Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review on Tend Skin Care Solution =D

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing the Tend Skin Care Solution
This can be found on Amazon (for prime shipping) in 4oz, 8oz, 16oz and 472mL.
I bought the 4 oz bottle for $12.
This product is said to eliminate razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and redness from shaving, waxing, and electrolysis. It is ideal for men and women.
Directions: After cleansing and rinsing off newly shaved skin with water, make sure that your skin is dry and use a cotton pad to apply this onto the skin. You must make sure you skin is clean and dry before application, if there is some residual water on your skin, the product will not have the proper skin contact and not be effective.

What do I think of this product?
I have used this product for almost 2 months and have nearly finished the bottle. I think it is a great product and works very well.
I use this on my arms to reduce ingrown hairs from keratosis pilaris and I use this on my legs after I shave for at least 3 days straight. (Keep in mind, I probably used this product up very quickly because I use it for my arms too, but if you just use it for your legs or face, it will last much longer)
During summer, it's hot and sunny, and of course we want to wear dresses, shorts, swimwear, etc. and because of this, most of us prefer to shave. I shave much more often during the summer and tend to get more ingrown hairs and irritation as a result.
This product has significantly reduced the amount of ingrown hairs and razor bumps I get from shaving and keratosis pilaries and helps reduce the redness and irritation. I don't need a lot, don't need to soak a cotton pad with the product, just dab some product onto the cotton pad and wipe it on my legs. After application, I will applying my body lotion. This product does contain alcohol which tends to dry out the skin, and will sting if there are any cuts on your skin, but I have had no negative side effects from this product. It does not make my skin irritated, more sensitive, or red.
I have heard that some people say it has a strong bad smell, to me it just smells like rubbing alcohol, and it's not that strong and fades quickly.
I have also heard that there are fakes sold on Amazon. I don't think the one I got from Amazon is a fake since mine does apparently work for me and it has an expiration date and lot number on the back.
During use, I will get probably one or two deep ingrown hairs that this product cannot work with, but if you read the instructions carefully, they tell you that if the ingrown hair is too deep, this product will be less effective. That makes sense, since this product works topically and I don't expect it to go that deep into my skin.
The only thing I'd really like to know is how this product works, like the biochemical mechanism. Does it soften the skin or have a kind of chemical exfoliant that makes skin thinner so it is easier for the hairs to grow out instead of in? Or does it do something to the hair follicles that changes the structure or direction it grows. I have no idea, and my research online has lead me no clear answers. This is not because I am suspicious of the product and if it will damage my skin, I am just curious and would like to know how it works. But Tend Skin probably keeps it as a trade secret or something. =P
Overall, I think this product is worth the money, and I will definitely repurchase this again! =)

Do I recommend this product?
If you tend to get a lot of ingrown hairs and razor bumps from shaving I highly recommend this product! However, if you have sensitive skin, make sure to talk to a dermatologist before use, or try it on a small area of skin to see if there are any side effects.

I hope you found this review helpful! Let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment box below! Thank you for reading and talk to you later! =)

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