Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Let's talk about Lipstick, Lipgloss, and Lip Tints! =O

Hi Everybody! Today will be talking about lip colors! Especially lipstick, lip gloss, and lip tints!
What are these things?
Lip stick is a lip color/paint that is designed to temporarily change the color of one's lips. It is a cream based makeup that is usually mean to last as long as possible throughout the day.
Lipgloss is a clear or colored lip product that is technically supposed to be put on top of lips after using lipstick. It is used to make lips looks larger, moisturized, and helps seal in lip stick color. Lipglosses are usually very shiny in appearance.
Lip Tints or Lip Stains are usually cream or liquid lip formulas that are designed to stain the lips for a more natural look. They usually don't require much product and last the longest.
Lip Liners are usually cream pencil liners that are drawn around the out edges of the lips. They can be used to make the lips look larger and fuller, or help define the lips more to a desired shape. They usually match the lipstick that is being used on the lips.

Do I need to use lip colors?
Haha, nope, you don't have to! Some people like to use these products because their lips may naturally look a little pale, or very close to their skin tone which makes them look washed out and sickly. Therefore, lip colors/products give a more warm and lively appearance. Other people use them for style or for fun.
I personally don't like lip sticks because I think they're hard to get rid of, and I only have a nude one just when I wear intense eye makeup, to help balance out my complexion. I also, don't like lipglosses because they always feel sticky to me, I end up eating them, and my hair gets stuck on my lips, and etc. you know, a mess =P. The lip tints I like are by Tarte, which are too expensive, so I'm not going to buy one haha. Therefore, I stick to tinted lipbalms. These are basically chapsticks that have some color to them. The color is not strong and is more soft and mild (which I like) and my lips get moisturized, 2 in 1, so yay for that!

There are as many lip colors as there are words in the dictionary, therefore, an infinite amount, and even in colors like yellow, and purple.
They can be shimmery or matt.

Application techniques
Many lip colors come with an applicator. A lipstick is it's own applicator. Liquid lip stains have brushes and lip glosses have stick applicators.
However, you can also use lip brushes, which can help with areas that need more detail such as the edges of the lips or give a more defining edge.
Or you can use your clean fingers for lipstick and gently pat it on. The warmth of your fingers will help melt the product and make it easier to apply and spread onto the lips evenly.

Products to use and process of application
It doesn't matter what product you use, it is based on your preferences. You don't have to use lipgloss with lipstick, you can use them alone if you like, etc.
However, it is important to know that lipgloss is the last product to use on the lips, it is the finishing product or sealing product for whatever you use first on your lips. Can't do it the other way around. Try and you will find out.

Tips and Tricks
-please don't use a lip liner that is different than your lipstick, it just looks weird and old
-try not to use too much lipgloss or lipgloss that is too shiny because it will give you a drooling appearance, or make your lips look like plastic and unkissable
-remember, if you are going with a strong lip color, then go with more neutral eyes and cheeks, I have written a post on Makeup Colors and Emphasis on the Face, which is related to this idea
-if you want to make sure that you lip color has the most coverage, use a lip brush and go down in vertical strokes on your lips, this will give it the most color, fill in any small skin cracks, and make the lips look larger
-if you want to make your lips pouty or fuller looking, dab and blend a bit of white or champagne-colored shimmer eyeshadow to your cupids bow or the center of your lips, this will give them more dimension
-if you are going to eat with lip color on, I suggest using a lip color that is softer or closer to your natural lip color so that if a bit is rubbed off, there won't be much of a different, and you can open your mouth wider and eat smaller bites of food (you can always, of course, bring your lip color with you to reapply but I'm a lazy person and I don't haha)
-if you want to make your lipstick last longer, apply a layer first, then get a piece of tissue and blot your lips, then reapply your lipstick
-if you want your lipstick to look more natural, just apply a layer, blot your lips, and you're done! If you feel it looks too dry, use a bit of lipgloss

Whew! Turned out to be a longer post than I thought haha. I hope that I have helped you if you needed to know anything about lip colors or if you are new to makeup!
Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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