Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review on L'oreal Telescopic Waterproof Eyeliner!

Hi guys! Today I will be reviewing the L'oreal Telescopic Waterproof Eyeliner:

This is a waterproof liquid eyeliner. The one I am reviewing is the old version of the L'oreal Telescopic Eyeliner with the blue applicator. (Don't get the new versions that don't have the blue color [i think they're a gold color or something], they suck and the applicator tip is stiff, uncomfortable, and therefore sucks!)

This eyeliner comes in 2 colors, black and brown. Each eyeliner contains 0.06 fluid oz or 2mL of product. It is about $7-$9 and can be found at any drugstore and at Ulta. It has a felt/sponge tip applicator: (Brown is on the left and Black is on the right)

I will post swatches at the end of the post! =)

What do I think of this product?
This was the 1st eyeliner I bought in my life and the first one I ever used. (Yes, haha, I started off with liquid eyeliner XP). This was introduced to me by a friend beginning of sophomore year, so I have been using this product for about 1.5 years. I have both the black and the brown eyeliner and I think they both work very well! 
The felt tip may feel a bit hard in the beginning, but it quickly breaks it. Even though I know that liquid liners are the most difficult eyeliner to apply, the felt/sponge applicator still gives it some structure unlike brush applicators, so they won't be as flexible and unsteady as brush applicators.
Even though the swatches show a difference in the color, from asking my friends, they usually can't tell the difference between the brown and the black, they are both very dark. I prefer brown because it looks more natural.
This eyeliner can give a very clean and defined finish. It is easy to make thick or thin lines. When you first apply it, it may look glossy/shiny but after it dries it doesn't have that look anymore, so it is more of a matt finish. The formula is very smooth but it is not too dry that it clumps and not too liquid-y that it drips. It also applies a light even coat, which is great because you don't want a thick layer of anything on your eyes or face.
Also, because it is a waterproof formula, this eyeliner lasts for a really long time, I've worn it the whole day with no problem. Sometimes at the end of the day, it starts cracking a little bit from the movement of the eyes, but it doesn't flake and stays on well. I've worn this in the rain and worn it to dances and clubs with no smudging, or flaking, or smearing! =)
With constant, almost everyday use, this eyeliner lasts for a while, I'd say about 6 months, which is pretty good for a drugstore brand. Before you apply it, you shake it and you hear the mixer click inside. I've also left this on the shelf without use for 2-3 months before and it still works! Just shake it a little longer and the formula is still good.
The only 1 problem that I can find, if I am really picky, is that the inside edge of the container can tend to start drying up. As you pull the applicator out over and over again, the inside edge gets exposed to air and everytime you pull it out, a layer of eyeliner dries on top, which can bother some people. It doesn't really bother me, it never clogs the container and comes out by itself later and I just throw it away, and it also takes some time to build up.

Do I recommend this product?
Yes! If you like or don't mind using liquid eyeliners, I recommend this product! =) Especially since this one is waterproof! It is very very affordable for eyeliners and easy to find.
If you are a beginner at makeup, and you would like to try a decent liquid eyeliner, I recommend this one because it's cost is so low, that if you don't like it, it won't hurt your budget that badly and the felt tip applicator allows you more control and also allows you to do smaller, shorter strokes. This means that you can take it easy and you don't have to line the eye in one go!

Brown is top and Black is bottom. The colors are very dark and almost similar looking. I've asked my friends which color I've used and to them it looks the same =P. Even though I can tell the difference haha.

The eyeliner may look glossy in the picture but that's because I have a strong lamp light shining on it. On your eyelids, it won't look like this.

So I hope you enjoyed this review! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below! I am happy to help or talk to you in any way =)
Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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