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Proper Uses of Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes!

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Anyway, today I would like to talk about makeup removing cleansing towelettes, their purpose, and how I think people should use them.

What are makeup removing cleansing towelettes and what do they do?
Makeup removing cleansing towelettes are these wet wipes soaked with certain cleansing chemicals to help remove makeup from the face and sometimes eyes. (It is usually recommended to get a special eye makeup remover just because the eyes and the skin around the eyes are more sensitive) They mostly remove all makeup such as brow makeup, foundation, powers, blush, lip color, eyeshadow, mascara, etc. Some brands even say that their wipes remove makeup and help cleanse the face. This may not be so and I will describe it in the next question.

How can makeup remover cleansing wipes harm your face?
Generally, makeup wipes contain a lot of chemicals to help take makeup off the face and most of these chemicals are more acidic in order to help dissolve the organic compounds that makeup is made from. Because of this, by using these wipes often, the low pH can damage and/or irritate the skin. While they may be quick and easy, using them everyday can cause irritation, redness, dryness, and pH imbalance in the skin. Also, using them around the eye area can irritated the delicate thin skin around the eyes.
Therefore, when companies say that their makeup cleansing towelettes will help remove makeup and cleanse the face, yes it will do both of those things, you can see dirt and oil come off, but there are side effects of using these wipes often that may affect people. Also, because they are wipes, it takes continuous wiping to make sure all of the makeup has been removed from the face and rubbing causes irritation,while washing can go into pores and remove all of the makeup.

How should makeup remover cleansing towelettes be used properly?
I'm not saying makeup removing cleansing towelettes are bad for the face, they are very handy and I use them too! I personally believe that they should not be used very often and should not be a substitute to clean the face.
I think that makeup removing wipes can be used sometimes, better occasionally, at times when you are traveling and need to remove makeup, or right after a party when you are tired and want to remove makeup quickly. BUT, even after using the makeup removing cleansing towelette you should still wash your face with a cleanser! This is to make sure all of the makeup is removed AND to restore moisture and your natural pH balance to your skin.
IF you wear makeup often, and want to remove it properly every day, I suggest you buy a facial cleanser that has makeup removing properties or a cream-based makeup removing lotion. These things are less harsh on the skin than the wipes and came remove more makeup.

Note: Even if you see a facial cleansing wipe at the store that is said to only to cleanse the skin, I strongly advise you not to use those things to cleanse your skin everyday. Wiping to clean your face is not the same as actually washing and rinsing your face with a facial cleanser. Using a foaming or cream cleanser will help go into pores and clean deeper than just superficially wiping the face. And rinsing your face with water after cleansing is the best way to remove any cleanser left on your skin. If you really want to make sure that all of your makeup and/or cleanser is gone from your face, after washing your face, you can use a toner.

If you are looking for a good foaming cleanser please take a look at my review on the Shiseido Whip and the Shiseido Milk, which also removes makeup at the same time! Or Juju Aquamoist in my 2nd Sasa Haul!
If you are looking for a good toner, I recommend The Body Shop Aloe Toner!

Removing makeup is an important process of skincare in order to keep your skin clean and healthy! Why do you think that so many famous beauty bloggers/youtuberes wear so much makeup but still have beautiful skin? Because their skincare regimen is very good! Therefore, it is important to understand how to remove makeup properly without accidentally harming your skin the in the process =). I hope this post was helpful to you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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