Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Let's talk about BB Creams! XD

Hi Everyone! Today I will talk about BB Creams! =O

Background info:
So, most people probably know this, you can find it on Wikipedia. But a short background intro. BB creams were first designed in Germany for people post-surgery to help protect and improve their skin. It was taken by mostly Asian cosmetic developers as a skincare/cosmetic product and has now developed into a world wide BB cream craze that's been around for a couple years.

Possible benefits and properties:
Most BB creams have:
-some kind of coverage from sheer to heavy
Other claimed benefits are:
-skin whitening properties
-fighting/decreasing acne, pimples, blemishes
-reducing scars and pigmentation
-giving skin a smoother texture
-brightening effects
-reducing fine lines and wrinkles

Why are BB creams so light? And come in such few shades?
Well, historically, Asian countries were the one of the first to widely produce and popularized BB creams. And, generally, most Asian women in Asian really like/want pale skin. It is a sign of beauty to them. (And I also like light skin generally...I'm trying to get a more tanned look this summer.) Therefore, the businesses and markets cater to what the consumers want and most Asian BB creams (like many in the picture above) have very light colors and because that's what most people want in Asia, they don't need a wide range of colors.
BB creams also tend to have SPF and sometimes a lot, which has light-reflecting properties, making the creams lighter and making your skin look lighter as well.

Do BB creams really do what they say they do?
I've talked with some skincare people and generally they say that the more stuff/properties you put into a product, the more complicated and difficult it gets, for all of those things to work effectively. Therefore, the quality of products can be reduced if they are less specialized and do a little for each kind of property/benefit it has. Therefore, I wouldn't count/depend too much on what they say they do. I definitely believe that they can moisturize the skin, provide coverage, and have SPF. They probably do have whiting properties if they say they do, they're pretty good with that. However, having learned some chemistry, biochemistry, and organic chemistry, I'd say it's pretty difficult to make a product that does so many things. Best to treat it as a foundation with SPF or something and not expect too much from it.

Oxidation effects:
The good thing about BB creams that even though some of them are so light, they do oxidize. Most of  them take 20-30 min to oxidize. Therefore, you want to find the color of BB cream that oxidizes closet to your natural skin color. Some tend to oxidize to a more gray finish, depends on the brand, so try to find one that doesn't look too ashy and gray on your skin.

BB cream application:
-Even though BB creams have moisturizing properties, you should still moisturize your face before applying BB creams. Because when they dry and oxidize, for dry skin, it can still look flaky, dry, or cakey, and it's just good have a layer/barrier between your skin and the BB cream
-You do not need a lot of BB cream for your face. At most, a pea-size amount is needed. Because it is so light colored, you can make your face look really pale/white/pasty/gray if you use too much!
You can use your hands, sponge, or stippling brush to apply. Just make sure to first apply lightly and use more coverage when need be! I like to use a stippling brush because it uses the least amount for the most even finish. If I want a more natural look with lighter/sheer coverage, I rub the BB cream in my palms and gently press it all over my face. Got the tip from Bubzbeauty! X)
-Also! Don't forget, you need to use this on your neck and ears too! Make sure your face matches your neck, ears, and upper body skin color, otherwise, it will definitely look weird! O_o

Other info/tips:
-remember, this is also a cosmetic product, if it says it does both, treat it as a cosmetic product, it is safer that way and depending on your skin type, like other foundations or cosmetic things, they can cause people to break out
-if you want a wider range of colors, I believe that Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream comes in 6 or 7 colors, which is at best, good for tanned skin, but not dark skin
-some have fragrance, some don't, generally, I don't like stuff with fragrance unless it's a good product and I'm willing to get over the smell =P
-because most BB creams have SPF don't use this as a foundation when you are going out and taking pictures, because flash photography is going to make your face look ghastly white! O_O BB creams are best as a day coverage
-depending on your preference, you can go for more sheer BB creams or ones with more coverage
-If you are new to BB creams and want to try, I suggest buying sample packs, like this one:

This particular set, you can buy on Amazon.
And if you are new to BB creams, I also suggest that you buy the Asian ones such as the Super BB brand, Missha, The Face Shop, etc. This is not because I'm racist, or biased, or anything like that. It's just that: First, the majority of American BB creams are brand named and expensive, and you don't know if they're going to be a good investment, and I'm sure you don't want to waste your money. Second, the Asian cosmetic companies that make BB cream have been doing it a lot longer than American cosmetic companies. Therefore they are more experienced and have had more time for reviews and improvement
-to find the Asian produced BB creams, try Amazon, I trust Amazon the most, but still! Becareful! There are fakes out there! Especially of the Super BB brand on Ebay and other more sketchy sites! Here's a good youtube example of how to spot a fake Skin 79 Super BB Cream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWVk9NA8qqE&feature=fvwrel
-if you are wondering what's the difference between the hot pink Super BB cream and the gold Super BB cream, the hot pink version is for oily skin and the gold version is for normal to dry skin.
-try to find a BB cream that has good reviews, has a good smooth consistency, not sticky, not thick, not cakey, and doesn't feel heavy or stick on your skin, the best BB creams have the coverage you want and looks and feels like your own skin!
-also, please make sure to wash the BB cream off properly like you would with any foundation, remember, BB creams are not moisturizers, they contain much more stuff than that, and can clog pores, so don't forget to cleanse your face properly! =)

My personal thoughts:
I don't use BB creams too often even though I own like 5 of the top selling brands XD. I'm always afraid that if I use it often enough or everyday, that I will break out because of it, since i have sensitive skin and an oily forehead and nose =/. And I absolutely hate acne..so, that's why I don't use them often, I'm so scared XO. I would use this on a day out with friends if I want a natural light coverage that makes my skin tone look more even and bright. It's a great substitute for foundation (which can be on the heavier side) and when i don't want to wear concealer but have a good overall complexion.
Like, I really like them, especially the concept! If it was 100% guaranteed not to break me out, I would use it more often. But I'm just too scared! I really hate the healing process of getting acne from cosmetic products =(

So, I hope you enjoyed this post and that you learned what you wanted to learn from it XD.
Thank you for reading!
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to write in the comment box below!
Talk to you later! =D

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