Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hairstyling videos!

Hey guys!

So I was on Youtube and I saw 2 videos of 2 hairstyles that I have never seen before! I think they are very unique and I would like to share them with you. =)

The first video shows a look and a hairstyle, but if you go towards the end of the video, you can see her create a really cute, little less than shoulder length hairstyle, almost like a long bob, from her long hair! And I thought that was pretty amazing. XD
(I know it says plastic surgery makeup tutorial, not the thing i'm advocating, i'm taking about the hairstyle at the end of the video!)

The second video is a hair straightening video without hot tools! And this was a very interesting and intriguing idea by this young you-tuber. I naturally have straight hair, but I was surprised and impressed by the way she did it! Take a look!

So for those of you looking for a cute short hairstyle but don't want to cut of your lovely long locks or for those of you who want to straighten your hair without heat; I hope these 2 videos are helpful!

I do not own any of these videos or know these people. I just found them on Youtube and would like to share the videos with you all! Thank you to the 2 you-tubers for your videos! I thought they were very unique and helpful!

Thanks for reading/watching and I will be back later!=D

Note: The reason that they are in the "random helpful stuff =P" tab and not the "hairstyle" tab is that I don't want to give any ideas that these videos are my videos or show my ideas or anything. But I do find them very helpful!

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