Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review on "The Body Shop" Tea Tree Blemish Gel~!

Hi Everyone!! Sorry I haven't posted much! I just finished a midterm today! So now I am free to post! I do have another one on Monday next week though haha, so I'll be studying most of the weekend =P.

Today I will be reviewing on "The Body Shop" Tea Tree Blemish Gel

This blemish gel cost $6-9 and contains 2.5 mL or 0.08 fluid oz of product.
It can be found in "The Body Shop" store, possibly at Ulta, and online.

What do I think of this product?
I think this is a pretty good product. I like it because I apply it 1-2 times during the day (when I'm on the computer or studying in the library) and my skin will absorb it quickly. It does not irritate or redden my skin. It does not leave any residue or look oily on my skin. When I apply it onto acne, it has a cooling effect which feels nice. It is good at reducing redness and swelling of acne but it is not as strong and harsh and the tea tree oil or other spot treating products. This may be good if you have more sensitive skin and don't mind having a bit of patience and time.
For how fast it treats acne, it really depends on how effect tea tree oil is on your skin and how your skin reacts to the tea tree oil. For some people it is very effective, for others not so much. I am more of in the middle so using this takes about 1-2 weeks for a blemish to go away. But I think constantly treating the acne really helps treatment go a long way, because after a week, the pimple might be there but is is very unnoticeable and small, compared to the redness and swelling earlier.
(On a side note, I bought my friend the tea tree oil from The Body Shop and she has oily and tough skin, and that made her skin dry, peeling, and stinging, so....I'm staying away from that haha)
It is more of a gradual spot treatment of acne so you won't see immediate results, but it is definitely more gentle and easy on the skin. I generally see results in a few days to a week, depending on the severity of my acne. I also like it because (unlike salicylic acid) it does not cause hyperpigmentation so you don't need to worry about applying onto acne during the day. Your acne, when it heals, won't get tanned or form a wrinkly scar, etc.
The only that kind of bothers me a little is the applicator, which looks like so:

It is one of those applicators that look like a lipgloss applicator. I don't like it that much because it means applying onto the skin and putting it back into the bottle, repeatedly which is not that hygienic. But I have not seen the gel get dirty, change color, or get dust and other stuff on it, so I guess it is okay.
Another thing about the packaging/container is that because of the applicator I will probably not get the most of what I paid for. There will still be product left on the sides and maybe bottom of the container even if I can't get it out with the applicator. And I also don't think it is worth to cut open, too much trouble and on a small container like this, it is easy to get hurt.

Do I recommend this product?
If you have random acne on your face that is not cysts or nodules, I recommend this product. Though it is not a fast acting acne treatment, it is a lot more gradual and less harsh and intense. So if you have a party or something to attend in a week, I don't think this is fast enough to treat the random pimple on your face, you are better off trying the Clean & Clear Advantage Mark Treatment. But this is a great daily spot treatment for acne that won't cause hyperpigmentation so you can use it anytime during the day!

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