Friday, March 30, 2012

Steps of Applying Makeup! Part 2

Hi Everyone!

So in Part 2, I will talk about how I think makeup prepping steps and makeup steps should go. Remember that you do not have to use all of the makeup that I list in my steps, but I think that prepping steps are the most important.

For facial makeup:
First, please start off with a clean face, it is not good to put makeup on a face with impurities on it because it will not stay on well with all that dust, dirt, and oil between the makeup and skin.
Try not to exfoliate unless you have to, because I personally wouldn't want expose newer skin to makeup, but if you are, exfoliate gently and lightly as possible.

Second, please put on moisturizer! Moisturizer is important because it will rehydrate the skin and protect the skin from sucking in makeup substances. I would definitely prefer for my skin to absorb moisturizer than foundation or something. This is definitely a must for people with dry skin, otherwise when they put on foundation or concealer, it will become very flaky and not look good.,
If you have oily skin, i still recommend some kind of moisturizer for the skin, special moisturizers are made for oily skin types, Biore is a good brand for that.

Third, please use primer! This includes facial primer and eye primer for eyeshadow.
Primer is important because it creates a barrier between your skin and the makeup.
Primer helps makeup stay on longer and last long. It prevents makeup from sliding off and/or creasing.
For dry skin, you can get a hydrating primer, smashbox has an excellent hydrating primer.
For oily skin, you can get an anti-oil/shine primer, Prime Time for oily skin is a good example.
Also, prime the skin immediately before you put on the makeup, this means that, right you put on concealer and/or foundation put facial primer on. Right before eyeshadow, put eye primer on. Don't put all the primers on all at once, otherwise they will dry too fast for the makeup to adhere to them.
Also, don't forget to prime your neck and jaw!

Next: According to your preference. You can put on concealer or foundation first and then eyemakeup, or vice versa.
Whichever way you want to start, after concealer and/or foundation, I suggest you put a finishing powder on. This will help set the makeup, keep it from sliding off, especially if it's hot and humid.

After that: now, for bronzer, blush, and/or highlighting.
(please again remember, you don't have to use all of these, and probably don't need to use all or some of these)

For eye makeup:
First, eye primer, of course, as I described above.

Second, please put on eyeshadow. I know to most of you who have done makeup this seems like a no brainer. but I have seen people put on eyeliner before their eyeshadow...-__-, and screw up the whole thing. If you put on eyeliner, before eyeshadow, you will be much likely to smudge it when applying the eyeshadow and this will make it seem you have parkinson's disease when your applying makeup or something, not making fun of people with this disease, but you get what I mean.

Third, next is the eyeliner! It's much cleaner when applied on top of the eyeshadow.

Fourth, curl your lashes and then put on mascara! Don't do it the other way around, most of the time the mascara is thick and wet and will make the lashes cling onto the lash curler, and will cause a lot of pain, annoyance, and loss of lashes. There is a technique to do it properly so your curls will last longer, which I will explain in a later post.
And if you want to, put on false lashes.

Fifth, then fill in your eyebrows and put wax or gel on them! This co-coordinates with the eye, making the eyes stand out and frames the face as well. The wax/gel is to keep the hairs in place and make the color last longer.

Lastly, lipstick and then lip gloss if you prefer.

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