Thursday, July 10, 2014

Review on Biore Black Pore Strips!

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing Biore's Black Pore Strips

These strips can be bought at Marukai Living, Mitsuwa, Tokyo Lifestyle, and Takashima and also online.
It is a pack of 10 nose pore strips for about $12-$15.

What do I think of this product?
This is my go-to pore strip. I have tried a variety of pore strips within and outside this brand and I always come back to this one! I think that the adhesive properties of the strip are stronger and tend to leave less sticky residue behind when I take them off.
During the summer, my pores get bigger and tend to get clogged more easily so I get more whiteheads and blackheads. But I do tend to get white heads a lot more frequently than blackheads, especially on my nose. Once a while when I feel that I just have too many large whiteheads on my nose, I use this pore strip. It is very effective for me. It pulls out the majority of the white heads except for the hard to reach areas such as the inner corners of my nose. My pores become significantly smaller after use and it is great!
I do not use pore strips often since they are a relatively forceful way of cleaning pores and can be damaging and drying to the skin with often use. So I use this occasionally, maybe once a month, especially a few days before an event or date.
I will also use pore strips at night, after I cleanse my face and before I go to bed.
I only use them at night, because remember, pore strips can be a little damaging to the skin, they may take off a little bit of skin, exposing it to the environment. Also, once all those whiteheads and blackheads are pulled out, the pores are now open holes, also exposed to the environment. After taking off the strip, I rinse my face with water, apply toner, serum (sometimes) and moisturizer. And after that, I will use my Clean and Clear advantage acne spot treatment gel (formerly called the mark treatment) over my nose. This product has salicylic acid which prevents acne, and acts as a natural antiseptic. This way it will help prevent bacteria from going into my open mores and prevent acne from reforming!
I cleans my face before using the pore strip because the pore strips stick best to the face when there is no oil and dirt in the way. Pore strips rely on using the warm wet water on your nose to active an adhesive mechanism that literally sucks out the water and blackheads/whiteheads from your skin and pores. Water is polar and oil and dirt are non-polar. Like goes with like. So, if you have oil and dirt between the pore strip and the skin, it's not going to be as effect.
I guess my only issue with these is that I find them a little expensive. =P But at least they work well for me!

Do I recommend this product?
I recommend this product for those who do have sensitive skin on their nose and who tend to get more white heads than black heads. Not that this pore strip takes out whiteheads better than blackheads, the strip is black so you can see all the whiteheads that were pulled out, so visually it is better to see them.
If you do have sensitive skin, I recommend abstaining from pore strips all together and go for something more gentle such as the rubber-like peel off masks or clay masks.

So I hope that this review was helpful. Feel free to write any comments or questions in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and I will see you soon! =D

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