Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review on Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic AI Cream

Hi everyone!
If you have read my previous posts, I'm on the search for a replacement for my Cetaphil moisturizer and this cream was one of the three moisturizers that I bought to try.

So, today I will be reviewing the Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic AI Cream:
This particular product was 50mL for $33 dollars on Amazon, plus $5 for shipping, a total of $38
It is supposed to be store below 30C
It is said to help protect skin from free radicals, regenerates skin protective barrier, helps relieve redness in dry sensitive skin, and is non-comedogenic

First Impression:
So, I bought this because Bubzbeauty did a review on this, and she said this was an excellent product for her sensitive skin when it broke out into terrible rashes all over her face.
Therefore I decided to try it. The price was pretty expensive to me, but I gave it a shot.
So, when I test skincare products, I do it for at least a week. If I get a bad reaction then I will stop using it.
For the first week, the first thing I noticed was the consistency. This cream has a really good consistency. It is thin but very hydrating and smooth. Therefore, you don't need a lot for your face. A pea size amount will cover your whole face.
However, it did give me a shining oily appearance when I put it on, which is common with any moisturizer that has glycerin in it. But I don't like it when moisturizers give me an oily looking face. -__-
The good thing was that my sensitive skin did not react to it. If it did react to it, it would barely sting after exfoliation, which is something I am concerned about, but didn't bother me much at the time.
To me, this passed the keeping test, the test that says okay, it works well enough, I don't need to return it.

What do I think of it now?
After that first week, I went on to test another moisturizer, so I didn't use it for about a week.
Then I decided to try it on for longer for at least another 2 weeks. And I did get results.
The super sensitive skin around my mouth did decrease in redness, I'd say about 30-40% which was not bad. I was happy to see improvement =)
But the problem was the appearance. I still had a very shining oily look to my skin, which really bothered me. It's not like it felt sticky, but it was unpleasant to see and feel the slickness on my face. I have an oily forehead and nose, which did not help with the oily appearance.
And then I started breaking out slightly on my cheekbone area. Now I'm not sure if it was this cream, but like I've said in another post, I don't breakout at the cheeks at all. It's usually my T-zone and/or forehead. The pimples I got were not large, but very small and non-irritating (are they even pimples at all?) and the texture of my skin did not look good with all those little bumps.

To me, this wasn't worth it, and I believed I could find better. So I stopped using it. The cream itself, I can use on my body so I will probably use the rest for that.

Do I recommend Stiefel Physiogel Hypoallergenic AI Cream?
This product was especially made for people who had reactive, dry, sensitive skin.
However, unfortunately, it didn't work for me =(
My problem sensitive skin showed improvement but the rest of my face received negative side effects which I wasn't happy about.
The fact that this doesn't irritate my skin and does improve part of it, shows that it works to some extent, therefore, I do recommend people to give it a shot, however, they should probably spot treat with this cream and not put it on their entire face.
Personally, I'm looking for a moisturizer that not only helps my problem sensitive reactive spots on my face, but works well for the rest of my face too! This is quite a challenge if you are a combination skin person like me. And if you are looking for a moisturizer that works for your entire face, I don't recommend this product. However, if you do have very dry and sensitive skin for most or all of your face, this is a good product to try.

I hope I helped anyone who is considering to purchase this cream or wants to try something new and hope it works for you! =D Good luck!


  1. hi , i love your blog ! , we have the same skin type, and i was wondering like you said that you started to get these pimples but werent sure they were pimples, i used this before , and were the ' pimples ' reddish and somewhat hard to pop ?

    1. aww, thank you! ^_^
      actually, yeah! that's like the perfect description!
      they were small and kind of red, difficult to pop and after i tried once, I decided not to mess with them =P
      now that i think about it, it could possibly be an allergic reaction like a rash or something, but I will never know haha

    2. Your welcome!... oh no and i was going to order it online,so its a done deal with this cream, do u know any other cream that will do as this cream saids but without getting these pimples thingys ?

    3. Currently, I am using the Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion, and I wrote a review on that on my blog (just type it in the search bar), and it works really well for me. =)

    4. Okay thanks i will give the lotion a try , bc ive been thru so many products/dermatologists haha sucks!, but this cream did help my dry spots A LOT , Would the Aveeno Daily Moisture go well with The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner, because i want to buy the toner as well, sorry for the questions but i finally found someone thats going thru the same thing as me :D

    5. I think both work fine, I use both and there does not seem to be any negative effects. haha, no worries! I'm happy to answer any questions ^_^ I hope everything goes well for you!

    6. thanks ! lol i actually just got the Aveeno lotion i couldnt wait to try it , and i also found a ' new ' Aveeno eczema therapy lotion i didnt know which to get because it saids 'this breakthrough cream helps relieve irritated skin and intensely moisturizes to help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function " I dont know if both of these creams do the same thing , i got so confused haha !

    7. np! Oh yeah, I have seen that eczema lotion, I just haven't tried it because I don't think my skin is in that bad of a condition to use it and I don't know if it's more specific treatment for eczema or is just for more irritated and damaged skin, though I would call the company and ask them before I decide to use it, just in case =)

    8. Yes i will call them asap !its bc i went to a doctor and he said i have eczema but i dnt think i have eczema, i search it and i saw these pictures that dont look like that problem i have so i really dont know if i should get that lotion , we going thru the same thing bc u mention that the doctor didnt know specifically what was the problem you had

  2. HI! Just want to know if its good for chigger bites? pls advise.

    thanks alot!

    1. while this cream is known to relieve itchiness, rashes, and redness, I am not a doctor, so I cannot say that it can or cannot work, however, I personally believe that this cream is not strong enough for the painful itching of chigger bites and may not be worth the money. But, I have heard that Chiggerex Plus! Medicated Ointment is pretty effective and it is much more affordable and easy to get. Just try your best not to scratch and if you do scratch and the skin breaks, put antibiotic ointment on it. I hope this helps you!