Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review on Anastasia's Brow Wiz Eyebrow Pencil

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing the famous Anastasia "Brow Wiz" Eyebrow Pencil
This product costs $21 and can be found online or in stores at Anastasia, Sephora, and Ulta.

What do I think of this product?
I decided to try an eyebrow pencil because I knew that the area I'm moving to in the East Coast will not only be hot, but also humid (as opposed to southern California's hot and dry weather) and I wanted a product that would be longer lasting and more smudge proof than my eyebrow powders. Not saying I don't think that my eyebrow powders are long lasting enough, I honestly don't know. When I go to humid and hot countries like China and Taiwan, I bring makeup, but end up not wearing it....because...I feel like I'm breathing in and walking through water there =P, super humid!
So just to play safe, I wanted to find a suitable eyebrow pencil!
I chose the color "medium brown" which suites my natural hair color. My hair color is a deep brown color but it tends to get sun-bleached (lightend by sun exposure) a little at the top.
One end of the product has the pencil makeup and the other end has a spoolie to help brush the hairs out and even out the makeup after application for a more natural look).
I really love the pencil makeup end. The product is a harder and seemingly wax-based makeup that does not deposit too much color with each stroke, so it doesn't look too dark. It is very precise because of the tiny tip and it is easy to fill in the eyebrow naturally. The makeup is very long lasting, even on super hot days, they do not smear or smudge and don't seem to be affected by sweat.
My main issue with this amazing product is the spoolie at the end. The bristles on the spoolie are not that soft, they tend to be pretty firm/hard and not comfortable when brushing out my eyebrows. The bristles are also not very long and so I need to hold the spoolie nearly parallel to my eyebrows when brushing, which is something I am not used to and feels awkward to me. (I am used to long soft bristles that I don't have to hold so close to my face!) Also, with stiffer bristles, it is easier to accidentally brush off too much makeup, which means I need to reapply my makeup if I apply too much pressure when using the spoolie. (With a soft spoolie, it is not as sensitive to pressure, so I tend to use more pressure with less control and not a lot of product is brushed off). So I ended up not using this spoolie end at all, and just using my E.L.F. spoolie or E.L.F. disposable spoolies, which work great! (and are cheap). But it makes me feel like I'm wasting my money by not using the entire product. =/
Another issue, more minor, is the price and amount of product. This is a little pricey for me. $21 can feed me 2-3 meals! I also now do my brows everyday, which means using my brow makeup often. I have heard many reviews/thoughts that this product is used up very quickly, and that there isn't enough for the price for some people.
So my verdict, is, I love the product! The quality is excellent and as great as it is advertised. The downside is I don't use the spoolie and it is a little expensive for the amount of product sold. Currently, I do not think I will repurchase this product.
On a side note, my mom and a close friend has told me that this color is a little too dark for me. Perhaps for now it is too dark because the summer sun lightens my hair to a lighter brown color, but I will still use it in combination with my softer and lighter brow powders and using it when I go out at night, especially if there is flash photography. As for everyday wear, I do not like the lighter colors for this brow pencil, I find them a little too warm (yellow or reddish) for me so there is no lighter color for me to choose. =/

Do I recommend this product?
Just looking at the quality of this product, I highly recommend this product. This is fast and easy to use. It is very long lasting and gives a natural look.
Just keep in mind if you are willing to spend the money for this and if you are okay with a spoolie with short and harder (than what you may prefer) bristles.

So I hope that this review was helpful to you! Feel free to ask any questions or comment in the comment box below! Thanks for reading and I will see you later! =)

P.S. I am currently trying another eyebrow pencil, which may be more suited (and less expensive) to my preferences. Stay tuned!

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