Friday, May 25, 2012

Products that I regret buying: Prestige Eyeliner and NYX Slim Eye Pencil =/

Hey Everybody!

So today I will be reviewing a couple products that I regret buying unfortunately =(.
Please remember that this is based on my preferences and if there are things that you don't mind, then maybe it does work better for you!

First I will Review on the Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner:

Prestige is a common drugstore makeup brand. This eyeliner is the color: 10 Star, and it is a pearl white color.

What do I think of this product?
I bought about a year ago b/c a long time ago Bubzbeauty used this and it has a beautiful color. I read mixed reviews on it, people either though it was amazing! or that it was over-hyped and not great. I agree with the latter. The color is amazing, I will not argue with that. It is a very beautiful pearly white color that has a kind of shine/shimmer that would be great to make your eyes and brow bone stand out. However, the texture and quality is not very good. The formula is kind of cakey. It is difficult to put on because it is not very creamy and does not slide on. It tugs and pulls on my eyelids a lot! And I don't like that because I don't want to cause premature wrinkles! >=( It is hard to get the product onto my eyes and skin. It is rather hard to blend and smooth out with my fingers much less a Q-tip or something. Luckily b/c this was a drugstore brand, it wasn't pricy, but you know, I could have gotten something better =/.
I don't recommend this product because despite the beautiful color, it will probably tug on your skin alot which will be uncomfortable and a big time waster since it's so hard to get color on!

Another sad product is my Review on the NYX Slim Eye Pencil:

Please! Please do not confuse this eyeliner with NYX's Slide On eyeliners! They may look the same on the outside but once you take off the cap and try it they are totally different!
The Slim Eye Pencil is around $3-4 at any Ulta or makeup drugstore.

What do I think of this product?
I have a NYX Slide On eyeliner (which I love by the way!) which is about double the price of the Slim Pencil Liner. I recently bought this purple NYX Slim Pencil Liner because I wanted to try a possible cheaper alternative to NYX Slide On eyeliner. However, I was sadly disappointed. =(
This eyeliner shows a medium-dark sparkly purple color on the pencil. However, on the eyes, it looks much lighter, which wasn't what I expected.
Also, this formula is not as smooth and easy to apply as I thought. It tugs and pulls on my eyelids and it takes effort to get the color on my eyes! >=( I am also a NYX fan and I didn't know that the difference in quality of their eyeliners could be so different and so low! I will definitely not buy this again and stick to my NYX Slide On eyeliners which are much more creamier and more pigmented.
I do not recommend this product because of the tugging and that the color is much lighter that it appears to be when applied.

Creamyness/Smoothness, Longlastingness, and Pigmentation are what I look for in pencil liners. I absolutely abhor any kind of makeup product that is not pigmented, not kind to my skin, and does not last long! Tugging of the skin is not only very uncomfortable (especially if you have contacts), but also causes premature wrinkles! And chunky and poorly pigmented makeup can be difficult to apply, blend, and look even.

Reading these reviews I hope that this has helped you on what not to buy when looking for a pencil eyeliner at a drugstore! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! I will definitely talk to you!
Thank you for reading! =)

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