Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let's talk about False Lashes! ;O

Hi Everybody! Today I will be talking about false lashes!

What are false lashes?
So, that's pretty simple, false lashes are fake lashes. XD They are fake eyelashes that people like to use to make their lashes look bigger, eyes look bigger or give a certain dramatic, flirty, or artsy effect.
Many people like to use false lashes for clubbing, special events like prom or weddings and others use them everyday! O_O

Do I need false lashes?
Nope, you don't need false lashes! Totally up to you =). I don't use false lashes because...I'm lazy XD, haha. And I think I would mess up very badly. But really, from talking with friends, it's not that hard to get used to, and with practice, it will become very easy!

About lash glue:
So, people use lash glue to put on false lashes. There are different types of lash glues. Some dry dark (black) and others dry clear.Some are designed for very strong adhesion and some are designed to be pulled off easily without damaging your eyelids or eyelashes. It really depends on your preference of lash glues and what occasion you are wearing false lashes for.

Types of false lashes:
There are a variety of false lashes. There are basic straight and long lashes. There are ones with color, with glitter, with feathers, with lace! There can be a combination of any sort of lash pattern with color or design. Lashes can also be rimmed or non-rimmed. Rimmed lashes have black connectors between each lash and non-rimmed would mean that the lash band is clear.
There are also individual lash groups that you can apply, like so:
 Some people like to use half lashes on the outer ends of their eyes for a more flirty and non-overwhelming look (you can also cut regular false lashes in half too):
One of the most natural false lashes are criss-cross lashes:
A lot of people I know like more basic and natural false lashes but if it's halloween, prom, clubbing, feel free to do whatever you like. ;)

Applying false lashes:
There are a lot of videos on youtube on how to apply false lashes. I only know the theory of it, since I've never used false lashes before and I don't plan to. =P
I can give you a few tips though:
-You can see how a false lash looks by setting it on top of your real lashes and if they're too long you know how long to trim them
-apply a thin layer of lash glue, you don't need a lot
-wait for about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky so it sticks on better, but if you like to adjust it while it is on your lashes, then you don't have to wait as long
-when the glue is drying, make sure to push the false lashes inwards and upwards so they stay well and perky
-you can apply mascara before and/or after, just remember to gently curl your real lashes with the false ones so it looks uniform and not weird and two layered XP

Side effects of wearing false lashes:
So the first time you wear false lashes, they are going to feel very heavy. =P Like, you say your eyes will be open, but they look half open to everyone else. This is just something to get used to and your eyelid muscles will grow stronger and get used to the weight of lashes. And you will learn to open your eyes a little wider than normal to lift up the false lashes so that your eyes will look open to everyone else.
When you take off your lashes it's true that you can loose a few eyelashes, but it should be okay as long as you don't wear false lashes too often.
If you use false lashes frequently, like almost everyday. You can get the side effect of having your lashline colored by the lash glue. Hollyannaeree from youtube, talks about this in one of her videos. On her lashline (where eyeliner and/or false lashes go), she has a gray/brown line that looks like she put on eyeliner. But that's from the lash glue from wearing false lashes so often. I don't think it will have negative effects on your health, but basically your skin right there will be a bit stained.

More tips:
-Try to get false lashes that are on the flexible side so you can bend them to your eyeshape.
-For a more natural look cut lashes in half or get half lashes to put on the outer ends of  your eyes for a flirty look. Or get criss-cross lashes
-if you want something really natural, just stick a few individual group lashes on the outer edge of your real lashes
-you can put false lashes on your upper and lower lashline if you wish, depends on the look
-before you put the lashes on your eyes, you can bend them a bit to fit the curve of your eyes better

My personal view:
I don't like false lashes because it can put a very dramatic change on the eyes. So much so, that when you take them off, it's like you never had lashes to begin with. And I wouldn't feel like myself if I wore false lashes. To me, it's just too much of a change and looks a little on the fake side. Mascara and eyeliner makes me happy enough. =) If I really had to wear false lashes, it would be for flash photography on my wedding day, something really important or when I know that things like flash photography can really wash things out.

So I hope this helped those of you who are new to and interested in false lashes. If you want to try don't be afraid to! You'll know if you like them or not! =D
I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments, feel free  to write in the comment box below!
I will see you later! =)

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