Friday, March 23, 2012

Review on Mario Badescu Kera Moisturizer (and why it doesn't work for me)

Prenote: I usually try each new moisturizer for about a week, because I learn what I really don't like quickly, so I can return it.

So, yes, this is one of the 3 moisturizers I tried out, the Mario Badescu.
A woman at Ulta recommended this to me and I decided to give it a try.
I used it for about a week.

Price: $20
Amount of Product: 2 oz or 59mL
Type: D,S (dry and sensitive)
Not tested on animals
Said to contain anti-inflammatory properties, improve the appearance of broken capillaries, reduce redness
Directions: apply daily on face, avoid eye area
Some ingredients: mineral oil, glycerin, oatmeal, stearic acid
How it works: there's a snap open tube at the top, which one can pull up and squeeze the product out, and then snap the tube down

The first thing I notice was the bottle, and I personally don't like the bottle shape, because even though it is soft and easy to squeeze, at the end, it would be difficult to get the last amount of product out, and I would probably have to unscrew the cap and put my fingers in, which isn't very hygienic
The good thing is that the snap tube doesn't seem to clog or leak

First Impression:
My first impression was, it's kind of pricy, I hope this works haha
When I squeezed the moisturizer into my hand, I immediately noticed how smooth and lightweight the formula was. It was not heavy or sticky, and it made my hands feel very smooth.

I first used this product on my face after cleansing it without exfoliation.
And, the area around my mouth got a bit red (but I get red from warm water anyway), and then it started burning T_T, it was actually kind of painful, stinging and burning....
I was wondering if it was one of those products that I had to give some time to, so I used it for about a week.
After cleansing and exfoliation, the area around my mouth felt even more painful and irritated after applying this moisturizer.
I still used it for a week, just to make sure, but it still was burning me every single time, therefore, sadly, this moisturizer is not good for me. 
I think it also makes me break out, I'm not too sure, because this was around finals week and I was stressed and lacked sleep, but I got a few pimples on my cheeks, and I never get pimples on my cheeks, I either get it on my nose or forehead when I'm stressed out or near my period. So, I'm not too sure, but, this is the first time I've gotten acne on my cheeks....

Do I recommend Mario Badescu D,S Moisturizer?
*sigh*, no, I don't think so.
At the Ulta you go to, there are samples there that you can try if you want to try it out, or you can ask the workers there to try from a new bottle.
When I did that, it was near the end of the day, where I had the greatest layer of skin around my mouth, and it actually burned a little bit, but not enough for me to care, so I didn't think it was that bad.
So, if you want to try it, I recommend you go to Ulta first to try it.
But to buy it may not be worth it.
I will be returning mine.

I hope this review helped you! Goes to show that famous/popular brands don't necessarily work for everyone.
If it works well for you then I'm glad =). I really liked the consistency, my skin just didn't like it haha

So yeah, one down, 2 more to go, I hope they work well! I will see you all soon!

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