Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Review on Milani Crystal Eyez Sparking Eyeshadow!

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Sorry I haven't been around as often, I have summer courses and they are not easy...7 hrs of class twice a week, with a part time job and ER volunteer makes me tired XD.

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I am reviewing the Milani Crystal Eyez Sparking Eyeshadow

This product comes in small tubes that hold 30 fluid oz or 9mL of product. They each cost $6-$8 and can be found at any drugstore, Ulta, or online. They come in 6 glittering colors: black, purple, gold, green, blue, and orange-red.

I have bought the black (01 Lovely & Luminous) and the purple (02 Beautifully Brilliant)

Here are the swatches:

The consistency and the application looks bad because I put it on the back of my hand which has ridges because of my bones, which was a bad idea. So, I'm sorry about that X(. But as you can see it is kind of watery so it is easy to sheer out when it is wet. And it is very glittery!

What do I think of this product?
I really like this product. It comes out as a gel cosmetic glitter and is decently pigmented. It can start off sheer, which is nice, if you don't want a lot of glitter. It is easily buildable but you should let the layers dry in between applying layers. It is a bit hard to spread out, the consistency is like glitter glue (from crafts) so it is difficult to get an even application because it is so slippery in the beginning and when it starts drying, when you try to smooth it out, it moves in chunks.
So the best way to apply it, it to apply in light layers with your fingers and gradually build it up to the intensity you want. It also works great as a sticky base if you want to increase the intensity of the glitter and add loose cosmetic glitter on top if it.
I really really like applying 1-2 layers on top of eyeshadow on my eyes because it gives an amazing pop of brightness and really draws attention to my eyes! I use this for mostly clubbing events, when I want to look dramatic.
When it starts drying you will feel the coldness as the water evaporates from the gel and then it starts to feel kind of hard. But it won't irritate or itch your eyelids. You can still open and close your eyes and no glitter will fall into your eyes or what not.

Do I recommend this product?
This product may be a little bit hard to apply at first, but it is not too hard to learn and I got it on the first try. You just need to be patient, careful, and gentle.
If you like glitter, I recommend this as a great product to try. It is affordable and easy to find. The variety of colors is fun and I get compliments with it!

So I hope you liked this post and it helped you in some way. XP
Thank you for reading and we shall speak soon!

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