Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review on Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads

Hi Everyone! I just finished a midterm tonight! So glad I got that over with, I felt like I was dying....-___- But, now to talk about something much better than cognitive psychology!!! XD

Today I will be reviewing the Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads:

This can be bought at any drugstore for about $6-$8. You can find it easily online. There are 28 self-foaming dual-texture pads that are ~8.5cm in diameter. The dual-texture means that one side has a textured side for exfoliation and the other side is smooth. The active ingredient is salicylic acid (0.5%) used for acne treatment and prevention. It says it has soy extracts so for people allergic to soy beware! It is soap free, oil free, hypoalergneic, noncomedogenic, and alcohol free. It says it is gentle enough for everyday use and even for sensitive skin.

First Impression
When I first bought this, I was like, dang, each pad is huge! Like I could use half of it for my entire face! Too bad I can't reuse them or something....I guess I could cut them, but that would be too messy =P. And each pad has a lot of product, it is soaked in product so they are definitely not dry at all! Also, I thought the container was kind of there is plenty of space around the pads and above the pads, they didn't have to make it that big and annoying...but I guess they wanted to make it look like it had more product or what not (like air in potato chip bags! grrr).
Besides that haha, when I first used it, I thought that the exfoliator side was a big harsh/rough on my skin. However, as soon as I adjusted the pressure, I really liked it! It foams up well, and it's convenient because no product is running down my face or my arms unlike when I use a cream cleanser. Also, it does not sting or irritate my sensitive dry skin, and I usually use the smooth side for that skin area.

What do I think of it now?
I've been using this product for over a month now and I really like it! =) When I'm in a hurry and I  have acne, this is a great product to use because it's so mess free. I can switch sides depending if I need exfoliation or not and the smooth side feels really nice! My skin doesn't feel dry or tight after use and I can actually see the pad take off dirt and stuff because the pad changes to like a light brown/tan color...ewwww, yeah I know. But hey! It works! =P My face becomes much cleaner looking after use. Also, despite it's bulkiness it is safer to carry on trips because if a bottle explodes from pressure or what not, stuff gets everywhere which is a pain, but it won't happen to this! So, I think this is really good for traveling.
I also think it is good for acne treatment prevention, and I have no problem using this everyday since the amount of salicylic acid is low, it would be a good daily treatment. I have seen less tiny acne pop up on my face.
However, one thing I have to be careful is to not over exfoliate and not rub too hard. I still have to be very gentle on my skin, otherwise it can get red and unhappy =/, but as long as I'm careful it works well.

Do I recommend this product?
Yep! I recommend this product! =) If you would like a light acne treatment and you would like to cleans and exfoliate your skin all at once, this is great for daily use or if you are in a hurry. As long as you are careful and gentle during exfoliation, then you should be fine!
I especially like it because it does not irritate my sensitive skin and it's affordable! If your sensitive skin get's irritated, try the smooth side, it should work better. Or if your skin still does not like it, then don't use it everyday, use it about every other day or every two days.

Yay! I really liked these pads and I wanted to do a review on them ASAP! But I had to hold myself back and use them for a month before I was sure that it was a good product!
So I hope you liked my review and that it helped you =)
Thanks for reading!

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