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On buying clothes from Yesstyle and other Asian Clothes Sellers Online!

Hey guys!

So today I'd like to talk about clothes that people buy online (mostly Asian clothes), including the very popular Yesstyle!

Note: Everything in the video is almost the exact same thing in this blog post. This is just written for your convenience and so you don't have to keep on re-watching parts =P.

Here is a  video of my thoughts, I don't think it is as detailed goes into as depth as my post, but it gives the main points.

I recently saw this picture: (you can click on it, to expand)
And I felt I had to talk about this..."issue"...people had with Yesstyle and other Asian clothes and brands.

First of all, I would like to say, this is my personal opinion, and I am not here to insult anyone or say that I am right, this is what I think. =) Also, this reasoning applies to fashion and clothing for both sexes.
This comes from my personal experience with buying clothes with international shipping from Asian, and I will say, I have made quite a few mistakes.

1) Okay, so when buying clothes, especially online and internationally, you have to know your body very well. Not only just your measurements, but also your proportions, as well as your build and the amount of muscle and fat you have.
Not everyone can wear anything, things look best on people with certain body types. If something doesn't work with you, find something that does. Don't try to wear something you can't, otherwise you won't look good and the clothes will be wearing you!

So, if you look at the picture above, almost all of these guys kind of fail with knowing their body. Look at the mannequin, and the mannequin body. Okay, now look at their body. Is there a resemblance?...Yeah, I don't think so.
Just because something looks cool on a mannequin, does not mean it will look cool on you. I'm sorry, but it's kind of like a fact of life. Not everything will fit you and it's okay. You just have to understand yourself and find what is best for you.

2) So, a very common and popular thing in Asia, is that people like to buy clothes in sets. For example, for a girl, it would be a skirt, top, accessories, and maybe socks. They do that, because stylists have already matched the clothes to the best accessories, and it looks very nice. If you look at all the mannequin in the picture above, you would say they look pretty good. And it's just not because the one piece of clothes they sell looks great, it's also because of what goes with it.
The people in the picture above, have worn the clothes they bought, with things that don't look good with the outfit. I mean...crew neck T....really? -___-
In order to rock a jacket or a shirt that you bought, you need it to be well complimented by the rest of your clothes. You can't just wear whatever with it and expect to look like a model from a fashion magazine or a really hot guy or girl.
Also, another thing about the clothes, the way the clothes is worn on the mannequin displays its best features. For example, if you see a jacket, open all the way, or half zipped up on a mannequin, it looks good right? That probably means it looks best that way. Some clothes just don't look very good if you wear them buttoned all the way up, or only look good half way up and that's just kind of the way it is. It just does not look the same or as attractive in a different way sometimes. This of course, depends on your tastes, if you like wearing something a different way, then that's cool too. Just don't have the expectation that when you wear a jacket or a button top that it will look great in all the ways it can be worn, because sometimes it just looks good when worn in certain ways.

3) Think also about the Asian market and how sellers sell to buyers in Asia. Their main consumers are Asian people. And what types of bodies do most Asian people have? I will tell you.
For girls, it's usually, no hips, no butt, no boobs, really skinny, with slender arms and legs.
For guys, similar, slim guys with no butt, not much body mass, less muscle, and less definition. I am not being insulting or racist, I'm Asian too okay and I have many Asian friends and I have been to Taiwan, Japan, and China.
The majority of Asians have this body type so companies will cater to this body type.

So what does a Asian girl want? More curves, more definition. Also, because they are so slim and slender, a pop of color to make their frail bodies stand out.
To do that, they have poofy skirts, striped clothes, many ruffles, and especially a lot of layers.

What do Asian guys want? More edge, more definition, broader shoulders, and in general a bigger body.
To do that, Asian companies make more flashier clothes, that are pretty edgy and out there in style. They have military styled clothes to emphasize on the shoulders and also give an illusion of a bigger torso by having a slimming effect that is very body fitting that tapers towards the end. They also like layers to increase size and usually tighter clothes for a more defined look.

If you are not a person with such a body type, chances are it's not going to work.

I'm Chinese but I happen to have a skinny waste but larger hips and butt that most Asians and I still have a small chest. This means, really fluffy, lacy, layered skirts (which emphasize the waist and hips) are very unflattering on me, because it would balloon my hips and make them look way to large.
I also have a shorter leg to torso ratio because i have a long slender torso, but stockier and more muscular legs. Which means, I cannot wear colorful leggings, or striped socks or leggings because it would make me look shorter, stockier, and fatter.

4) Finally, another problem is advertising. Pictures, mannequin, and models all have great photography, lighting, makeup, etc. They are standing still and at the best angles. Even if you do all those things I said earlier, you may look good but don't be disappointed if you don't look exactly perfectly like the model or manikin okay?

Some Tips to Help You!

1) Be very wary when shopping online, especially in China and other Asian places. You don't know the quality of the products, how it will feel on your skin, and how thin or thick these products are. I'm not saying don't buy them, but look and think carefully. A good tip is to buy one reasonably priced item, and see if you like it or not. Don't buy something too expensive or don't buy too many things.

2) Again, know your body. Know your torso to leg proportion especially because that can really make it or break it. Clothes can make you look fatter and shorter when you're really not. If you are not sure, just go into a store, and try on a bunch of clothes. Take pictures in the fitting rooms if you want to and take a look at them later and show them to your friends. Initially, you may not see a difference, but you will later, and your friends can see things you don't notice. And if you are a guy, preferably a girl who is your friend, because, generally I believe they are more experienced when it comes to clothes. =P

3)What if you still want to wear those clothes? Okay, there are 2 things you can do.
First, you can change your a limited extent. And I'm not saying plastic surgery or something like that. Both guys and girls can tone up and slim down by going to the gym and eating a less carby diet. This can definitely help you, but please remember, your natural body is about 80% genetics, so if you want a more drastic change, you need to work hard. I mean really hard. And if telling you this, already sets you back, then you just don't have the motivation to do it. If you really want to do, you can do. You just need to really want to.
And I have seen people do this. I have seen people who are more genetically chubbier and hard to get muscle, get broad shoulders, 6 packs, and look really good and defined. It works and it happens. You just have to make it happen. Same for you ladies out there, if you want to healthily, loose weight and get a better figure, you can do it, if you put your mind to it =).
Second, match the clothes with something different. If a top makes you look short, try a bottom that makes you look taller so it will even out your proportion. Heels can make a world's difference to a girl's proportions and makes me look perfect! (at least to me haha) Mix and match with the clothes you have with the clothes you buy and you can possibly make it work for you!

4) If it is difficult for you to shop online, but you still want to. Try to go online where there are human models and not mannequin. Some websites have models, others use regular people. But using people for clothing models gives you a more realistic idea of what it looks like on you, especially if that human model has a similar body type to you.

Fashion is not easy. It takes a lot of time to know what goes with your body, with your style, and with your clothes. I have been there before and it took me a while to figure things out. But hey, you have time to play. And, remember, when you see something you really like, hold back, and think about it. Is it right for you? And it's okay if you pass it by, there will definitely be more opportunities in the future! =D

So I hope you enjoyed this video/post and maybe got some ideas or help. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below =). Thank you for watching/reading and I will see you later!

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