Sunday, July 20, 2014

Special Occasion Summer Outfit!

Hi Everyone!

Please watch in HD! Thanks. =)

The dress is from Anthropologie and the purse is Ralph L. Lauren.
Wedges are from Nine West and watch is from Seiko.

FYI, I did not buy this dress or purse, it was a gift from a family member. I would never buy such nice things for myself, too poor. =P

The summer has been pretty hot so far. It's a little cloudy now, but still kind of warm outside.

This dress is great for outdoor events such as weddings, parties, shows, etc. The material is light-weight and comfortable!
You know those hot summer days when you have to dress up for something but you don't want to feel sticky, sweaty, and gross inside a thicker or more form-fitting dress. Something like this is a great alternative!
It is soft and flowy, allowing air to circulate through and best of all, you can go out and eat in this dress, because no one can see you tummy! XP

The white inner layer is quite opaque and so no one can see your underwear, but if you want to be safe, like me, go for nude underwear. =P

Here is the bag up-close:

I hate to be one of those people who complain but can't help it today. I don't really like this bag. Because it is made of real leather, I can't put too much inside (even though the bag itself is pretty big) otherwise it will distort the shape. My mom would always come up to me and say "Why is your bag so heavy!" "There's something poking out on the side, take it out! It will stretch the leather!" and so on. =P Yeah, I don't want a real leather purse/bag anymore. What's the point of a large bag if I can't put a lot of stuff in it....

Has a little mascot now! ^_^ A bunny keychain I got in Japan!

This was my makeup that day (if you care to know, lol):

So I hope you enjoyed the video. See you later! =)

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