Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Review on Shiseido Extra Hair Pack

Hi Everbody! =)
Today I am reviewing the Shiseido Extra Hair Pack:

This product is a hair mask. It contains 220 grams of product. You can buy it in the Japanese markets Mitsuwa or Marukai. You can also find it online such as on Amazon. It is about $20.
Directions: After rinsing with shampoo, massage into hair and leave in for 10-15 minutes, then rinse. Use 1-2 times a week.

What I do: Well, I don't have a lot of time in the shower, and I can't just spend an extra 10-15 minutes in there! XD I have stuff to do! So, what I do is that when I take my evening showers once a week, I spray water into my hair until it is damp. Then I spread the product into the lower half of my hair, concentrating on the ends of my hair. The ends of my hair are the most dry and fragile, therefore it needs more care! Then I tie my hair into a bun and leave it in for about 30 min because it takes longer for non-washed hair to absorb the moisture and then I rinse it out in the shower.

What do I think of this product?
I heard about this product from Beautifymeeh and bought it on Amazon to try it. Like she says it has a really nice fragrance =) The product is very creamy and smooth. I think it works very well! It makes my hair a lot softer and smoother. Because my hair has absorbed extra moisture it feels thicker and becomes healthier and shinier. The price does bother me a little bit, it is more on the pricy side. However, I only use this once a week and so far it has lasted for more than 2 months and there is still quite a bit of product inside. Over time I have seen a difference in my hair. My hair used to be more dry and scraggly looking, especially at the ends of my hair and I really disliked that. However, this product has really helped moisturize my hair, which is great because I'm planning to grow my hair very very long! The ends of my hair are not longer dry and my hair feels soooo soft! My bf likes that too ;P.

Do I recommend this product?
Yes! I recommend this product! Especially if you have thin hair that is easily damaged, or dry hair that needs more moisture, this product is great to try! I really love the smell and feel of my hair after using this product, it works so well. =) I also recommend this for people who want to grow out their hair long. If you take care of the ends of your hair, they will be less damaged, have less split ends, and will last longer with less trimming. (But trimming the ends is still important!)
Try to use this product on the lower half of your hair only or as little product on the upper half. The top part of your hair is the newest, strongest and healthiest hair, therefore it doesn't necessarily need all the extra moisture. If you do use it on top of your head you may make your head very greasy or the extra moisture from the hair mask will make your hair heavy and weigh it down so that you have less volume on your head.

So I hope this post was helpful to you! Since summer is coming, the days are getting hotter and dryer and the heat from the sun and dry air can really dry out and damage hair. I know because my hair is fine and thin, so I want to keep it moisturized!
Thank you for reading and I will see you later! =)

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