Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Review on Shiseido Perfect Whip and Perfect Milk facial cleansers

Hi Everyone!!! =)

It is now spring break for me, and it's called making up sleep time! haha XD, well, i hope so lol

Anyway, I had to make a review on these 2 cleansers because they are AMAZING!!

I was recommended these 2 product by a couple of friends, and they have worked wonderfully.

This is the Shiseido Perfect Whip:
This is a soft squeezable bottle.
It is a Japanese product and everything is in Japanese, which means I can't read it...
but it's 120 grams
It's formula is made so that the cleanser's substance is able to clean deep into pores, taking out all the dirt and impurities. Think of large circles over a pore, that can't get into a pore, and then think of micro circles over a pore than can get into a pore. Basically, it's an excellent cleanser that gets all of the pores and small and hard to reach places.
It says foam because you can lather it into a thick and creamy foam!

I love this product because a little goes a long way. I just put a pea size into my wet hands and in seconds after rubbing my palms a rich white soft lather is formed which is massaged onto the face.
I have used the Perfect Whip for at least half a year, it is amazing. It makes my face feel so clean and soft! I can use it anytime, even after exfoliation and it won't irritate or redden my very sensitive skin!

This is the Shiseido Perfect Milk:
It is 150mL, so a bit more than Perfect Whip and is also all in Japanese.
I have asked a friend to translate and if you see the 2 phrases with oval circles, the top one says it's a facial cleanser, and the bottom says it's a makeup remover!
The container is a harder, clear bottle.
Don't worry about being unable to squeeze all of the product out, because you don't have to!!

It's call Perfect Milk because the cleanser's consistency is watery but smooth and soft, kind of like milk! haha
This can also be worked up into a lather very easily and you only need a small amount, i'd say about a little less than the size of a quarter.

The Perfect Milk is also great for my skin! I feel very hydrated and clean after using and it does not irritate me in any way, with or without exfoliation.
It's makeup removing properties are great! Effortlessly washes off make up and I don't feel dry afterwards.
I have used the Perfect Milk for about 3 months and I use it almost everyday, and I've only used 1/4th of the bottle!

Do I recommend these products?
Definitely!!!! Both of these products are amazing! I have and use both!
Not many people know about these products because it is all written in Japanese and hard to trust if you can't read it. Sometimes they have English translated labels stuck on the back over the Japanese.
But they are definitely worth a shot!

I use the Perfect Milk more often nowadays because even though I have makeup remover, this does a much better job and it's 2 in one! a cleanser and a makeup remover!
But I switch these cleansers back and forth so my skin won't get too accustomed to one of them.

Where can I get them?
You can find it in Japanese and most likely in Korean stores for about $10-$15 each.
Mitsuwa, Marukai sell them for $15 each but the Korea store, Zion, sell them for $10 each, which is what I go for haha.
I'm pretty sure you can find them on Amazon too, I just live near these stores so I just get them there.

I really really like both of these cleansers, they are definitely a staple for me.
I love using them after exfoliation because they don't irritate my skin or after using acne cleansers because acne cleansers tend to make my skin dry and these are great hydrating cleansers.

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