Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Review on the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray and other info! =D

Hi peoples!

So, in this post I will be talking about makeup setting sprays and review one by Urban Decay.

Makeup setting sprays are sprays designed to help makeup last longer on the face. They act in the same way as a primer but on top/from the outside. These setting sprays prevent makeup from smudging and melting off. People usually use them if they are spending a long day with makeup on, if they are going to a hot and humid place, or going to a night out where it will definitely get hot and muggy like clubbing and if they have oily skin (where makeup tends to slip more easily).
However, you should not use makeup setting sprays too often because most of them contain some kind of alcohol which can dry out  your skin. And when you spray you don't need a lot, I'd say 4 spritz at most, and one more for the neck. Urban decay recommends 2 sprays for a "cross" motion and 2 sprays for an "X" motion.

So, here is the Urban Decay All Night Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray:

The one I have is travel size. I don't use it too often so it is enough for me.
Being Urban Decay, yes it's pricy, for a regular size bottle (4 fluid oz or 118mL) it is $29.
It is said to last 16 hrs.

What do I think of this product?
But being Urban Decay, yes, it's good, haha. I haven't tested the 16hrs but my friend (who has extremely oily skin) has used this for at least 12 hrs! And she loves it!
Do I like it? Haha, of course I do! I have used this for about a year and because I have the travel size it's very portable. And for dances and clubbing it lasts really well. While all my friend's makeup melts and smears, mine is perfectly fine, all night long! ;D
This product does not break me out. My skin does not feel itchy or get irritated or turn red when using it. Just make sure to close your eyes when using it and leave your eyes closed after spraying so the vapors don't sting your eyes!
The funny thing is, if  you look at the back, it says "Made by Skindinavia", so actually, it's a Skindinavia product, not really Urban Decay. And I know that Skindinavia setting sprays are very high quality but much more expensive, so I'm sticking to the Urban Decay one.

Do I recommend this product?
For its price, it's kind of a downer. I'm a cheap person and a college student so it is a bit much. If you don't go out too often or don't use a lot of makeup that often and you live in a drier area (like me, California) then I think you should opt for the travel size. You can find the travel size in any Sephora or Ulta store. Or you and your friends can buy one a share one together!
Overall, yes! I do recommend this product! It works really well and there's nothing else I can say about it! =D

So I hope for those of you looking to help your makeup last longer, that you try this option and I hoped this post helped in your decision making!
Thanks for reading!
Byee! ^_^

Update: The "All Nighter" Setting Spray has had a makeover with a new look, but essentially works the same and just as well as the previous model.

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