Doing this will prevent foods with oils, like sauces, fried foods, etc. from coming into contact with the skin around your mouth and the corners of your mouth. This way, there is no chance your pores will be clogged.
Second, if you do get oils and food crumbs on your mouth and mouth corners, gently press the napkin on the necessary areas and then lightly brush off the food. Pressing the napkin absorbs oils and rubbing will only push those oils and dirty stuff into the skin. If you want to, after that, you can get a bit of water with your napkin and dab into onto your mouth and mouth area, but you should apply moisturizer afterwards, otherwise your skin is going to get super dry and it will feel uncomfortable. Please don't abuse your skin and roughly rub it with a napkin.  Roughly rubbing is going to irritate your skin and your lips, cause micro-exfoliation, and reveal raw skin that is exposed to the food you eat, bacteria from your mouth and the air, and is more likely to get infected and inflamed.
Third, don't lick your lips. I'm sure everyone knows this but not everyone will stop themselves or prevent it. Licking lips not only makes your lips dry and cracked and even bleeding, your also taking germ and microbes from your mouth (especially after you just ate) and putting it onto your lips and on the corners of your mouth. This can cause bacteria to get into your pores. And oil and bacteria really love each other, which can cause infections, fungal issues, acne, a lot of problems okay. So please, do your lips and skin a favor and use chapstick or something.

This was pretty much a common sense post today. But I felt it was important to talk about.
I deeply regret not doing such things when I was younger and I ended up with a chronic skin problem that will last for the rest of my life. T_T So, please learn from me, tell your friends, family, and especially your kids, so they won't have problems in the future. And then you or someone won't have to invest so much time and money to get clear skin and deal with self-confidence issues.

I'm sorry if you felt this was a boring post, but I hoped it helped someone.
Thank you for your time. =)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review on "The Body Shop" Aloe Skincare Line

Hi peoples! =D

So, the little story for this week is about "The Body Shop"!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a mall and my skin felt very dry but I didn't bring my moisturizer! XO oh no! And I really wanted to rehydrate my skin before it started getting ugly and flaky =/.
So I walked into The Body Shop. It was a shop that I didn't know and I passed by all the time, stared at it sometimes. Always felt that it was too expensive or high class for a person like me to go and buy stuff in. But i was desperate! XD
And I asked a salesclerk for a moisturizer sample for sensitive skin. And she said: sure!
She started getting all of these little containers out and i looked at my bf like: O_o...?
Then she started filling them with all sorts of stuff and told me she was giving me samples from their Aloe Sensitive Skincare Line and I was like, okay, sure! haha, I originally came just to take some free moisturizer for my face for the day and I go back home with a bagfull of samples! Yay for free samples and good service! lol
So, I was given these samples I was not sent these samples by the company or paid to review them or anything like that. Completely random surprise =P.
(I talked with a friend of mine later and she told me that The Body Shop was really big on the East coast, UK, and Hong Kong.)

So here are the samples from the Aloe Vera Skincare Line (made for sensitive skin):

(free jars for later use too yay! XD)

So I got:
-aloe body butter (largest jar)
-aloe calming facial cleanser
-aloe gentle toner
-aloe day cream
-aloe night cream
-aloe eye defense
-aloe protective serum
-aloe gentle exfoliator
-aloe protective restoring mask

whew! yeah..lots of stuff eh? haha, not a bad thing, just something I don't get everyday. =P

I tried these products for at most 2 weeks, the ones I didn't like, obviously, stopped using earlier.
For technical information, such as price and product amount etc. I won't write it here. This is going to be a super long review and I only got samples so I don't know cost, mass, price, etc. You can search it up online at their website, it is very informative. I would say though that each of these products at regular size is about $20ish or more. They all are frangrance-free and would only have a slight tinge of aloe-ness if any.
Note: Because these products are pricy and everyone's skin is different, if I do recommendations, please go to the store and ask them for a sample! They are very kind and will probably do so!

Okay, now onto the reviewing!!! =D

Review on the Aloe Body Butter:
This cream is very rich and very dense and heavy. It is rather thick and you should warm it up with clean hands before application. It moisturizes very well and is very long lasting.
Personally, it's not my type of moisturizer, I don't like thick and dense moisturizers, I like ones with thinner smoother consistency. It is pricy so I won't be buying it.
But it works well and is very moisturizing, because it's so dense and rich, a little goes a long way and you don't need to apply a lot which can make this last for a while!
Do I recommend the body butter?
If you don't mind or you like dense rich creams, then you should try this! If you're like me and like more sheer/light consistency body lotions then you might want to find something else.

Review on the Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser:
This cleanser has a very light and smooth consistency. It is supposed to calm redness and irritation and it does do that. My redness on my face has been reduced and I don't have any negative affects with this cleanser, it works well. It doesn't lather into a foam but stays as it is, feeling cream-like and slippery on the face as you wash.
Personally, I like facial cleansers that lather into a foam. Makes me feel as if it's doing something, lol, dunno. And I'm also very happy with my Shiseido cleansers which are the same price or cheaper. So I won't be buying it.
Do I recommend the facial cleanser?
If you have sensitive red-prone, irritated-prone skin, then I think this is good to try. =) It just doesn't fit my preference, so if it doesn't matter to you that it doesn't foam up, then go for it!

Review on the Aloe Gentle Toner:
This is one of my favorite products and yes, I recently bought a regular sized one haha. I really really like this toner! It does not make my skin feel dry or tight or red. I don't feel irritation or dryness when using and when it's drying. You don't need a lot, for your face, just use your cotton ball efficiently! It works very well, removing any extra cleanser left on my face, preparing my face for moisturizer but keeping it hydrated enough so I'm not feeling like a goldfish out of water XP.
Do I recommend the toner?
Yes! I think this is great for all skin types, especially if you tend to get dry quickly after cleanser or using a toner. I really really like this and will probably use this toner from now on. It is a perfect replacement for my Neutrogena alcohol-free toner which was not good on my skin(which I did a review on).

Review on the Aloe Day Cream:
I was given the one w/o SPF because the lady knew I had sensitive skin and she said: one less thing in there, the better! haha. I like the consistency of this cream, it is very light, smooth and hydrating. It does look a little shiny on the face at first, but if you applied a thin even layer, it should absorb well. It spreads very well so you don't need a lot for your face. It also does reduce redness around my mouth. I do need to reapply when it gets dry and windy but I always have a small jar with me and it's portable. I am a little worried because sometimes when I apply it, I get a slight burning sensation, I wonder if it's just me or what...dunno, just saying. =P Because it is so pricey and my Aveeno Baby moisturizer works just as well or if not even better for like nearly 1/3 of the cost or something. I won't buy it. I'm not a rich person...yet...haha. Though I will definitely keep this cream in mind when I can afford it and when I need something stronger for my sensitive dry skin.
Do I recommend this moisturizer?
Yes, but like I said earlier, ask for a sample! This works well for people who have sensitive skin and/or  prone to dryness. Very hydrating and I really like the thin smooth consistency!

Review on the Aloe Night Cream:
This is one of my favorite products too! I did not buy it because of the price sadly =(. But it is something I will also definitely keep in mind when I can buy something like it! This consistency is a little thicker and richer than the day cream. It should be haha, our bodies do recovery at night when we sleep so a richer formula is best during rest. Even though it is creamier and thicker the consistency feels great! so smooth! I like it a lot! It does calm down the angry redness in my face after a day's worth of battling the daily air! XD It does not feel sticky or heavy, it feels good =)
Do I recommend this moisturizer?
Yes! It is fantastic! I would totally buy this if I wasn't a poor college student haha. I can only splurge so much on skincare and makeup. =P It's very hydrating and calming. When I put this on, I feel like my skin is reviving from the long day!

Review on Aloe Eye Defense:
Another favorite! And yes, I did buy this one! Now you're probably wondering why did I buy this eyecream when I already have a really good one (which is my Dermadoctor)? This is why: First, for the same amount, it is cheaper by $10. Second, I am not saying Dermadoctor eye revenge is bad, it is a very good product (you can see in my review), but I felt it was not for my age and skin type yet. I believe it is more of a treatment for older women and it is also a lot richer than what my skin needs now. I can always go and buy this when the skin around my eyes needs something stronger. If I started out with a  strong one and needed a better one, I would be in trouble. All I needed was a moisturizer and I also don't have wrinkles. So, I tried this and love it! This is a light-weight gel-like cream. It feels very hydrating and it is definitely non-irritating! My eyes really like it and it reduces the fine lines that form when I smile alot!
Do I recommend this eye cream?
Yes! If you are around 40 years old and younger I suggest an eye cream like this. It is hydrating and makes my skin soft. It still will reduce fine lines! I can visibly see a change on my face after application! So it works for fine lines and dry sensitive skin! I definitely recommend you to try this! It is a great product!

Review on Aloe Protective Serum:
This product feels has a light and creamy-gel consistency, which is favorable. However, it irritated my skin. The skin around my mouth and nose felt like it was burning and stinging. I used this serum with and without exfoliating cleansing with the same effect. Therefore, after using it twice I didn't use it anymore. I have never used a cream serum before, I usually use serums in a hydrating mask form.
Do I recommend this serum?
I don't know about this. Because my skin reacted negatively to this product. And my skin is dry and sensitive which is what it is supposed to be made for, and being pretty impressed with most of the products I was a bit disappointed in this one. I'm very happy with "My Beauty Diary" serum hydrating masks (which I did a review on) and they are more affordable so I'm sticking with those. If you want to try I suggest you ask for a sample for  this one for sure! But if it works for you then great!

Review on Aloe Gentle Exfoliator:
I was actually pretty disappointed with this product. It is supposed to be gentle and made for sensitive skin. However, the exfoliating grains felt very rough on my skin and the granules felt very uneven, overall and individually. Even if I was gently massaging my face with it, it felt painful and like it was scratching my face. The areas around my nose and mouth were red and felt raw. I used this once and stopped immediately.
Do I recommend this exfoliator?
No, sorry. I don't recommend it. It does not feel nice to me and there are drugstore brand exfoliators that feel better and work better than this, so don't get it. It's not worth your money, time, and skin!

Review on Aloe Protective Restoring Mask:
This is not one of those clay drying masks that harden, it's a hydrating cream mask which needs to be washed off after use. I'm not used to these kinds of masks but I decided to try it anyway. It is very hydrating with a nice smooth thin consistency. I could only use it once because the sample was so small, but I didn't have any negative affects for first time use. There was no irritation and redness, so that was good.
Personally, I'm not used to these kinds of masks, and I really like the ones from "My Beauty Diary" and again they are more affordable, so I'll be sticking to those.
Do I recommend this mask?
Well, I'm not sure. Because, I've only used it once. And you can't really see any possible problems and affects after only using it once. There were not immediate negative affects but it's not a product I know well. I think this is a good product to try out though if you like these kinds of masks and would like to hydrate your skin more.

Dang, I talked a lot! XD haha
This was a super long post. I'm sorry if I made you tired or burned your eyes because of this X(. But individually they're not that long, they just add up =P.
I hope my review helped anyone with dry and/or sensitive skin looking for products to try from The Body Shop. If you have any questions or comments feel free to say anything in the comment box below. =) I would be more than happy to help you with anything!
Thank you for reading and have an awesome day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let's talk about Bronzer!

Hi everybody!

So today I am going to discuss about bronzer!

What is Bronzer?

Bronzer is mostly used for contouring, it is to make the nose seem more defined and taller (though most ppl use eyeshadow instead of bronzer), or to sculpt the jaw so your face seems slimmer, or around the edges of the forehead to give a smaller face. 
Bronzer to a pale face or a face with full foundation can give a warmer appearance, not flushed like cheeks, but an overall warmth.

Should I use bronzer?
Putting on bronzer is definitely a preference thing. 
Though if you are conflicted with putting on bronzer and blush, try just going with one of them. Most people chose one or the other and it's only like a photoshoot where you use both and it is rather difficult to put on both and get them right without making them clash with each other.
If you feel you need that, then go for it. I don't use it, I'm too lazy haha. =P

Types and colors of bronzers and what kind should I use?
As you can see from the picture above, there are many different types of bronzers. But they are all in powder form, compact or loose.
Bronzers can be one shade, they can be matt or shimmery, they can be a combination of different shades. The different shades is to give an overall natural look or best combination of colors. With the bronzers that have multiple shades, you can choose a single one or a few that you like more than the others and mix and match yourself.
If you are going to use a bronzer for your face and neck, I would recommend sticking with matt. Shimmer reflects light in photography and attracts attention when it reflects light in life as well. The point of bronzer is to contour and slim down, not to attract attention.
However, if you want to apply shimmer bronzer to your body to attract attention, ladies haha, then you probably would only put on your bust area to contour or define. Or if you are tanned that works great for you because you can just put it on the top of your boobs to attract attention or make them look bigger, etc. If you want to haha.

How to and where to apply bronzer
Most people use brushes to apply bronzers, I have never seen anyone use their hands or a sponge or sth. There are bronzer brushes but I'm sure any powder or kabuki brush works just as well. For contour the edges of the face, thicker, fan brushes do a good job with a narrow strip of application around the forhead and hollows of the cheek!
Just like I said with applying blush. Please! Don't over do it!
1) Start off light and build slowly. You should also think about what kind of lighting you will be when you wear bronzer because at different lighting it can look too obvious.
2) blend blend blend well!
There are some places to apply bronzer to contour
1) hollows of the cheeks (most common) to slim down the face
2) around the edge of the forehead where it meets the hairline (don't forget to blend well into the hairline) to reduce the appearance of a wide forehead
3) jawline and under chin to slim down the face
4) along the sides of the bridge of the nose and around/under the tip of the nose to make the nose appear higher/taller and smaller/more narrow

Here is an image of where you could apply bronzer for contouring:
(the arrow you see just means blend down to jawline) For the otherside of the nose and hollow of cheeks, I didn't circle it, but it's pretty much the same as her right side.

If you want to warm up the face, you would probably put it around the edges of the face and blend well, with a little on the hollows of your cheeks. I've heard ppl apply bronzer like blush on their cheekbones, and I don't know about that, because I don't apply bronzer (I'm more of a highlighting person) but if it works well for you, and you're happy with it, sure!

So, I covered the basics of bronzer and bronzing, I hope that this has helped some ppl who are beginners in makeup to better understand what things are and what they would like to do/use!
Thank you for reading! =)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Review on Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion =)

Hi Everyone!

So a bit back I talked about changing from Cetaphil to a new moisturizer. I bought 3 and recently I have been given one.

This is the 3rd moisturizer: Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

While it does not say it can be used on the face, I contacted the company and yes, they told me that this moisturizer can be used on the face.
The particular bottle I bought contains 8 oz of product or 227 grams and costs about $6. Which is such a bargain! It is fragrance free with natural colloidal oatmeal and dimethicone skin protectant. It is said to help heal and protect delicate skin for 24 hours. It contains 1.2% dimethicone.

Now I actually could not find this at CVS, the drugstore I live nearby so I had to order it online. I think I ordered it from Walgreens or the Aveeno website. It is easily available in many drugstores, Aveeno is a popular brand, it just wasn't there that day I guess or my CVS doesn't carry it.

First Impression
So, like my other moisturizers I tried it for at least a week before switching off to try a new one.
And, omg, this moisturizer felt like the one for me!
It has a very smooth creamy consistency which does not feel sticky or heavy. This also means you don't have to use a lot, a little goes a long way!
The one thing I noticed which did bother me initially was the smell. It's true, it is fragrance free, but it smells like oatmeal XD, haha, maybe they decided to not cancel out the natural oatmeal smell with another chemical, but it is not too bad.
I saw an almost immediate reduction in redness and inflammation around my mouth. It is that good!
It works fine after cleansing and after exfoliating. It doesn't feel stinging or burning or itchy after application.
I was very impressed by this product and actually didn't want to continue trying the others that I bought to stick with this one.

What do I think of it now?
This is a fantastic moisturizer. I really like it, it's great for my very dry and sensitive skin. It reduces redness and irritation. I don't get breakouts from it.
It is very affordable, and I can use it on my body and face.
The one thing you might want to be careful with is not to apply too much. You don't need much in the first place, but start off light, because if you apply too much, it gets kind of sticky.
I don't really get an oily shine from this moisturizer, which is good. I would probably get a "shiny face" if I applied too much on.
Does it last for 24hrs? yes, on an average day. But if it's very dry and windy, I would reapply at least once in the middle of the day, especially since lecture halls either always have the heater on or air conditioning on.
This is my number 1 favorite moisturizer right now! I used it for about a month and I am currently trying out the 4th one given to me, but I might stick with this one! =D

Do I recommend this product?
YES! This is a great product for all skin types, especially for those with dry and sensitive skin. =)
It will reduce redness and inflammation which makes your skin a whole lot healthier and better looking. Also, it is a skin protectant from dirt and dust, etc.
It does make a visible difference in less than a week's use. My skin looks a lot better now and I'm sure your's will too! ^_^

I don't know what else to say, this moisturizer does everything I want, everything I need!
I hope this has helped you, especially if you have skin problems associated with redness, dryness, sensitivity, inflammation, and irritation.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them in the comment section below!
Thank you for reading and I will see you all later!!! =D

Friday, April 20, 2012

Review on "My Beauty Diary" Black Pearl Mask =D

Hi wonderful people!

Before I get started I will give you a background on the brand "My Beauty Diary"
"My Beauty Diary" is a Hong Kong company that specializes in skincare. They are well know for their facial masks that come in a variety of ingredients.

Today I will be reviewing the "My Beauty Diary" Black Pearl Mask:

This is a 10 pack case of masks.
And here is a picture of an individual mask:

This is a very hydrating paper masking and is good for sensitive skin. It is also has whitening properties. (side story on that at the bottom if your interested in reading =P)
After cleansing and toning your face, you are supposed to put on this mask for 20-30 minutes.
You can buy this at certain places, the 99 ranch markets in LA have them, but I get mine online through Amazon!

First Impression
So, before trying this mask, I was pretty wary of masks because I bought a cheap random one (different brand) for 99cents once and the moment I put it on my face, it was burning T_T and it was a bad experience.
However, my Hong Kong friend who also has sensitive skin recommended this to me and gave me a mask. And I tried it. And it was amazing! haha XD
The amount of serum it contains is a lot, even the package has some inside it which i can use for my neck. I could leave it on my face for an hour and it would still be fine.
I love this mask! It did not burn my face or cause any inflammation or redness. After taking it off and massaging the rest of the serum into my face I feel very hydrated and my face is so radiant!

What do I think of it now?
This is a fantastic mask! =) I have been using it for over 3 months, once a week, and it works very well. It's whitening effects do really work, and my face has become uniformly clearer and paler.
The mask, even though it has so much serum, will not slide off your face, it stays on very well. I can walk around with it and talk.
It is a paper mask which is very thin, but as long as you move it and adjust it slowly it will not rip or tear that easily. I have never had that happen before, so as long as you are gentle with it, it should be fine.
This is definitely part of my weekly facial routine and I will continue using this. Recently I have bought a variety pack of all the masks from "My Beauty Diary" and trying one each week. I will give a review on that too! =D

Do I recommend this product?
Yes, this is a great product to try, even if you don't have problematic skin, it will brighten your complexion and give your skin a treat! It is also a very relaxing thing to do while reading a book or relaxing on a hot summer day. ^_^
I recommend this to people with all skin types especially if you have dry and or sensitive skin.
To those of you who would like to have lighter and paler skin, this definitely works well. It won't be a sudden change, but you will definitely get results if you use it continuously and properly.

I hope that this review was helpful to you! Have a wonderful weekend! ^o^

Side Story XD
So, because everything is written in Chinese (and only the ingredients are in English), I didn't know what it's properties were. Like, I knew it was good for sensitive skin and what not, but I didn't know its other benefits because I can't read Chinese (basically).
And I was doing a facial with my friend Julia yesterday actually, and I gave her a mask because I wanted her to try it cus it is that amazing! =D And she can read chinese haha. So we were looking in the mirror and
I said: Julia, i think my face is paler than yours.
Julia: yes, of course it is
me: but you have spf in your moisturizer which you use everyday and I don't have spf in my moisturizer
Julia: that's because this mask has whitening properties
me: O_O....what? really?
Julia: yes, it says so....
me: woa!!!!! I didn't know that! haha

loool, so yeah, I just learned that haha XD not a bad thing for me, I like my skin paler so I was like, okay, that's cool! XP

Eyeshadow Reviews on NYX, Cover Girl, and Sephora

Hi Everyone! =D

So today is a review on some eyeshadows!!!
These are the eyeshadows I use everyday and have been using everyday for at least 3 months. I absolutely love them and they are all affordable! You can find NYX online or at Ulta, and Cover Girl at any drugstore or also at Ulta. For the Sephora, it was a promotional product at the time so I'm not sure if it still exists.
The colors are mainly shades of brown and nude with a bit of shimmer in them. Swatches will be shown at the end of this post!
Note: I'm sorry if the pictures are not good enough quality, they are from my phone, which is the best I have. I hope it's okay! X(

First is NYX's Triple Eye Shadow kit:
The top palette is TS 15 Aloha/Mink Brown/Deep Bronze (left for the second picture)
The bottom palette is TS 3 Nude/Taupe/Dark Brown (right for the first picture)
They both are very pigmented, rich colors, and nice natural shades.
They both have some shimmer to them, but it's not too strong, depends on how much you apply. 
TS 15 is more shimmery than TS 3 so I apply this one a little more carefully.
Aloha is not white, it's more of a light peachy pink color.
Nude is not that white and yellow, it is more of a champagne peachy color.
I really like using them everyday, especially Dark Brown as an eyeliner because it gives a much softer and more natural look.
For both palettes i like using them in a gradient effect, darkest color at the bottom and lightest color at the top and blend everything together. It's a natural and pretty look with the shimmer to brighten up the eyes!

Next is a one color eyeshadow by CoverGirl:

This is Champagne 710 from CoverGirl Eye Enhancer.
It comes with a sponge tip applicator which i lost long ago, and I am not sad or sorry =P.
 I use this a lot! If I'm really busy and tired and I want something nude to brighten up my eyes, I just use this as an all over lid color and in the corners of my eyes and it works wonderfully!
It is a light peach/skin color with shimmer and starts going on sheer. The shimmer is not too strong, but if you apply too much your lids are going to look like they are glowing, lol.
I definitely recommend this for people who are just starting with make up because this is a simple, one color, natural color that is easy to apply.

Finally there is Sephora's "travel" palette:

I actually don't remember the name of this b/c it was sort of a premotional thing at Sephora and I bought it on a whim a year ago and I haven't been using it until recently.
It is a very small palette (you can hold it in your hand easily), I'm pretty sure meant for on-the-go with 8 shades and comes w/ a brush (which is crappy quality).
The far top left is a shimmer pale pink shade and the far bottom left is a bright silver shade.
The other colors I'm pretty sure you can tell what they are.
The black and green have larger metallic flecks in them.
All of the other colors have shimmer and the dark brown is matt.

The problem w/ Sephora is that their shadows are not very pigmented, but with a good eyeshadow primer they will work well. (any cheap crappy eyeshadow works well with a good primer)
I only use the black and dark brown to line my eyes for a softer and more natural look. I like the dark brown a lot b/c it is matt and it's the darkest brown I have.

Here are the swatches of all the eyeshadows:

I hope I gave you all enough information. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment =). If you were interested in these products or brands, I hope you found this review helpful!

So yeah, these are the eyeshadows that I use for my everyday makeup. I will do tutorials on them soon. I'm still deciding whether I should buy a nice but expensive camera and do video tutorials, or do picture tutorials. Help me decide please! XO I'd like to give the simplest, most straightfoward, tutorials possible =) thank you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review on Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner

Hi Everyone! So today I'm going to review the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner.

This toner is about $7, you can buy it at any drugstore or online.
It is 8.5 fluid oz or 250mL.
Said to be noncomedogenic, oil free, hypoallergenic, absorbs quickly, and there is no tightness, dryness, or stinging.

What I thought:
I bought this toner because I read good reviews about it and it had a pretty good average rating on their website. I wanted alcohol free so it wouldn't dry out my sensitive and dry skin. And I don't use toners very often, I use it if I'm going to put on a hydrating mask, which is about once a week. I also make sure to use at little as possible.
I used it for about 2 months. And I think it's okay. It works like a toner is supposed to, it cleans any facial cleanser left on the skin and readies the skin for maxium mask or moisturizer absorbtion.
But I felt a little irritation on my cheeks and in the corners of my nose. And I did get tighness and dryness on my cheeks and around my mouth which I didn't like very much. It also caused some temporary redness.
So I stopped using it, and gave it away to someone.

Do I recommend this toner?
I think for people with non-sensitive normal, oily, or normal-oily combination skin, this is a good choice and worth a try. Since there are more oils on the skin, it won't get that dry that easily.
However for sensitive and dry skin, I don't recommend this. It will dry your skin out very quickly and it will feel uncomfortable.

So, this was a quick review but I hope you found it helpful!
If you have any questions feel free to contact me and/or comment down below!
I will see you all later! =)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let's Talk about Blush! :)

Hi Everybody!!

So today I'm gonna talk about blush! XD

Haha, as you can see these chibis all have blushing cheeks!

Note: All the images for this post are not mine. I do not own them. To those of who who know these are yours, thank you for letting me use them. I hope you do not mind.

What is blush for?
Blush helps give the cheeks a flushed and rosy appearance. In today's culture this is an indication of liveliness, energy, and good health. It often makes someone look flirty and cute if done correctly. Blush can help lift up the face in older people when applied correctly.
Blush can also be used on the face, including the jawline, forehead, and nose bridge. This is done to give the face a warmer glow.

Should I use blush?
This depends on your preferences and your skin color. Most people will put on blush after foundation because foundation tends to wash out a person's complexion making it quite flat and pale. Or if you have rather pale skin overall and you seem to look rather washed out and empty looking, you might want to use blush. If you are like me, and have naturally flushed cheeks, then you don't really need to use blush unless you put on foundation with strong coverage that will wash out your complexion.

What type and color of blush should I use?
There are two different types of blush, powder blushes and cream blushes. I have heard cream blushes give a more natural finish but I have never tried. However, for cream blushes you do need to blend it out well and evenly, which might be difficult for beginners. Powder is more easy to apply and more easy to build.
I'm not a blush user, therefore, I don't think I should recommend specifically what a person should use, especially since we all have different skin tones and colors.
It's really based on your color preference but I personally would go with more natural peachier shades. I don't like pink, I think pink works well on pale skin but not really anything else. Orange based (and remember I said based, I didn't say orange color) blushes would be better for more darker skin tones, darker than just tanned. Also, I did not mention red at all here, because I think that red is too much. It can stand out too easily and can give u the appearance of I-got-slapped-in-the-face look or bug bite look, both of which are unpleasant =P.
It's an experimental thing, you can go to makeup stores and try on blushes to find the color that works for you =)

How to apply blush!
Alright so this is where I think people make worst mistake. X( It gives me an omg wtf moment everytime I see someone apply blush incorrectly. I will post images of incorrect blush application at the end of this post.
As a pre-note, remember I'm not telling you what to do. This is personally my preference and ideas on what I think looks good on a person and why I think it makes sense. If you like applying your blush the way you do and it makes you happy then it's totally fine. Do what you like and like what you do =)

Ok, this is how blush should look:
Notice how natural it looks, how it blends well into the skin and giving her a glowing fresh look. It's not heavy, not cakey, not everywhere, and sits higher on the face.

For tools you would apply with a blush brush of course. There are many kinds of blush brushes, some angled some round. Just choose which one you like best and works for you!
So, Firstapply lightly and build up to your preferred intensity. This is very important, because the problem I see is that most people overdo it =( and it looks really really really bad.
Second: Blend the edges well! Especially if you are using a darker and strong blush, it needs to blend well because the point is to look natural. There are some things that you want people to see when you apply makeup but I think blush is not one them.
Third: Please, do not apply to your entire cheek and not to the apples of your cheeks. I personally think where you apply blush is supposed to be on the cheek bone, or if you really want it on the apples of you cheeks then apply a bit above the apples of your cheeks when you smile. This is very important and I will explain why and post a video too!
When you smile, you see the apples of your cheeks right? And you think that's where you should apply it, but you are not smiling all the time okay, unless you have botox in your face or something, lol. When you are not smiling, the apples of your cheeks drop naturally, so the blush on the apples would also fall, which gives a strange, disproportional appearance.
If you go back to the first picture, the 3 animation girls, look at how the blush is drawn on the faces. It is higher, most likely on the cheekbone.
To apply, put blush on the cheekbone and spread it out in an upward motion.
If you still don't quite get is, here is a perfect blush tutorial by Gossmakeupartist (thank you!):
While Gossmakeupartist, says this technique is for older people, to help lift up the face. I think it makes sense for younger people as well. Because the apple of the cheeks still drops when you don't smile. Fact of nature okay XP. Your cheekbones will always stay in the same spot!

Okay, so, incorrect blush application pictures:

So, I personally think that this application is too heavy. I can tell it's blush, I dunno about you guys. It seems a little too concentrated to me, a little too red, and it's also applied to the apples of the cheeks which might look okay here but I'll show you a picture when a person does it and it's not good.

So, I could not find a picture with a person with blush on the apples of the cheeks who is not smiling, so this is as close as it'll get, sorry. But as you can see, she's not smiling much, the blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks, and it looks saggy. I also think the color is too heavy.

This is a case in which there is too much blush everywhere. While the color may be nice and it's borderline too much for me, blush does not need to be put on the entire cheek. It doesn't look good, makes a person look red-faced.

Just a clarification: these pictures are not to insult people, the people in the picture or people who like putting their blush on in that way. I am using these pictures in order to clarify and point out what I personally do not think is necessary for blush application.

Very long post, I'm sorry if you thought it was dragging or boring, but I wanted to cover as much as I could! I hope this helps explain any thoughts or questions on blush!
Have a nice day!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review on Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque! =D

Hi everyone! I am so looking forward to the weekend and I hope you guys will have a great weekend too! =D

Today, I am reviewing one of my most beloved products!

It is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque!

This mask  contains 226.9 grams of product or 8 oz of product.
It is a little over $4 at Walgreens, but you can find this at almost any drugstore or online, Amazon is good. It is very very affordable and easy to get.
It is said to dry acne pimples, shrink enlarged pores, and draw out impurities from your skin like dirt, oil, makeup etc.
Directions: cleans face and neck, apply the product generously and allow it to dry for about 15 minutes. Then remove with warm water and a washcloth.
Please avoid eye contact, skin around the eyes, and lips.
Ingredients (not all but some that may be important to you): water, gylcerin, zinc oxide, propylene glycol,  sulfur, and fragrance (parfum)

What do I think?
So I first heard this from a product review from Bubzbeauty on YouTube, and I know that her skin is sensitive and I decided to try it out.
And omg it was fantastic!!! It really does help dry out pimples and make pores smaller. My face looks a lot cleaner after use. It also helps with more swollen red pimples, decreasing redness and size.
It has a minty smell to it and it does feel cool during the drying process. Actually, it feels kind of cold, but I like that feeling, really wakes me up!
While it does feel a little dry, it doesn't dry out my skin, I don't get flaky after use. It does not irritate my very sensitive skin which is definitely a plus! It's hard to find products that work so well for my skin, not irritating it and improving it as well!

My personal routine is to wash my face with warm-lukewarm water (to open up my pores), dry it, and then put on the mask to draw impurities out of my pores. I like washing my face afterwards with my hydrating Shiseido Whip or Milk! I like to use this masque once a week.
Also, I have been using this product for at least 5 months with no problems at all X)

Do I recommend this product?
YES! Yes yes yes yes yesssss!!! This is an amazing masque. It gives a lot of product with such an affordable price. This is a staple in my weekly cleansing routine and has improved my skin clarity a lot!
I definitely recommend this product to any person with any skin type! I have also read many reviews with people with different skin types and they don't seem to have any problems with it =).
So, yes! go for it! It will do wonders to your skin XD
And even if you try it and you don't like it or it doesn't work for you, monetarily it's a very small loss. But I doubt that anything bad will happen to your skin. =)

Note: When using this product, apply to clean dry skin. A layer of oil and dirt makes it hard for the masque to absorb impurities from the skin when there's a wall/barrier and if your skin is wet, it won't adhere well, and will just slip off.

I hope that you have enjoyed this review and got something useful out of it! haha
Have a great day, have fun, and enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review on Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and Too Faced Shadow Insurance! ^_^

Hi Peoples!
I hope that your day good b/c mine was frustrating =P, but things happen, and life continues XP

Today will be a review on two eyeshadow/eye primers that I have tried for quite a while.

This is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:

Specifically this is the one I have
This is Eden, and I believe I got this as a free sample in one of my purchases about 6 months ago.
It is 10mL or 0.34 US oz and it has a pale light tan/peach color to it.
If you buy this I believe it is around $18.
The product is applied by pulling a stick from the hard bottle with a foam applicator at the tip, which is directly applied to the eyelids.

As you know, primers are supposed to allow the makeup, in this case eyeshadow, adhere better to the skin, last longer, and prevent creasing.
And this just does all of that. The Urban Decay primer potion is fantastic! It keeps my eyeshadow lasting for long long periods of time and helps prevent creasing! I have oily eyelids so creasing is definitely an issue for me! You only need a small amount on your lids, it can be a bit hard to blend, so if you have this issue, then lightly and quickly spread it over your lids after application.
The only issue that I personally have with it, is that it is highly highly pigmented. The cream color is very strong, so if you apply too much, the primer creates a colored area. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, if you want coverage on your eyelids for veins then you don't have to use a concealer and can just double up this primer as a concealer, a nude base, and of course, a primer.
I just have more tan skin, so it shows up really strongly on me, which I don't really like.
Also, the applicator stick isn't very hygienic b/c it is directly applied onto the eyes, and you're constantly taking the stick in and out of the tube, exposing it to air, dust, etc. I guess you could put it on clean fingers and then put it onto the eyes, but that isn't what it was made for. =P

And next is Too Faced Shadow Insurance!:

I got this as  a gift from a friend about a year ago, so yes, I have been using this one for nearly a year.
It is 11grams of product or 0.35oz. For this kind of primer, it has a peachy light tan color to it, darker than my Urban Decay Eden eyeshadow primer.
It is about $20.
The product is applied by squeezing product out of the tube and applying onto the eyes with fingers or brush.

And this product is awesome!!!! I love this product! XD
It works like it should, just as well as Urban Decay, but it's consistency is much thinner and smoother than Urban Decay's primer potion. It can easily spread over the eyes without much effort.
While it is also pigmented it is not as strong, which is the way I like it and my eyelids don't look 3 times lighter than my face.
A little goes a long way just like the Urban Decay one, you just need a tiny bit to apply to both eyes.
I have also used this one much longer and much more frequently than the Urban Decay one, and I probably still have half of it left after a year's worth of use.
I personally like the tube way of squeezing product out. It doesn't get dirty or messy as long as you are careful with it, and the tiny hole that the product comes out of is less exposed to air and dust. There is nothing to pull in and out of it, so it is more hygienic this way. As long as your fingers, brushes, or temporary sponge tip applicators are clean, it should be fine.

Which one to recommend?
Both primers work very well. They do their job perfectly, which is to help eyeshadow stick on, last longer, prevent creasing, and causes eyeshadows to become more pigmented.
They get an A+ for fulfilling basic and necessary criteria. Therefore, I recommend both.
Their prices are nearly identical and you can find them at any Ulta, Sephora, or even online.
Application style, cream pigmentation, and hygienic concerns depend on the user/buyer's choices and tastes so I leave it up to you =)
This is just my personal experience with both primers. And I personally like Too Faced better. =D

By the wayyyy (as I promised), here are swatches of the primers!
In this picture, Urban Decay (Eden) is the one on top and Too Faced (Shadow Insurance) is the one on the bottom. You can see how opaque and thicker Urban Decay is and how sheer and more watery Too Faced is.

And this picture shows Urban Decay on the right and Too Faced on the left where I have blended half of the primers into my forearm: I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture, but Too Faced blends more into my skin b/c it is more sheer and Urban Decay does make my skin 2-3 shades lighter/ maybe more yellow.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review on Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic AI Cream

Hi everyone!
If you have read my previous posts, I'm on the search for a replacement for my Cetaphil moisturizer and this cream was one of the three moisturizers that I bought to try.

So, today I will be reviewing the Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic AI Cream:
This particular product was 50mL for $33 dollars on Amazon, plus $5 for shipping, a total of $38
It is supposed to be store below 30C
It is said to help protect skin from free radicals, regenerates skin protective barrier, helps relieve redness in dry sensitive skin, and is non-comedogenic

First Impression:
So, I bought this because Bubzbeauty did a review on this, and she said this was an excellent product for her sensitive skin when it broke out into terrible rashes all over her face.
Therefore I decided to try it. The price was pretty expensive to me, but I gave it a shot.
So, when I test skincare products, I do it for at least a week. If I get a bad reaction then I will stop using it.
For the first week, the first thing I noticed was the consistency. This cream has a really good consistency. It is thin but very hydrating and smooth. Therefore, you don't need a lot for your face. A pea size amount will cover your whole face.
However, it did give me a shining oily appearance when I put it on, which is common with any moisturizer that has glycerin in it. But I don't like it when moisturizers give me an oily looking face. -__-
The good thing was that my sensitive skin did not react to it. If it did react to it, it would barely sting after exfoliation, which is something I am concerned about, but didn't bother me much at the time.
To me, this passed the keeping test, the test that says okay, it works well enough, I don't need to return it.

What do I think of it now?
After that first week, I went on to test another moisturizer, so I didn't use it for about a week.
Then I decided to try it on for longer for at least another 2 weeks. And I did get results.
The super sensitive skin around my mouth did decrease in redness, I'd say about 30-40% which was not bad. I was happy to see improvement =)
But the problem was the appearance. I still had a very shining oily look to my skin, which really bothered me. It's not like it felt sticky, but it was unpleasant to see and feel the slickness on my face. I have an oily forehead and nose, which did not help with the oily appearance.
And then I started breaking out slightly on my cheekbone area. Now I'm not sure if it was this cream, but like I've said in another post, I don't breakout at the cheeks at all. It's usually my T-zone and/or forehead. The pimples I got were not large, but very small and non-irritating (are they even pimples at all?) and the texture of my skin did not look good with all those little bumps.

To me, this wasn't worth it, and I believed I could find better. So I stopped using it. The cream itself, I can use on my body so I will probably use the rest for that.

Do I recommend Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic AI Cream?
This product was especially made for people who had reactive, dry, sensitive skin.
However, unfortunately, it didn't work for me =(
My problem sensitive skin showed improvement but the rest of my face received negative side effects which I wasn't happy about.
The fact that this doesn't irritate my skin and does improve part of it, shows that it works to some extent, therefore, I do recommend people to give it a shot, however, they should probably spot treat with this cream and not put it on their entire face.
Personally, I'm looking for a moisturizer that not only helps my problem sensitive reactive spots on my face, but works well for the rest of my face too! This is quite a challenge if you are a combination skin person like me. And if you are looking for a moisturizer that works for your entire face, I don't recommend this product. However, if you do have very dry and sensitive skin for most or all of your face, this is a good product to try.

I hope I helped anyone who is considering to purchase this cream or wants to try something new and hope it works for you! =D Good luck!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's talk about Finishing Powder!

Hi everyone!! It know it's been a bit since my last post. I'm currently vising my bf since he went to study abroad last quarter so we have been hanging out a lot recently =)

Okay! So, finishing powder or finishing veil is supposed to be a light, very powdery translucent powder. It is made to keep foundation and/or concealer to last longer; preventing it from sliding or smearing off the skin.
This is usually recommended if you have oily skin, if you are wearing make up for a long time, for a night out (b/c clubbing and dancing can definitely cause makeup to melt), or if you are in a humid environment.
For dry skin, depending how dry your skin is, I think it is okay to put on finishing powder as long as you don't accidentally microexfoliate the skin because that would cause your skin to shed and give a flaky appearance, which is not good....
For "kinds of finishing powders", they should all be translucent, I don't think I've heard or seen one that has certain shades to them, though they might look slightly pink or whitish. The point is to create a seal for the makeup not to add anymore color or anything.

Applying Finishing Powder!
Okay, so I have seen many ways people apply finishing powder. And I suppose from a professional's standpoint there is a correct way of doing it, and most people are actually doing it wrong.
A lot of people get their powder brush, dip it into the powder, and lightly dust it on the face and/or buff it into the skin. Apparently, (again from a professional's standpoint or i guess common sense) that has the tendency to push and wipe the foundation and/or concealer off, making the skin have an uneven appearance and color.
Now if you apply it the "wrong way" and nothing bad happens and you don't see your makeup being wiped off or streaks forming or something, I think it doesn't matter that much, i think it's okay. If it works for you, then that's good right =) I don't use foundation and I just use small amounts of concealer so it doesn't happen to me. I suppose it depends on the amount of foundation and/or concealer you decide to use, a thicker layer would be more likely to be messed up if you start wiping it with a powder brush.
Apparently, a powder brush is meant to knock off excess powder, not put on powder.
For the professional or correct way to apply finishing powder, there are two ways I know. (credits to gossmakeupartist)
1st way: using a Powderpuff
First, you get a powderpuff and dab it into the powder, pat it on the back of your hand or fold it in half and rub it. Next you take the puff and press it into the skin (NO rubbing or anything), just pat and press into the skin gently. Finally, you get your powder brush and lightly knock all of the excess powder off!
This is a good way for people who tend to accidentally put too much powder on their face, which gives a miss-cake-face appearance.
2nd way: using the Powder brush (more correctly)
First you dab the brush into the powder and lightly tap off the excess. Next you lightly press and roll the the flat side of the brush into the skin and roll. You continuously press and roll. And your're done! If you feel you put too much just get a clean powder brush and again lightly brush off the excess.

So now you're like uhhh, this sounds confusing. Yes, I'm sorry if I have confused you, but don't worry! Here is an excellent tutorial by gossmakeupartist that shows the correct application techniques:

This was a pretty short post, finishing powders are pretty straightfoward: "finishing" "powder" haha, you know. But if I was unclear on anything or you have more questions, feel free to comment and I will get back t you!

Talk to you all later! =D

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let's Talk about Foundation!

Okay guys!

So what is foundation?
Foundation is an overall facial, neck, ear, and sometimes upper chest application of a product that is usually one or two shades lighter than your normal skin color.
I believe that it needs to be one or two shades lighter to either brighten the face or when it oxidizes, it will not appear so dark, and would look more like your own normal skin color.
It is designed to even out and balance the skin tone and color especially when parts of your face are more pale or tan than your neck, other parts of the face, etc. For example, it's pretty common to have a more tan forhead than the rest of the face since the sun hits your forhead more directly than the rest of your face, so using a foundation would give a more even appearance. It is used to also minimize the appearance of large pores and wrinkles on the face or of scatter spots like freckles on the face.
Foundation can give more coverage on the face. Depending on how you want it, it can be a natural look or a flawless appearance.

Types of Foundation and What Types to Use?
There are liquid, cream, and powder forms of foundation. They can come with SPF or with high definition. Depending on the company, for liquid and cream foundations, they can have a thicker or thinner formula.
The type that you should use depends on the weather, event, and your skin type of course =)
If you have oily skin or are in a place that is humid, powder foundation works the best, it is less likely to melt off.
If you have dry or dry combination normal skin, it would probably be best to go with cream or liquid, depending on the brand of foundation. Many makeup brands have different consistencies with their liquid and cream foundation. Depending on your preference you can choose a thicker or thinner consistency. Liquid or cream foundations can help the dry skin stay more hydrated. If you use a powder and a powder brush on dry skin this will actually cause micro exfoliation, which will make your face look like it was attacked by a cheese grater XO, not kidding, it's going to become very flaky.
If you are looking for more coverage, thicker liquid or cream foundations work best.
If you are looking for a more natural look, a light layer of powder or thinner liquid or cream foundations probably work best, and a thin consistency liquid foundation will be more sheer than a thin consistency cream foundation, usually.
For everyday, SPF in foundation is probably recommended.
For events where there will be flash photography, SPF is not recommended, because it can cause the skin to look pale and ghostly. And if you want to you can go with foundations that are high def. or are specially made for flash photography so you won't look weird and will look even better!
All kinds of foundations are buildable (or are supposed to be), it is recommended to start off light and keep on going to the desired coverage.

Applying Foundation
Note: As I have said before, if you are younger than 30, I personally think you do not need foundation unless you really need it for special circumstances or events.
Foundations are usually applied with brushes, sponges, and also powderpuffs.
Generally, people do not use their hands, because the face is a larger area to cover, it would be harder to even out, and it would take a long time and your hands would get pretty messy.
Larger fluffy brushes are good for powder foundations and if you want more coverage you can use powderpuffs. Sponges and stippling brushes are good for liquid or cream foundations.
For a more natural look:
You can apply foundation first in places that need the most coverage and then spread and blend it out the rest of the product that doesn't need as much coverage.
Also for a more natural look (and to use less product) you can apply your liquid or cream based foundation with a stippling brush!
Another way is to dampen a sponge, squeeze out excess water, and dip the sponge into your liquid or cream foundation and gently and lightly pat the product onto your face. Do not rub or "paint" it on with a sponge, this will stretch your skin and cause streak marks. The damp sponge will evenly give a nice light even coat of foundation and give you a dewy more vibrant finish!
cl2425 does a good job of talking about the use this sponge technique in this video:
cl2425 also demonstrates using a sponge in this way or a sponge application in these videos:
gossmakeupartist gives a good tutorial for applying foundation with a sponge for skin with acne and acne scars:
UPDATED gossmakeupartist also has recently posted a video on 10 different ways to apply foundation. This is great, b/c he also tells you which technique is best for different skin types! Enjoy!

If you are using a powderpuff to apply powder foundation becareful not to apply too much otherwise your face will look very cakey. If you happen to use too much, get a clean powder brush and gently knock off the excess foundation.
Of course all foundations will last much longer if you use a facial primer and finishing powder!

What color or tone should I chose for my foundation?
It is recommended that foundation should be one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. You can find your natural skin tone by looking at your neck or looking at the area where the neck and upper chest meet. For more information on finding your skin color/tone, please look at my Concealer post!

Where to apply foundation?
Okay, so this is where a lot of people make mistakes!
You should of course apply foundation to your face, but many people forget to apply foundation to their jawline, under their chin, their neck and blend into the ears. And when you are wearing a low cut top, blend the foundation from your neck to your upper chest area (or if necessary just use foundation on the upper chest area)!
It is very very strange to see just foundation on the face, because of the slightly lighter shade, it will stand out if it's not applied to these other areas. You probably know this, because whenever a celebrity makes this kind of makeup blunder, it's flashed acrossed the world in seconds.
So please! Don't forget to use foundation on these other areas near the face too!

Tricks and Tips!
Some tips for a more natural look I have written earlier under Applying Foundation.
Also, when using a brush to apply foundation, it can actually enlarge pores! In order to prevent this, you can gently buff the foundation into your skin using a buffing brush or any kind of fluffy brush that you can squeeze the bristles together with your fingers.
Gossmakeupartist has an excellent tutorial on buffing:
However! If you have dry skin, please don't do this step, don't buff, it will cause micro exfoliation and you will look flaky, and it will be a mess X( Instead you can use a sponge, damp or not depending on your preference, like I described earlier under Applying Foundation.

Whew! Loong post! haha, I'm sorry if it was a train of information colliding on you but I tried to touch on everything possible.
I hope that this answered any questions you had on foundation or helped you in any way!

Take care and I will be back soon! X)

Stay in Conditioner Sprays Review on Shiseido and Lucido-L

Hey guys! What's up?
School has started for me and I'm already tired =P haha
but even if i'm tired I still will write for you guys! It's a great way to relax and end the day =)

So, what is a Stay-in Conditioner Spray?
It is a liquid spray that a person sprays on clean damp or dry hair. These hairsprays are designed to soften the hair, give it luster and a protective hydrating coating to protect and improve hair health. Stay-in conditioner sprays are non-intensive hair cares, they are usually a daily thing, part of a routine, and are more temporary in treatment; therefore, the best use is continuous use.
It is great for dry weather and for treatment of the ends of the hair which is the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair. This is also good for very thin or dry or brittle hair, any hair that needs a boost in health and energy.
Most people would probably spray just the ends or the lower half of their hair where there is the most dryness and damage.
I personally also like to spray a little on wet hair so when I comb through my wet hair it doesn't damage it as much. If the conditioner spray is too big to bring around for travel, you can buy those travel size spray bottles at any drugstore for like a dollar, just fill it up and it works just as well!

Today I will talk about 2 stay-in conditioner spray products.

First up is Lucido-L Hair Treatment Water:

This is a Japanese product. You can find this at any Japanese department or convenience store. You can also buy it online.
I usually buy it at Marukai or Mitsuwa, and it's $10.
It is 8.75 fluid ounces or 250mL.

I did try this one first, because I'm a cheap person and I think at the time, this was the cheapest hair spray so I decided to give it a shot. So, this spray has an interesting smell. I don't exactly like it. It is a very hair product-y smell, kind of artificial and weird smelling. It also smells a little sharp to my nose.
This spray works well enough, it does hydrate my hair, but I need to spray more to get my desired softeness. Other than that, it works like it's supposed to. It does soften my hair nicely, but still has that product smell, which you might not like.

This is the Shiseido Moist Hair Pack Neguse Naoshi Essence:

You can buy this at any Japanese department store. Shiseido is a popular brand. I get it from Mitsuwa. It is pricier than Lucido. It is $15 and 220mL.
They now even sell refill bottles so you don't have to keep on buying the spray bottle. I think the refill bottle is 250mL but I forgot the price.
My best friend has been using this spray for years and the only reason why I didn't buy it was because of the price haha.

After I finished Lucido-L, I decided to buy this spray, just to see if there was a difference.
The smell of this one is also a hair product-y smell but I find it more bearable and not as sharp as the Lucido-L spray. They're both kind of weird smelling but I personally think that this one smells better. My hair feels softer and stays softer somewhat longer using the Shiseido spray as well. Also, I don't need to spray as much product to get the desired results of soft hair. And because I don't spray so much, it lasts longer!

Which one do I recommend?
Honestly, they both do their job. I'd say the Shiseido one works decently better, the quality is better, I don't need to use so much product and it feels softer, but if you want to save a little you can use Lucido-L. The smell of the spray is based on your preference and whether you care or not. =P

The days are getting dryer and warmer in SD so I'm taking care of my hair, making sure it is well hydrated and gets the proper treatment it needs to last all summer long! =D
I hope you found the information and review helpful! I will see you all later!