Friday, May 11, 2012

Let's talk about Eyebrow makeup! >=D

Hi eyecatching people! ;P

Today I will be talking about Eyebrow makeup!

 Eyebrows are important because they frame your eyes and even affect the shape of your face!
Many people pluck, trim, wax their eyebrows for a shape they like and fill them in if the hairs are light or sparse. Especially when wearing eyeshadow, the eyebrows can look washed out, giving a strange non-defined appearance.

What is eyebrow makeup?
Eyebrow makeup is makeup that draws and fills in eyebrows to make them fuller, darker, or thicker looking. Also, other eyebrow makeup can set the color that you put on your brows, making the color last longer or the hairs stay in place.

Types of eyebrow makeup
To fill in or draw brows:
Eyebrow makeup can be in liquid, powder, or "pen"/stick form. You can even use your eyeshadow for your brows, as long as they are matt in color! (not shiny)
Powder brow makeup or eyeshadow tends to give the most natural soft look (which I prefer) while eyebrow pens and liquid brow brushes give a more defined, harder look.
To manage filled-in brows:
People use a gel brow applicator or wax to keep the hairs in place and to keep the color longer lasting and from smudging or melting. You apply this on after you put on your eyebrow color makeup.

Eyebrow makeup colors
I've heard a lot about what colors should be used to apply brow makeup. It is confusing I know. Some people say match your eye color, others your haircolor unless you're blond and then you have to go like 1-3 shades darker than your hair color. I've even heard that even if you have dark hair you should still make it darker than that! O_o
For me, I have dark brown hair color and I just try to choose a color that's around that hair color but not too dark. I'm not too sure about other people but I think it makes sense that if you have dark head hair, then your body hair and eyebrow hair should be the same color, afterall, they grow from the same person. So I think for dark hair colors you should try to match your hair color.
For blonds and redheads, I really don't know =(. I'm sorry. I've never done a blond person's brows and I don't want to say stuff that I don't think is professional or correct. But for anyone try out different colors and stick with the ones you like! I'm sure that you'll find the ones right for you! =) It took me a few tries as well.

Applying eyebrow makeup
-when applying any kind of brow makeup, you always want to start off light, and then build up slowly, you don't want your brows too dark, otherwise they will overpower your face O_O
-if you are using a brush, just fill in sparse areas and without adding more product, use the brush to blend it out well, and when you're doing the inner brows, brush the product against the direction of hair growth for a more natural effect
-if you are using a brow pen/stick, then lightly draw the under arch at the edge of your brows, and depending on your preference, fill in sparse areas or draw in your brows =P. Try to use gentle light strokes to give a more hairlike effect. Then use a Q-tip or spoolie to comb your brows and help blend out the color and soften the brows so they don't look too harsh.
(this is a spoolie)
-if you are using a liquid brow brush, then you are basically drawing and filling in your entire brow, just make sure to use small light strokes for a more natural effect and try not to over draw your brows, this is probably the most difficult way of filling in brows, but it lasts the longest, I see a lot of asian people in asian countries use this because it's so humid and they don't want their makeup to melt.

Here is a video to help you visualize brow makeup and brow filling:
Michelle phan is using a pencil, but you can use whatever you want to use! This is to give you a better idea on how to fill and draw in your brows.

Tips and tricks!
-for beginners who are unsure if, when they draw in brows, if they look even or not, you might want to try a brow pen/pencil, because it is more defined and you'll be able to see better what you are doing, but once you get an idea of your brow shape or what you want your brow shape to be, I suggest powder, it is the most forgiving and natural of all of them =)
-if you want a more mature look, make them thinner and more angular (the arch)
-if you want to look younger, go for thicker, straighter brows (bubzbeauty is a good example)
-eyebrows are sisters, not twins! (from Michelle Phan), they're supposed to look pretty similar but they don't have to be perfect clones! so relax =)
-for wax or gel to keep the hairs and makeup in place, don't use more than 2-3 strokes, otherwise your brows will look shiny or be glued flat to your skin =(
-if you felt that you filled in or drew your makeup too heavily, you can always get a q-tip to take it off
-you also don't have to get a spoolie, Q-tips also do a great job in blending the makeup and fixing mistakes

Hi yall! So I hope this was a helpful post on brow makeup, especially for beginners!
For plucking brows and brow shape, that is something I am not good at, so I won't be talking about that for now until I feel confident and comfortable to give advice. (really i think the best way, if you are unsure of how your brows should look, is have a neutral flexible brow that can be easily altered by makeup when you need it! XP)
Thank you for reading and have a nice day! =D

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