Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review on "My Beauty Diary" Cooling Mask ^o^

Hi Everyone!

Kind of funny that I said I would slow down on product buying and reviews because I was moving to the east coast and I said I didn't want to bring extra stuff....but....I guess I'm still buying =P.

Anyway, today I am reviewing the "My Beauty Diary" Cooling Mask!!
This product is a box of 10 masks that costs from $12 -$17. It can be found online on Amazon, or in the "My Beauty Diary" store in Los Angeles, CA, or in Takashima, and sometimes in 99 Ranch.
They are paper masks soaked in tons of serum.
It is said to: Cool, sooth and nourish skin for use on normal skin. And it contains: witch hazel, amica - soothes skin Menthol, peepermint - lowers skin temperature Calendula, scotch broom - softens skin Compound extracts of yeast - nourishes and moisturizes skin

Cleanse and tones face thoroughly before applying mask. Put the mask on and leave it for 20 - 30 minutes, then peel off. Gently massage the excess essence on the face and neck to assist absorption. No rinsing is necessary. Follow with your daily moisturizer. Use 2 - 3 times weekly for maximum effect.

What do I think of this product?
I love this product! This is my go to summer mask!!!
It does not irritate or redden my sensitive skin. Like all other "My Beauty Diary" masks, the paper mask is decently sturdy and soaked with a lot of serum.
It does a wonderful job of hydrating and softening my skin! I love the texture of my skin after using it. Feels so smooth and soft ~<3
And best of all, is its cooling effects! All masks feel cool on the face to some degree (except the ones that are exothermic and supposed to warm up), because they contain some moisture which evaporates as it is on your face, making you feel cool. BUT! This mask actually is endothermic, it becomes colder than just the cooling feeling of water evaporation from the skin. This feels so great and relaxing~ Especially on hot summer days, when you feel so tired and uncomfortable because of the heat. I love to use this on hot summer nights as well, to help me relax and cool down before I go to sleep. ^_^

Do I recommend this product?
Yes, I highly recommend this product for all skin types! This is great if you are looking for a mask that will really help you cool down whenever the weather is unbearably hot! Keep in mind that this mask's benefits are mostly cooling, hydration, and skin softening. If you want other or added benefits, maybe you can try a different "My Beauty Diary" mask. I have many reviews on my blog that you can check out!

So I hope that this review was helpful to you! Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment box below! Thanks for reading and I will talk to you later! =)

F.Y.I. guys, heat is a form of energy. Exothermic processes release energy (or heat) and Endothermic processes absorb energy (or heat). Releasing energy usually assumes releasing it into the environment (sometimes to another object, but that goes into radiation and conduction) and absorbing energy is taking energy away from the environment or object. So things that feel cold are not releasing "coldness", there's no such thing as that. What actually happens is when something feels cold, energy (or heat) is being taken away from it.
Super important if you want to go into chemistry or biology or biochemistry as a career. Don't forget! lol XP

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