Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hi guys!

So, I got a haircut! =O

Here's a video of how it went down, please watch in HD! Thank you!

My hairstylist is Sonia, and she is amazing. She is so far the only person who listens to me and understands exactly what I want! Such a professional!

Side story: When I wanted to grow my hair out very long, I always told previous stylists to cut 1 cm at most. My god, they would cut like 1-2 inches off! Pissed me off! But not Sonia! She is excellent! Trims the shortest length possible, gets rid of split ends and makes it seem as if I never got a haircut!

My Story
I started growing my hair out in the middle of college, and it has grown to this length after 2.5 years. I trimmed it every 3-4 months to maintain hair health and cut split ends. I had to cut off a couple inches twice first due to burning my hair in my research lab, and second due to sun and bleach damage from swimming at the pool too often.
Throughout this time I never blow dried it until this past month and always let it air dry. (My hair had become so long to the point that I needed to blow dry it so it wouldn't become an ugly wet tangled mess). I never colored it, never did a perm, I probably used hot tools on it about a dozen times, yes, really very little, in the past 2.5 years and I ate healthy, used hair treatments and oils to keep my hair strong and hydrated.

So there are some reasons why I wanted to cut my hair. Yes, it was beautiful and sexy ;P, but everything comes with a price. =P
1) I always wanted to donate my hair. It's not only a considerate act for people who lost their hair due to chemotherapy, but it was just something that I always wanted to do, just because. =P
2) I always wanted to grow my hair down to my butt, or at least reaching the top of my butt/end of tailbone. And I reached that goal, yay!
3) It was inconvenient to have such long hair. I had to braid it every night before bed, otherwise it would get tangled. I had to brush it throughout the day because, again, it got easily tangled. I had to be careful when I reached to pick something off the ground otherwise my hair would touch the ground. I had to be careful when going to the restroom so my hair wouldn't touch the toilet or, god forbid, go into the toilet. =P Etc. etc.
4) Another reason why I grew my hair out so long, was that I wanted to have fun styling it, in like beautiful long curls, and what not. And then I realized, that I was a pre-med student and I had no time for that and I rarely did anything to my hair, let alone curl it! And when you have very long hair, your arms and fingers get really tired when you're styling. =P
5) Going along with a mix of reason #3 and 4, I will be going out of state possibly for a pre-medical master's program this year, which means moving and then intense studying, which means, even less time or no time to deal with my hair while taking courses alongside med students.
6) And finally, it is just good for my hair to get a nice cut. All the old hair, despite taking good care of it, is still old, and dryer and thinner than newer hair closer to my scalp. So, it is healthy for my hair.

I still love long hair and I do plan to grow it longer than this, but I may not grow my hair as long as it was ever again. A little sad but I'm glad I got to do this at least once in my life, a good experience with many compliments along with it and what not.

I am in a period in my life where my career is most important to me so I will do what is necessary to make my life easier to focus more on my work.
Growing my hair to this length, took me a lot of patience and time, and by the end I was was happily looking forward to my haircut. =P My head feels super light! O_O Like, amazingly light! I might have dropped a couple pounds after cutting all that hair! XD haha. I miss my long hair, but it's okay, it'll grow back =)

Thanks for reading my post! I hoped it helped those of you who were interested in donating your hair or possible reasons why you should chop your long flowing locks off, haha.
Feel free to ask any questions or comments in the comment box below!
See you later! Good luck studying for quarter system college students! Finals are next week! XO


  1. such a brave gal lol
    :) why not cut it a lil bit shorter? i such it will be easier to manage :)

  2. haha, thanks X)
    I knew that after they cut 10 inches off, they would have to cut off a little more to shape and style my hair. I wasn't sure how much they would cut off in that process, so I just wanted to be safe. =P