Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tips and Tricks to Buying Clothes Online!

Hi guys!

A very long time ago I wrote a post and made a video about Yesstyle clothes.

Somewhat related to that is what I will talk about today, which is how to shop for clothes online.

It can be difficult to shop online especially when sizes and fit can vary from store to store and you won't know if the clothes work for you until you get them and try them on.
Here are some tips to help you when you shop online for clothes.

1) Keep a budget. Especially with a new online store you've never bought anything from, limit yourself to a reasonable budget or buy only 1 or 2 items. That way, if you realize the material or fit is not what it seemed, at least you didn't lose too much money.

2) Go look at size charts and know your measurements. This is kind of a given, but some people can be spontaneous and think that something may fit them, when it may not. So it is always handy to know your measurements and compare them to the size charts. If it doesn't look like it'll work, then don't go for it, simple.

3) What about "one size". That means one size fits all, which usually means on the slimmer size. I'm not here to be discriminatory, but that's generally how it goes. If you are a larger person, just be aware that one size may not fit you.

4) It is a good idea to see model pictures. Yes, I know, models are skinny and beautiful and are not you, but they can give you an idea of how clothes look on a person vs a manikin or just laying on a table. You can judge how long a shirt or dress is, or possibly how sheer the material is with a human model. You may also be able to see how loose or tight the dress is and see if it may look looser or tighter on your body.

5) Always have a no-model and no-manikin photo. I say always, because sometimes the clothes look good on the model, or the model will be shot at certain angles or poses that make the outfit look really good, but may be hiding certain flaws. So I always look for a standard, straight up, facing me, picture of the clothes, and I can usually find how the clothes look ugly when, on the model, they appear to be beautiful.

Here's an example:
Here is the link to the outfit.

Here are some of the model images (sorry for the small size, biggest I could get):
Notice carefully that you can only see the model either lying on the bed, or sitting down. Which is of course what people do everyday in public, lay on their bed or on the ground, where people see how fashionable they are. =P
There are photos of sitting on the couch and that's okay.
But you can see that there is no photo of the models standing up, facing forward, or walking around. Because that is where the flaw lies! Scroll down to the no-model photo to see what I mean!
Here is the no model image:
As you can see, there is a large piece of white fabric sticking out in the front. In my opinion, if I saw that long white thing hanging out, I wouldn't think it's that cute looking or stylish. I think it looks ugly. Of course if you like it or don't mind it, then whatever. But I hope you understand what I mean by the possible flaw that photography wants to hide. Because I think front shots of the model standing up don't look that good, or at least not as good as sitting down or laying seductively on a bed. =P
I was initially interested in this outfit as well, but after I saw the no-model image, I was like, forget it.

Once you gain experience and find all the little tricks and hidden details you will eventually look at a picture and be able to tell how good the quality is and how the material may feel on your skin. And if you know your body shape well, you can tell almost right off the bat if the clothes will look good on you or not. Of course no one predicts perfectly, but I've been pretty good so far after shopping online all these years haha. XP

I hope this post was helpful for you! Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment box below! Happy uh daylight savings day =P. I got like 5 hrs of sleep last night, but that was my fault for staying up late in the beginning.
Thank you for reading and I will see you soon! =)

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