Saturday, March 8, 2014

Outfits of the Week!

Hi Everyone!

Here's a short video of what I work during the week (more or less =P)
Please watch in HD! Thank you!

I do apologize if the lighting of the videos were not very good. The weather was either cloudy/rainy with bad lighting or I came back home late at night and so had to film indoors.

Here are all the looks I wore!

1) Overall a pretty dark look. I think it would be nice in the fall when it has not gotten cold yet!
I wore a black cardigan over my tank top and cami to hid all the straps that were showing and give a slimming and lengthening effect to my body. I think wearing a white or brightly colored cami under a deep tank top can give a good emphasis on the bust and possibly make it look bigger. XP
Would also look great in skinny jeans or shorts with tights. Just not leggings alone, I hate that.

2) A very cute look, kind of like a girl-next-door look. This is great for girls who have a slim and straight body shape or if you want to hide anything I guess. I personally like to go to buffets in an outfit like this, so no one can see how gigantic my stomach is afterwards. XP
I wasn't sure what to wear underneath the cardigan and I felt I could have found something better. But whatever, I'm over it. =P
I love my boots! I bought them in Japan! They are long, warm, and comfortable to walk in! FYI: During the winter, Japanese women love to wear very long high-heel boots, especially ones with narrow stilettos. I am not so skilled and brave so I opted for a thicker heel.

3) Very preppy look haha. Looked like I was a Hollister kid or something. But I'm not wearing anything from that brand here! Ha! I find this very school and work appropriate. Also great if you're going to go see relatives. I don't think they can find anything to pick on when you're wearing something like this. =P

4) A soft and feminine look done with jeans. I think I barely made this outfit work for me though. This is great if you have a slim figure with little body shape, as in not much chest or hips. The layers of the white lace will help give a widening effect for the hips while the plain top will emphasize on the slimness of the overall body shape.
My body is not that straight (in the hip and butt area) so I do have a bit of hip, so if the top was shorter, it would emphasize too much on my hips and make them look wider and more unproportional. I think that if this top was a little longer, it would have been perfect.
The booties are my favorite, beautiful, comfortable, and sturdy.

5) A more edgy casual look. Great for hot summer days when you feel like wearing just a cami but don't want to look so exposed to the public. This sheer crop T-shirt is light and cool. It is great for giving the illusion of a slimmer waist and longer body.
The shoes go with the black top and help give the edgy feel. However, these are probably the tallest and most uncomfortable shoes I have. They are poor quality and cut the back of my ankles and made of cheap material. Sorry Charlotte Russe, but it's true, shoes are not your area of expertise. I wouldn't walk too much around with these shoes, I mainly bought them for the design. Kind of like a vase, something pretty to look at. =P

These are outfits that I wore this week that I like to show to you. Perhaps you can take some ideas from me and use them for yourself! Either way I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you for reading my post. ^_^
Feel free to comment or ask me any questions in the comment box below!

See you later and have a great weekend! =D

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