Monday, July 14, 2014

Review on Facial Hair Spring Bend Remover =D

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing an item that I will call the Facial Hair Spring Bend Remover

This product can be found online, I bought mine in Tokyo Lifestyle for about $3.

What do I think of this product?
So a while ago, as in 1-2 years ago, I saw Bubzbeauty on Youtube talk about this product. She raved about this product as a fast and efficient way to remove tiny hairs from the face, especially around the mouth area. At the time, I just used tweezers to pull out the hairs individually and I felt that it was not necessary to buy something like this. Because, tweezers do the same thing and still work.
I was very bored this summer, and saw this for a very low price and was like, well, why not? And I love this! One of the best investments I have ever had!
This product uses a similar concept to hair threading, a common Vietnamese practice of removing facial hair and shaping eyebrows. As shown in the diagram above, as you roll the wires along your face, the twisting spring will catch, pinch, and pull out the hairs as you roll.
I found this to be a very fast and efficient way to remove hair. I do not need to spend the time and energy looking at a mirror and straining my eyes to find and pluck individual hairs. I can just roll this on my face without really the need to look into a mirror and in less than 30 seconds have nearly all the facial hair removed. It is faster and less stressful than plucking individual hairs and once you get into practice and do it quickly, it doesn't hurt. More a prickling sensation.
I usually like to use this around the mustache area under my nose and around my mouth. It helps clear up the fuzz that creates a shadow that can give the appearance of a mustache or beard.
Small, light weight and portable, I have no problems carrying this around when traveling. I like to use this in the evenings, after I cleanse my face and before I go to bed. Then I'll apply salicylic acid gel to the area, to prevent bacteria from going into and clogging up the open pores (which are produced when I pull out the hairs).

Do I recommend this product?
I highly recommend this product for those with normal and/or non-sensitive skin. If your skin is extremely sensitive, it might be more painful when using this product, or your skin may react to it more and cause some redness and swelling. You could try using this item less often, maybe once a week, which helps reduce irritation. If you do have a skin condition, you may talk to your dermatologist about using this product.
I do have sensitive skin, so in the beginning I did have some redness and swelling. Salicylic acid does help calm my skin down and by the next day I am fine. After long term use, my skin is already use to this, and so does not react as violently as it used to.

So I hope that you found this review useful! This product is quite well known throughout Asian but not really in the States. Feel free to ask me any questions or comments in the comment box below! 
See you very soon! =)

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