Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eating Habits and Lip Licking, how to keep your skin and lips healthy

Hello people who enjoy taking care of themselves! XD

Today I'm going to talk about how to keep your lips and the skin around your mouth clean, not dry, and prevent breakouts around the mouth.

I personally feel, b/c I was younger and I was so boyish and ate like a guy, wiping my mouth with my hands, getting the corners of my mouth dirty caused the pores in my skin in the corners to get clogged, which was partially to blame when I ended up with a fungus-related skin problem around my mouth. You can read the whole story in "My Skin Story" in the page above.
Therefore, I would like to emphasize how important it is to be neat and clean when dealing with the mouth area. I know that most ppl are pretty keen on this, but there are others, like my past self, who didn't care about skincare, only cared about studying or whatever they were doing. This doesn't only include girls, but guys too okay. I'm pretty sure guys don't want acne or skin problems around their mouths as well.

First, prevention is key! And also easier to do! It is important to take small portions of food every time you take a bite, especially with messy, greasy food. This way, you don't even have to deal with cleaning around you mouth. Doing this will prevent foods with oils, like sauces, fried foods, etc. from coming into contact with the skin around your mouth and the corners of your mouth. This way, there is no chance your pores will be clogged.
Second, if you do get oils and food crumbs on your mouth and mouth corners, gently press the napkin on the necessary areas and then lightly brush off the food. Pressing the napkin absorbs oils and rubbing will only push those oils and dirty stuff into the skin. If you want to, after that, you can get a bit of water with your napkin and dab into onto your mouth and mouth area, but you should apply moisturizer afterwards, otherwise your skin is going to get super dry and it will feel uncomfortable. Please don't abuse your skin and roughly rub it with a napkin.  Roughly rubbing is going to irritate your skin and your lips, cause micro-exfoliation, and reveal raw skin that is exposed to the food you eat, bacteria from your mouth and the air, and is more likely to get infected and inflamed.
Third, don't lick your lips. I'm sure everyone knows this but not everyone will stop themselves or prevent it. Licking lips not only makes your lips dry and cracked and even bleeding, your also taking germ and microbes from your mouth (especially after you just ate) and putting it onto your lips and on the corners of your mouth. This can cause bacteria to get into your pores. And oil and bacteria really love each other, which can cause infections, fungal issues, acne, a lot of problems okay. So please, do your lips and skin a favor and use chapstick or something.

This was pretty much a common sense post today. But I felt it was important to talk about.
I deeply regret not doing such things when I was younger and I ended up with a chronic skin problem that will last for the rest of my life. T_T So, please learn from me, tell your friends, family, and especially your kids, so they won't have problems in the future. And then you or someone won't have to invest so much time and money to get clear skin and deal with self-confidence issues.

I'm sorry if you felt this was a boring post, but I hoped it helped someone.
Thank you for your time. =)

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