Monday, March 12, 2012


just a quick introduction =)

like everyone, I care about my appearance. Not necessarily in front of others, but also to myself.
One's appearance is a representation of oneself to the self and others.
Therefore, this not only affects people who see you but how you see yourself.

I believe it is important to be and see yourself in a happy and confident light, and appearance is an essential trait to that. I really like coordinating clothing, putting on makeup, doing my hair, and taking care of my skin. It shows how much I care about myself and I enjoy taking care of myself!

Growing up, I have dealt with a lot of skin problems and through personal research, trial and error, dermatologist appointments, etc.  I have(mostly) figured out what my skin needs to be healthy and happy =)

My skin is not perfect, I, like many others, still have acne, scarring, and the occasional freak out XP, but it has improved a lot from before and I am still doing my best to take care of it today! X) That is why I watch youtube videos, read reviews, and try out products to further heal and improve my skin condition.

I have talked to a lot of my friends and peers about such things and they have encouraged me to post things online. Therefore, I have decided to give it a shot!

I hope that you will find my reviews, tutorials, and random tips helpful in your journey to live beautifully inside and out! ;)

thank you! ^_^

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