Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Review on CVS vs Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover!

Hi Everyone! =D

Today I will be reviewing and comparing 2 eye makeup remover brands: CVS and Neutrogena

CVS Eye Makeup Remover Oil-Free:

This can be found online or, of course, at CVS. =P It contains 6.4 fluid oz or 189 mL of product and costs $4-5.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover:

This can be found online, at any drugstore, and at Ulta.  It contains 5.5 fluid oz or 163 mL of product at costs $6-8.

I have used both kinds for extended periods of time. And literally, they are the same! All the ingredients are the same. I literally went to the store and stared at the ingredient list in both bottles. They are both a non-polar and polar solution in which you can see 2 immiscible layers of liquids in each bottle. Basically they act like soap, with polar and non-polar components. The polar compounds will wash away anything aqueous or water-based and the non-polar compounds will wash away anything oil-based like grease, dirt, organic compounds, etc.
Directions for both are the same: shake well and apply with a cotton pad on closed eyelids, later gently rinse your eyes with warm water.
They are both fine for sensitive skin/eyelids and eyes. For both of them I have gotten both solutions in my eyes, and they don't hurt. I could dump both kinds in my eyes, and nothing would happen, though I don't recommend it =P.
They both take off makeup easily, without any pressure or tugging. My makeup, no matter how much makeup I put on my eyes, even if it's waterproof or cosmetic glitter, etc. they both easily take everything off.

Which one do I recommend?
Really, it's simple. If they both are the same, and work just as well, go for the cheaper one. The only reason Neutrogena is more pricy is because it is a brand name, but really the CVS eye makeup remover works just as well, physically and chemically. So I recommend the CVS Eye Makeup Remover Oil Free. Guys, don't be drawn in by brand names, kay? Some things have the same stuff and work the same but just aren't as well known or flashy. Save money to buy something even better for yourself ;)

So, a rather quick review, but I thought it was important since CVS is such a common drugstore brand in the US and Neutrogena is fairly well known throughout. I too can be a bit worried when I go for drugstore brands that don't look as high quality as the more well known brand names, but I'm just saying that there are equivalent things out there for a cheaper price!
I hope this was a helpful review to you! Thank you for reading and I will see you later! XD

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