Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stay in Conditioner Sprays Review on Shiseido and Lucido-L

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So, what is a Stay-in Conditioner Spray?
It is a liquid spray that a person sprays on clean damp or dry hair. These hairsprays are designed to soften the hair, give it luster and a protective hydrating coating to protect and improve hair health. Stay-in conditioner sprays are non-intensive hair cares, they are usually a daily thing, part of a routine, and are more temporary in treatment; therefore, the best use is continuous use.
It is great for dry weather and for treatment of the ends of the hair which is the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair. This is also good for very thin or dry or brittle hair, any hair that needs a boost in health and energy.
Most people would probably spray just the ends or the lower half of their hair where there is the most dryness and damage.
I personally also like to spray a little on wet hair so when I comb through my wet hair it doesn't damage it as much. If the conditioner spray is too big to bring around for travel, you can buy those travel size spray bottles at any drugstore for like a dollar, just fill it up and it works just as well!

Today I will talk about 2 stay-in conditioner spray products.

First up is Lucido-L Hair Treatment Water:

This is a Japanese product. You can find this at any Japanese department or convenience store. You can also buy it online.
I usually buy it at Marukai or Mitsuwa, and it's $10.
It is 8.75 fluid ounces or 250mL.

I did try this one first, because I'm a cheap person and I think at the time, this was the cheapest hair spray so I decided to give it a shot. So, this spray has an interesting smell. I don't exactly like it. It is a very hair product-y smell, kind of artificial and weird smelling. It also smells a little sharp to my nose.
This spray works well enough, it does hydrate my hair, but I need to spray more to get my desired softeness. Other than that, it works like it's supposed to. It does soften my hair nicely, but still has that product smell, which you might not like.

This is the Shiseido Moist Hair Pack Neguse Naoshi Essence:

You can buy this at any Japanese department store. Shiseido is a popular brand. I get it from Mitsuwa. It is pricier than Lucido. It is $15 and 220mL.
They now even sell refill bottles so you don't have to keep on buying the spray bottle. I think the refill bottle is 250mL but I forgot the price.
My best friend has been using this spray for years and the only reason why I didn't buy it was because of the price haha.

After I finished Lucido-L, I decided to buy this spray, just to see if there was a difference.
The smell of this one is also a hair product-y smell but I find it more bearable and not as sharp as the Lucido-L spray. They're both kind of weird smelling but I personally think that this one smells better. My hair feels softer and stays softer somewhat longer using the Shiseido spray as well. Also, I don't need to spray as much product to get the desired results of soft hair. And because I don't spray so much, it lasts longer!

Which one do I recommend?
Honestly, they both do their job. I'd say the Shiseido one works decently better, the quality is better, I don't need to use so much product and it feels softer, but if you want to save a little you can use Lucido-L. The smell of the spray is based on your preference and whether you care or not. =P

The days are getting dryer and warmer in SD so I'm taking care of my hair, making sure it is well hydrated and gets the proper treatment it needs to last all summer long! =D
I hope you found the information and review helpful! I will see you all later!

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