Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's talk about Mascara! ;)

Hey yall! What's up? I hope you're having a great weekend!

Today I will be talking about Mascara!

What is mascara?
Mascara is a liquid-based makeup applied to the eyelashes. It is used to darken, thicken, and lengthen a person's eyelashes. This is done to make the eyes appear larger, brighter, and more awake. Mascara defines the eyes, creating contrast with the whites of the eyes and bringing more attention to the eyes.

Kinds of mascara
There are waterproof and non-waterproof mascaras. Generally, waterproof mascaras are harder to wash off but they definitely smudge less and don't melt and they can hold curls better because they have more wax. Waterproof mascara is easier to clean off but has a higher chance of melting, especially if you have oily skin or eyelids (like me XO)
Most mascaras are black in color, but you can get them in very dark brown. For more party looks or clubbing looks, many mascaras have colored flecks in them such as silver or gold. These flecks/sparkles come in a variety of colors and they are fun to play with, giving the eyes a beautiful flirty sparkle.
Mascaras of different formulas can give different looks. Some can make lashes thicker, others longer. There are mascaras that emphasize on the outer wings of the lashes, giving a more fluttery, flirty look, There are mascaras that make your eyelashes curl upwards (yes, I have used and seen such things) and there are mascaras that can do a combination of such things.

Mascara wands
Another thing to pay close attention to is the mascara wand and the mouth of the mascara product holder. The size/circumference of the mouth of the container will be the one deciding how much product will go on your mascara wand. The shape and bristles of the mascara wands will dictate the overall shape of your lashes and how well they will separate and comb through your lashes.

Should I use mascara?
This is up to you! I think that mascara on the eyes alone, without any other eye makeup, definitely looks the most natural on a person. However, I don't wear mascara often because cleaning them off makes eyelashes fall out more often. But you don't have to wear mascara, heck you don't have to wear make up haha. It's a preference and if you don't like it or not comfortable with it, that's okay too! XD

Applying mascara
I would love to show you in a video but my current camera is poor quality and shows little detail =(, but here are some tips to help you!
-always apply starting from the roots to the end of the lash, if you don't start from root to end and start halfway, the weight of the mascara will bring your lashes down, which isn't what you want and will look flat and droopy
-when you apply, you can do it in a wriggling motion as you go from root to tip, this will help separate the lashes more and prevent lashes and mascara from building up and clumping together
-if you are new to this, start slow, and do it carefully, it's hurts to stab yourself in the eye (raises hand from self experience =P), try looking at a mirror at your eyes to focus and direct your hand movement through your lashes, it's okay, be patient, it takes practice and you'll get it soon! =)

Any recommendations?
-curl your lashes before putting on mascara, if you do it the other way around, you have a much greater chance of ripping lashes off, which hurts T_T. Curling helps open up the eyes, and brighten the eyes and prevent mascara from weighing down the lashes. There is a way to curl after applying mascara, which I will talk to you in another tutorial post!
-I suggest using waterproof, this will help curls stay up and won't smudge, and smear (otherwise you'll look like a panda). You can buy waterproof makeup remover anywhere or use virgin olive oil to clean waterproof mascara, and it usually goes off pretty easily
-while people have different lash looks they want to achieve, always look for a mascara that does not clump lashes together and that separates well, and doesn't fallout on the eye area (panda effect as well)

I hope this helped beginners who would like to learn more about mascara! Feel free to ask questions in the comment box below!
Thanks for reading! I'll see you all later! X)

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