Friday, May 25, 2012

Review on the Clinique "all about eyes serum"

Hi Everyone!!!

So today I will be reviewing the Clinique "all about eyes serum":

This product is $26. You can buy it online or at Sephora or Ulta. It contains 0.5 liquid fluid oz or 15mL of product. It is for de-puffying eyes and massage the under eyes with a roller ball. It is said that it is for all skin types. It also says that it is ophthalmologist tested, alergy tested, and 100% fragrance free. It says it is layerable with other treatments.

The product dispenser looks like so:

It is a metal rolling ball that is gently swept under and around the eyes. This way it is supposed to dispense as much product as need be in an even amount.
Directions: With gentle pressure, roll under each eye from inner corner to outer corner twice. Apply morning, night, and as needed throughout the day.
What I do: I roll under the eyes as many times as I want ~4X. When I rolled under my eyes twice, it evaporated quickly, I wasn't even able to spread out the product with my fingers. I always use this after I wash my face in the morning and night, so I only use it twice a day!

What do I think of this product?
So, I know that in the beginning of this blog I talked about Clinque and how the products I tried didn't work for me and actually harmed me. I also said I wouldn't be buying any anytime soon. However, I got this as a gift from my friend. So, I did not buy it, I probably would not have bought it because Clinique is an expensive brand. But she gave it to me =), so thanks! And I have been using it for about 2 months.
I like the packaging/dispenser. I use it on a clean face, so it's clean too and the shape of the container makes it easy to hold and use. Such little product is used even when I use it twice a day. I've only used about 1/7th of it and it's been 2 months! So this will last for a long time! yay!
After letting the serum soak in my skin, I use an eye cream, and like Clinique says, yes, this serum is layerable with other things, it doesn't solidify or react with my eye cream. Just like it says, yes, it is fragrance free.
This product does work well for me, I'm happy to say =). The serum does reduce puffiness and redness under my eyes and helps eyebags. I like the cool feeling of the metal ball and the cooling effect of the serum underneath my eyes. However, I don't think that this product does anything for my dark circles. They have not gotten any worse or any better. So, I think this works best for undereye puffiness.
This product does not cause any swelling, irritation, or redness to my undereyes. It does not make the skin around my eyes tight or have a stretched feeling, which is good haha.

Do I recommend this product?
I still don't trust Clinque, okay, because I have used products they say is for sensitive skin or all skin types and bad things happen....but, this particular product happened to work for me. =)
I am not sure to recommend any Clinique product in general because as I have said before, the Sephora people told me that Clinque is still considered a cosmetic, not skincare, because of the products they use.
Also, Clinique is expensive, and it is really annoying when you buy an expensive, supposed-to-be-good product, that doesn't work for you. However, you can always return it. Buy it at Sephora, because if it doesn't work, you can return it as long as you have the receipt! And then you can go back into the store to return it and not worry about shipping crap.
I think if your skin is not sensitive then this is a good product to try! Especially if you tend to get swollen, puffy undereyes like me XP. If you have sensitive skin, again, I am not sure and I think you should be cautious. I have sensitive skin, and it worked for me, but everyone's skin is different. The skin around your eyes are especially delicate because the skin is so thin, so it is best to be careful. If you are worried and you know your skin is reactive to many things, please ask your dermatologist if it is okay.

Thank you for reading this review! I hope that it has helped you =).
I will see you all later!


  1. I believe that there are certain product that works well with me and sadly did not for others. Blame it to our body chemistry i guess?
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    1. haha yah, i guess so XD, but there will always be something that works for someone!